Message 366 – 1 August 1992

1ST AUGUST, 1992.


Soon I will astound the Church through great prodigies, before the Warning – The very walls of my House upon Earth will bleed My Blood that all may know the end is near – The Tabernacles will shine and many will hear Our Lord’s Voice; His Presence will be seen, heard and felt; many frightened – Many signs in the Stars, Planets, Sun, Moon, on the Earth and in the Sea – The Greatness of My Holy Mother will be seen throughout the world and in the Heavens.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Lord stands by the Tabernacle. Before He came there was a Cross – a White Cross, only about three or four metres high – which came from the Tabernacle, onto the very brightly glowing Altar, shedding Light upon all of us here. After the last decade of the Rosary Our Lord appeared, suddenly, upon the Altar.

Our Lord is dressed as always: with a white tunic and a red mantle over His Shoulder – very heavy-looking material. Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is really glowing. While we were saying the prayers Graces flowed from the Wounds of Our Lord onto the Altar, then through the Altar to the Holy Souls whom I saw coming through the Altar, from underneath – coming up to Our Lord’s Holy Bosom – then being carried further, into Paradise.

Our Lord smiles and looks at each person individually and also looks beyond them. Our Lord’s Wounds are red-raw, as though they have been Bleeding a lot. Before that, when the White Cross was there, there was a Rosary hanging over the Cross – a golden Rosary – and during the prayers I also noticed Saint Peter’s Church was placed on the cross-beam of the Cross; a veil was then placed over the Church.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Light and Love for Holy Mother Church! I greet all My beloved, here present and throughout the world! I come this evening, My dear children – though much later than usual – because of the great need for Holy Mother Church to hear My Word, as the Saviour of mankind.”

“Soon, My sweet children, I will astound the Church through the great prodigies that I will give the Church, before My Father Chastises the world in its fullness. These prodigies are the forerunners before the great warning shall light the sky. It is sad when mankind desire[s] to see signs before they repent. However, My Father is merciful and ever patient for his wandering children to return to His Bosom of Love.”

“The signs that you hear of, My sweet children, will be of such great magnitude that Holy Mother Church can do nothing but praise God for His Greatness. The very walls of My House upon Earth will Bleed My Blood with the writings of My Most Sacred Heart to mankind, that all may know that the end is near. The Tabernacles will shine and many will hear My Voice as I lay hidden within these Tabernacles throughout the Churches in My House upon Earth. My Presence in the Eucharist will be seen, heard and felt by Our children throughout the world. Many of My children will be frightened because they will see their sinfulness before their God.”

“Mankind must cease to sin now, and repent and turn back to My Eternal Father. There will be many signs in the stars and in the planets and in your sun, and in your moon and on the Earth, and in the sea, My sweet children – signs that will astound mankind, so My children will know that they have greatly offended their God. When you see and hear of these signs and wonders, My sweet children, bow your heads in thanksgiving to My Father, Who is ever-loving and merciful.”

“I, the Son of God and My Most Holy Mother, will raise up countless Seers throughout the nations to herald the Word and proclaim the Good News, that I will soon Return to the world to claim My own. Be prepared, My sweet children, every moment of your lives, for I shall come like a thief in the night, to claim My children and bring them with Me to My Father.”

“The greatness of My Most Holy Mother will be seen throughout all the world and in the Heavens. Lucifer – who believes he has won; who believes that most souls are now in his hands – shall receive a major shock, as I will come suddenly, in the Glory of My Father, to claim My own.”

“Woe to the Church that I have founded upon My Crucifixion and Resurrection, if they do not accept these signs that the Eternal Father will send, for it would be better if these souls were never born. I warn the hierarchy of My House upon Earth and the leaders of the world to take heed, for the Eternal Father is very angry with mankind and His Wrath will soon be seen throughout the whole world and the Earth shall tremble in His Sight.”

“Yes, My sweet children, I have come this evening first to encourage and second, to warn, because time is too short for playing games. All My children must take life seriously now. Do not waste time, My sweet children, for the end is near. Wonderful Graces are in store for all Our beloved children; for those who seek salvation; for those who seek the peace of Our Hearts. Pray for Our Holy Vicar, My sweet children, for he is Our martyr for these modern times. He has already offered all to Me for Holy Mother Church and now only lives until the moment when I will come to remove him. Pray for the hierarchy, My sweet children, who have scattered the sheep; who have been manipulated by the evil one, causing havoc among the sheep and, especially, those of good will, causing confusion and derision to good souls, whom I have chosen Myself.”

“Pray, My sweet children, to seek the Light of My Spirit, for the Church is in great darkness now and without prayers, My sweet children, you cannot recognize the error and falsehood, that is being portrayed within Holy Mother Church. Many of the world-power group are working within My House upon Earth, as termites, burrowing in the very foundation that I, Myself, have laid[-down] upon Earth.”

“Test the Spirits, My sweet children; be alert; pray often the Rosary that My Most Holy Mother gave you. It is through prayer, My sweet children, [that] you will receive Light and understanding of these grave times. Pray for the leaders of the countries in the Middle East, My sweet children, for evil is preparing an onslaught upon the innocent. Much suffering will soon come in this region, causing devastation throughout the whole world. All lies in readiness, My sweet children, for everything that I and My Most Holy Mother have told you over all these years, will now come to pass.”

“For the children of the Light: There is no need to fear, for you live in hope and in freedom of your spirit, because you believe in the Word that has been transmitted to you by Our Prophets and Voice-boxes, scattered throughout the nations. “

“Many will the Chastisements be upon the Earth, My sweet children – in every nation. This is a sign to you that the Eternal Father is angry with mankind. Yet many can be saved, My sweet children – even in this very late hour – through your prayers; through your offerings; through your sacrifices and through your penance. Think well, My sweet children of the Light, of My Words; let these Words go deep into your souls and let My Words bear fruit, because it is through you, My sweet children and through the powerful intercession of My Most Holy Mother, – [that] I will save mankind in this last hour.”

“Soon, My dear children here in Australia – those who work for My Most Holy Mother in this Sacred site of Her Immaculate Heart – I will send a High Prelate to help the cause, for many shall come from all over the Earth to honour My Most Holy Mother, in Her Sanctuary upon these Holy Grounds. So take courage, My sweet children. Victory is near and then will come the cross!! I Love you, My sweet children and all of My children throughout the world. I give to you My Most Sacred Heart and I place all of you within this Heart, to lavish you with the tenderness of Graces reserved for all of My little souls, who are dedicated to the Honour and Glory of My Most Holy Mother. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Lord now steps back into great Light and I can see more Souls leaving Purgatory at this moment. Our Lord is greeting them as they fly past him with the Angels, going towards Heaven. Now, in the distance, I can see a beautiful blue Light. It is a very large Light – like a star – but it is zigzagging, moving at a rapid pace towards the little Chapel here. I know that it is Our Lady because it is blue – a vehicle made of Light – and now Our Lady can be seen within this Light. She steps out of it and stands to the right of Our Lord, dressed in beautiful royal blue and is very, very, pretty. She greets Our Lord, which She always does by kissing Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart. Our Blessed Lord places His Arm around Our Holy Mother and kisses Her Forehead. It is really very touching to see.

Our Lady now comes a little closer, towards the Altar, to stand in the middle on a golden ‘flower’ of Light, between the Cross and the statue of ‘Our Lady of the Ark’: Our Lord stands behind the Tabernacle. Our Lady smiles, looking at all of us. In Her left Hand there is a Rosary made of tiny roses; in between each little bead is a thorn. I have never seen that before; a Rosary with thorns and tiny roses. It is a one-decade – not five-decade – Rosary. There is a wooden Cross hanging from it, with three little beads. There is a Corpus on it – a Corpus which always looks to be alive every time Our Lady brings the Rosary. In Her right Hand Our Lady has another Rosary – Our Lady seems to have many Rosaries – but this one is golden. It looks like the one that was hanging on the White Cross. It glows, actually, as though it is generating energy. Our Lady now looks at Jesus and the look which passes between Jesus and Mary is always very, very, sweet and tender. Our Lady makes the Sign of the Cross.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My blessed son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children throughout the world. I come this evening not to add to the Words of My Divine Son but, rather, to encourage Our children to listen well to what My Divine Son has told you this evening. I Cry bitter Tears, My sweet children, as I travel throughout the world – even this evening – seeing the many sins that are being committed against My Divine Son. Truly, I say to you, My sweet children of the Earth, that the world is not worthy of My Divine Son, because they continue to re-Crucify Him. This brings Me bitter pain and anguish, because My children should not be sinning – because My Divine Son has given so much to mankind. And yet mankind reject Him and reject His love and His Graces, that He constantly offers for all of you.”

“Yet, for the sake of the little souls of many of you here present and throughout the world, My Divine Son continues to pour out His Love, His Mercy and Signal Graces, to strengthen you. If it were not for the ‘little’ souls throughout Holy Mother Church, who have offered themselves up as ‘victim souls’ for sinners, the world – a long time ago – would have been destroyed and punished and chastised. Yet it is through you, My sweet children of the Light – through your sacrifices and prayers – that I have been able to Intercede for you and for the Church and for the world, giving mankind time to repent; giving those who are in darkness the opportunity still to be saved, even in this last hour.”

“However, My sweet children, there comes a time when all must cease and justice must prevail, for God will not be mocked, My sweet children and cannot be mocked, for God is goodness in Himself.”

“Mankind, in general, have become like the fallen angels, who fell because they did not wish to serve the Eternal Father of Love. The arrogance of man has reached the pinnacle, where the Eternal Father now desires to destroy mankind, [so] that the Justice of God will take place and be fulfilled.”

“Already the Angels have been set – throughout the world – in their place, to execute the Eternal Father’s Word. What more can I do for you, My sweet children? What more can My Divine Son do for you? Therefore, My sweet children, pray now and pray and pray again! Spend more of your free time in prayer and in reading the Messages that My Divine Son and I have given to you, for these many, many, years. And read the good books of Holy Mother Church, given to the world over these many centuries. Because, My sweet children, your spirit must be filled with peace; with love; with tranquillity of heart and God’s Grace, so you will be strengthened with the Spirit of God, to help you on your path towards Heaven.”

“Do not be idle, My sweet children. Idleness is dangerous for your souls and brings forth many temptations. Many of Our children throughout the world are idle and waste time. Utilize your time, My sweet children, to do good, for soon the world will be changed. Many people will be removed and the opportunity to do good will be very limited, My sweet children. So gain the merits now, while you have the time to save your brothers and sisters. I Love you, My sweet children and I offer you the Hearts of My Divine Son and I, as refuge for your ‘littleness’ in this dark hour. I Bless you all with the Heart of Jesus and Mary: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: To the left of the Tabernacle I can see Saint Joseph – he has just arrived. He goes over to Jesus and Mary and kisses them on their Hearts. I can also see the Heart of Saint Joseph – three lilies come out of it. It is very, very, pretty, actually. Saint Joseph is a very tall and quite handsome man. He looks about the little Chapel then takes the three lilies out of his Heart. It is very unusual – but it doesn’t seem to hurt him. He simply extracts them and they become fully-grown. He smiles.

SAINT JOSEPH: “I bless you, my sweet son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and I bless all My sweet sons and daughters here present in this community: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I have not come to speak [for] long to Our children, but I have come to offer special Graces to several of my children here in this community, to thank them for their vigilance in their desire to please the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the Immaculate Mother, Mary – by honouring me in these days that are very necessary for Our children to do [so]. I will not mention the names publicly, but only to Our little son. I only wish them to know that I thank them. The school dedicated to my name is a great honour for the Triune God, because the little hearts of the children of God are taught what is necessary for their salvation. I am very pleased. The school is only the beginning of the work of this Order of Saint Charbel. The school will grow, because the work of the Order is to bring forth the Word of God and this is the mission of every soul here present and throughout the world; all the children that will be drawn to this Order, [which is] dedicated to the Glory of God. I Bless all those concerned in this holy work, and thank you for your prayers.”

“And to all the children of the Earth who honour me with their prayers and their hearts: Jesus and Mary are very grateful to you because the protection of Holy Mother Church has been placed under my care. For this reason my children throughout the world should pray to me often, for the more you pray, the more protection I can give to the Church and to the world. So I bless you all, my sweet children – especially those dedicated to My Pure Heart. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has given me an unusual Rosary; it is not for me though, it is for someone else. Jesus, Mary and Joseph now go, very swiftly, back into the sky – into a tunnel of Light which reaches very far into the distance. As She leaves, Our Lady just nods and says to continue to pray.