Message 367 – 5 September 1992



The Cross cannot be lifted, for all musts tread the path Our Lord once trod – The Evil One believes that he has triumphed; Lucifer will soon be defeated and cast into Hell – Tolerance and patience, with love, must be practiced to the full, or you will not endure the sufferings Our Lord is permitting in your lives – The Angels stand awaiting your call for assistance.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Lord was here during the Rosary – on the Cross on the Altar – and with Him was the Mystic, ‘Thornbush’, who was kneeling beneath Our Lord, praying.

There has been a lot of activity, not only around the Altar but also very far into the distance. Many Angels surround the Altar; there are two very beautiful Angels to my right, who bowed right down then prostrated themselves, adoring Our Lord in the Tabernacle and two other Angels are one each side of the Tabernacle, as well.

Behind the Tabernacle there is tremendous scenery – a large heart-shape is formed by Angels who are dressed in beautiful colours. Jesus is on the Cross, right near the centre-point of the heart. Behind Our Lord is the Holy Spirit, as a Dove – very large, so as to fill the sky. He covers Our Lord and the Angels with His Wings – it is quite beautiful. There is a lot of Light – like the fan-shaped rays of a setting sun; Angels are everywhere.

Coming through the midst of the formed heart is Our Blessed Mother, Who is crowned with an unusual Crown. It is like a little top and is full of many stones of different colours – many types of stones. Angels hold Our Lady’s cape, which is stretched-out very far behind Her. I have seen a picture similar to this (a painting in our office) in which Our Blessed Mother also has Angels holding Her cape. Our Lady has on a very light white tunic, or dress. Angels are very active, flying to Earth, then to Heaven and back, under the Earth. They seem to be very busy.

Our Lord is very large on the Crucifix and is alive; there are streams of Light coming from His Five Wounds, joining to form a Light that beams straight through the Heart of Our Holy Mother. From there another beam of Light descends towards the Angels and then towards us – it is very beautiful. Angels from every Choir are there. Our Lady now moves towards Jesus, kneels before Our Lord, reverently kisses His Feet, then takes-off the Crown and places it at His Feet; Jesus smiles. Angels now come very swiftly to retrieve the Crown and replace it on Our Lady’s Head and She turns around and opens up Her Arms, as a gesture of Love, towards us all.

There is a lot of Blood coming from the Wound on Our Lord’s Chest and an Angel holds a Chalice under It. Now more Angels come to hold smaller Chalices under the other Wounds of Jesus. The Angel who is holding the Chalice under Our Lord’s wounded Side now gives It to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Chalice becomes transparent and dissolves – along with the Precious Blood – into Our Lady’s Chest. The Wounds of Our Lord now transpierce the Blessed Virgin Mary – Her Hands and Feet. Her Crown becomes like a Crown of Thorns, as though Our Lady has been Crucified at the same moment as was Our Lord.

I can see Saint Peter’s Basilica beneath the feet of Jesus and Mary and Blood flows from Both Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother, straight onto the Basilica, which has been torn, or split into many parts. All the Angels are silent now. Saint Michael comes from behind the Holy Ghost – the Dove – and is huge; he holds a spear. I can see, within Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Dragon; it has wound his tail around Saint Peter’s and the head is protruding from a large crack in the walls of the building. Saint Michael sends his spear straight into the Dragon’s neck and it vanishes – but the Church has been flattened. The Church becomes golden and is whole again.

Our Lord is no longer there, but Our Blessed Mother is hovering over Saint Peter’s this time, with no more Wounds evident. Our Blessed Mother is all in white. Now She places Her mantle over Saint Peter’s. Our Blessed Mother really glows – very beautifully – and the Court of Heaven shouts with a loud voice: “HOSANNA TO THE HIGHEST, AND BLESSINGS BE TO THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN”.

All the scenery now disappears and Our Blessed Mother stands here, just beside the Altar – dressed as She was before. It is ‘Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels’, with many Angels gathered once again around Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady has a beautiful Rosary – a fifteen-decade Rosary this time. It is not often that I have seen Her with that. Each bead is a different colour. My Guardian Angel just told me that the colour of each bead represents a different Choir of Holy Angels of the Holy Rosary in Heaven. Our Lady now takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Jesus.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Blessed child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet children here present and throughout the world: I greet you this evening through My Immaculate Heart. I have come to give counsel to My children in these trying days that are now present, with all My children of the Light throughout the world.”

“My sweet children of the Light: I – your Heavenly Mother and Queen of the Holy Angels – ask of you to remain steadfast in this hour of trial. The cross cannot be lifted from you, My sweet children, for all of you must tread the path that My Divine Son once Trod; all of you must follow My Divine Son to Calvary, to sanctify your souls and purify them, so you will be prepared for when My Divine Son Returns to Earth soon.”

“The Victory for My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth is near and this Victory, My sweet children, is also yours. The evil one believes that he has triumphed over My Divine Son and I and over Our children of the Light; however, evil can never triumph over good, My sweet children. At times evil seems to have victories; however, this is allowed by the Eternal Father for the strengthening of Our children and their purification.”

“Lucifer will soon be defeated and cast into Hell for all time; but this will not be, My sweet children, until the ‘son of perdition’ has come into the world and has taken with him the souls that are marked by the ‘beast of iniquity’. This will soon come upon mankind, My sweet children. The world must be purified before My Divine Son Returns. So remain faithful, My sweet children, to the calling of your God. Be patient, My sweet children – first with yourselves; second with your brothers and sisters. Patience, My sweet children, is the virtue of love.”

“In these times when there are many trials and tribulations upon the elect and upon mankind, tolerance and patience – with love – must be practiced to the full, or you will not endure the sufferings that My Divine Son is permitting in your lives. Although I am the Queen of All Angels; Queen of Heaven and Earth; Queen of all My sweet children, I am a Sorrowing Queen, My sweet children, at this hour, for the world goes further and further away from My Divine Son and many souls fall into Hell. I cannot rescue them, My sweet children.”

“I am a Mother; I have the feelings of a Mother for My children. It is for this reason I come to the Earth to rescue them – but I cannot do this, My sweet children, on My Own. I need your help. It is your sacrifices, your offerings and your prayers that help Me to save souls. The reward, My sweet children, is beyond your understanding for every soul that is saved by your acts of love and mercy. The Angels stand awaiting your call for assistance to fight the evil one; to fight the world and to fight the flesh and temptations, that assail each one of you. Call upon them, My sweet children. All the children of the Light have many Angels beside them to assist them in this final conflict between good and evil – between the powers of Hell and the Powers of Heaven. You are not battling the flesh, My sweet children, but rather the Principalities – the Powers of your spirit and intellect.”

“The battle that is now raging upon the Earth, is in the same magnitude as that battle that was fought between Luciel and the fallen angels and Saint Michael and the Good Angels. So now you see, My sweet children, what is at stake. So take courage; take-up My Most Holy Rosary and pray often these ‘beads of Love’ for, with this prayer, many souls can be ransomed and brought before the Triune God in mercy and forgiveness. The Chastisements are falling upon the world and the Church, My sweet children, for the hour has long struck; time has run out for mankind. The Eternal Father is angry, for all He sees is sin upon sin and, as mankind refuses to take heed and to listen to Our Words of Good Counsel, the Eternal Father can no longer restrain His Arm of Vengeance and Justice upon an unrepentant world.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar, for he is under martyrdom of his soul. Soon, his martyrdom shall be complete and the Church and the world will be heavily divided.”

“The war will soon come, My sweet children. Already now, the great leaders of the world are planning how to destroy one another and, more so, how to remove the innocent ones – those especially faithful to My Words. For the children of the Light there is no fear, for My Divine Son and I are the Victors over all. The strength is with Heaven and goodness, My sweet children, so take courage and walk tall and straight towards My Divine Son on Calvary.”

“The Church will be purified, crucified and renewed before My Divine Son Returns to this Earth; and you, My dear child – Our sweet ‘rock of light’ for Holy Mother Church: You shall soon guide My Divine Son’s House upon Earth through its darkest period and its glorious resurrection. So prepare well, My sweet children and also My sweet children, with your armour – with your Beads of Love – and with a heart full of thanksgiving to the Triune God for all the Graces that you have received and will receive.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and Bless you from My Immaculate Heart, to give you all the necessary Graces to continue on your road in this Valley of Tears, until the Glorious Resurrection of Holy Mother Church. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And finally, My dear children, so the world may know that I have sent out to the world My Prophets, My Apostles and Disciples of the Latter Days, greater Signs and Wonders will accompany them until My Divine Son returns to the Earth. Soon My Divine Son and I will raise up more Seers throughout all the nations, until the world takes heed of God’s Word. Praise be Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Peace be with you, My sweet children and may the Peace of My Divine Son always rest in your hearts. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“As of today, My sweet children, all My Children of the Light who bear witness to My Immaculate Heart will receive another Angel by their side, to give light and strength in the coming days of trial and tribulation upon the Church. Pray often to them, My sweet children. Forget them not, for they love you too – they are like your brothers. Forget not that they have a direct link to the Triune God and to My Immaculate Heart. Ask and you shall receive, My sweet children; seek and you shall find; knock and the door of Divine Graces will be opened to you, now and into eternity, My beloved children.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now blows a kiss to all of us and it forms hearts – little hearts – which come out of Our Lady’s Mouth. They are very pretty. Also, behind Our Holy Mother are many Angels who are now sent by Our Holy Mother to each soul around the world.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers, for they are sorely needed for the salvation of souls.”

(Prayers are continued.)