Message 368 – 13 September 1992



Soon My Public Appearances will cease; the world will be chastised by the Eternal Father – These are the days spoken of in the Apocalypse, the end of time. The world will be cleansed of all iniquities and impurities – Those who plan to do harm to Our Little Pebble: not a hair on his head will be touched or violated. He will soon be Vicar – Soon he will be Ordained through the authority of our Vicar in Rome, bringing forth the Great Schism.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Already there is tremendous Light in the Shrine, coming in at the top and the sides – all colours of the rainbow – as though from a laser gun, shooting many different colours towards the Shrine, opening it up and bringing in tremendous Light.

There are two very large Angels standing either side of the Shrine, each holding a sword. Saint Michael appears and plants one foot behind the Shrine and the other over the creek, on the opposite bank. He places his sword in the creek – into the middle of it – and from the hand-guard comes a tremendous Light which shoots right over to the community buildings and then fans out. Saint Michael moves to stand behind the Shrine.

The water in the creek is rising very high and behind us, at Saint Joseph’s Spring, there is a large gush of water which spurts-up quite high – like a fountain. I feel the earth beneath us trembling – moving as though in an earthquake – and the land is being pushed up, very high – much higher than the plateau of the community property; it seems to be about two to three hundred metres in the air. A very large White Cross pushes out of the Earth into the sky – a beautiful Cross, with a brilliant Light coming from it – which seems to fan out right throughout the land.

Saint Michael still stands there – remaining firm. The two great Angels are looking towards Heaven – towards the beautiful Cross. From within the Cross comes a stream of Light, right into the Shrine – and in the distance I see Our Holy Mother coming down along the Light, with great speed, enveloped in a beautiful yellow Light.

Our Blessed Mother has the Baby Jesus on Her left Arm. Many Angels surround Our Holy Mother, making a ‘dome’ of Light over Her with their wings. The two great Angels – who are unknown to me – hold their swords high; many of the other Angels also carry swords, as though they are in readiness for a battle. Across their chest they each have a sash, upon which is inscribed:


All are dressed in light-blue garments, with a Roman cape flying in the breeze. They look very handsome in this clothing.

Our Holy Mother is now within the Shrine standing, holding the baby Jesus – only about a metre from us here where we kneel – dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’. It is not often that Our Lady comes under this title, even here at the Shrine. In Her Hand She holds the Ark, which is now taken from Her by one of the smaller Angels.

Our Lady stands on a beautiful cloud of pure Light – which is very bright – just looking around her smiling, taking-in all the souls here present. The Infant Jesus also looks at everyone, very patiently and now leaves Our Lady’s Arm to move amongst the people, Blessing them as He goes by. Some of them He also kisses on the forehead.

There are thousands of Angels around the Holy Shrine on this property – all the land protected by Our Holy Mother – and a dome of blue Light covers all of us. The Infant returns to sit on the Arm of Our Lady, Who kisses Jesus and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our `Little Pebble’ of Love and My sweet daughter, the ‘Rose’ of Croatia and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world today: I come once again to encourage Our children to take up My Most Holy Rosary that I have given you from Heaven: to offer up sacrifices and prayers for the suffering children of the world.”

“I come, My sweet children, in these last moments of your Earth-history. Soon My Public Appearances to the world will cease and I will come only to My Seers, privately, because the world will be Chastised by the Eternal Father. It does not give Me joy to bring you this news, My sweet children, even as I have given this news over many years. It saddens Me, as a Mother, to see many of My children go astray and do not wish to return to My Divine Son.”

“The world goes further and further into darkness, following Lucifer, rather than following My Divine Son. It is for this reason that I come to this Earth, My sweet children, to ransom sinners; to convert hearts; to bring all My children back onto the path of righteousness and truth. But, as My children close their ears to My plea, what more can I – as your Heavenly Mother – do, for My Hands are already bound by the Divine Decree of the Divine God, because all is dependent upon the response of Our sweet children.”

“I can only help you, My sweet children, if you help yourselves! It is for this reason I send-out My Seers and Prophets throughout the world, for they are slaves of My Immaculate Heart – victims for the sinners upon Earth.”

“I have expressed My Love and Loyalty to all My children of the Light and even these children, in some cases, have closed their ears and have betrayed Me; because, by betraying My children of the Light who are My Voice-boxes, they betray Me, too.”

“Many of the shepherds and My Priest-sons have abandoned My Divine Son too and for this reason there is so much sin in the world today, for these sons of Mine have been given the Light of Christ Jesus – the Eternal Wisdom – but have closed their hearts to Divine Truth – therefore have gone astray and taken many souls with them.”

“I come every day to My children throughout the world, pleading for prayers, for sacrifices and atonement for sins – to plead for sinners – for the Church and for peace in the world. But so few people respond to My call and, therefore, leave no alternative to the Eternal Father [but] to Chastise those He Loves.”

“Already now the world has been Chastised by the Eternal Father, to bring back the children who have fallen asleep; gone into darkness. Should My children go further on the way to perdition, the Eternal Father shall bring greater Chastisements upon all nations, until Our children bend their knee to their God and worship the True God; the Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. It is repentance that God asks for all souls – a genuine heart – to return to truth and goodness.”

“Time is short, My sweet children, [for you] to amend your lives, so therefore, listen to My call. I beg of you, as your Heavenly Mother, to return to My Divine Son. Pray often My Most Holy Rosary and go often to Confession – cleanse your souls from your sinfulness. These are the Words of your Loving Mother Who cares for each and every one of you, for each one of you is My child as if I gave Birth to each one of you. You have a free will, My sweet children, for the Eternal Father does not interfere with your free will. Therefore, the Saints in Heaven, the Angels, and many souls on Earth, have been given the mission to encourage you – not to interfere with your free will, but to help you on the road to My Divine Son – and the reason for this is: If Heaven did not help you, My children, all of My children would be lost for all time!”

“These are the days spoken of: The days of the Apocalypse – the ‘end of time’ – where [when] there will come a new Earth and a new Heaven; where [when] the world will be cleansed of all its iniquities – impurities – and where My Divine Son will be worshipped throughout the whole world, by all hearts.”

“Before My Divine Son Returns to Earth, in a short while, the world will be cleansed and all those who do not wish to follow My Divine Son, will be removed and taken away from this Earth! So therefore, My sweet children, prepare yourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ; come close to Him where He Dwells – in the Tabernacles of your Churches.”

“Pray for your brothers and sisters; pray for Priests and pray for peace, My sweet children, as the great war is lurking and soon the world will be plunged into great misery. I Love you, My sweet children; it is for this reason that I come to you, because you are My children. Pray for your nation, Australia; for Croatia and for all the nations of the world – that peace will come before it is too late.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now looks at Maria and I am sure She will speak to her in Croatian.

(Message received by Maria.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has indicated that She is about to leave soon and that Her Divine Son will return. Our Lady has in the Ark, which the Angel is still holding, some rose petals and She has opened-up the top of the Ark to take out some of the petals, each of which has a name thereon. She now gives them to the Infant Jesus, Who leaves Our Blessed Mother, to place them on the heads of those whose names appear on the petals. Each rose petal is either white or blue, with an edging of gold and silver.

OUR LADY: “These, My child, are very special Graces for those who will enter the Ark – the Ark of Salvation – and who will remain to the end of this era, to greet My Divine Son.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now, the Infant Jesus returns.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My dear child and sweet children. You are to remain in prayer until My Divine Son returns in a short while. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Blessed Mother now goes back very quickly into the Cross, with the Infant Jesus, Who waves His Hand and blows kisses, as He leaves with His Holy Mother.

Coming swiftly from the Cross, towards the Shrine, is Our Divine Lord as a grown man, dressed as He normally is – with red cape and white tunic; but He also has the Crown of Thorns on His Head. I can see the Wounds – open and raw-looking – but they are not Bleeding. His Most Sacred Heart is all aglow and Jesus now brings It over to me.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My Son, Our future Vicar; My dear daughter, My ‘Rose’ of My Sacred Heart and all My children here present and throughout the world. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved children throughout the world: I – your Divine Saviour and Ruler of all Hearts – have come on behalf of My Most Holy Mother, Mary, the Immaculate. She has pleaded to Me to appeal to My sweet children of the Light to pray – to beg for prayers for the salvation of sinners. This I am now doing because of the Love of My Most Holy Mother; because many of Our children throughout the world do not deserve the Mercy of My Most Holy Mother, or forgiveness, because of the treacherous hearts of many of Our children who have placed a dagger in the Heart of My Most Holy Mother.”

“Yet, I am a God of Mercy and Compassion. I come to you now, as your God, and say to you: “Turn away from your sins and come to Me. I will not turn you away, My children, for I am a God of Mercy and Compassion and Love and Forgiveness. Turn away from your sins; come and I will forgive you – you still have time. To those who are in total darkness: Wake up from your slumber; listen to the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Cast Lucifer aside – listen to him no more, but come to Me, for I am Meek and Humble of Heart”.

“The world still has time to repent. Now is the acceptable time and hour, for soon the doors will be closed and Mercy will cease for some time, as the Justice of My Father in Heaven will be fulfilled.”

“To those sons of Mine who have betrayed Me – like Judas: Even you have time to repent – as Judas did, too, but did not avail himself of My Mercy – yet, to you, My dear sons, I still give you time. Come, and I will embrace you, and forgive you. Be not like Judas, who believed that his sin was so great that he could not be forgiven. There is no sin that is so great that I will not forgive, except the sin against My Spirit and the Spirit of My Father, the Holy Ghost.”

“Repent now, My sweet children, for soon there will be no time. All of you must live from day to day – from hour to hour – in My Presence, before the Angels who see all, for you are accountable for all that you do; for all that you say; for all that you think! Remember that well, My sweet children – everything is accountable before Me – and, one day, you will all stand before My Throne; before Justice and Mercy.”

“Forget not the hour that you now live in. This is the final hour for the world before the Hand of My Father will smite the world. I am your God; I Love you. I cherish each one of you – especially those who have heard the Word and have obeyed with love; with sacrifice. Forgive your brothers and sisters; repair the hearts that are wounded – and, more so, repair the Heart of My Immaculate Mother, Who has been wounded by My Church upon Earth. Also, the souls who have been faithful to the Truth. Yes, My dear children, life is most serious in this last hour for mankind.”

“I speak now to those who plan to do harm to Our ‘rock’ – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love: Do you think that I, as his God, will remain silent and idle while you prepare to bring harm upon him and upon those whom he loves? Not a hair on his head will be touched or violated, for he soon will be the Vicar of My Church upon Earth, and those whom he loves are also My children so, therefore, be warned! Remove yourselves from the synagogue of Satan and come into the bosom of My Sacred Heart. You still have time.”

“Lucifer believes that he has won by bringing fear into the hearts of Our children, but I say unto him – and unto those who follow him: “Woe be unto you, ye cursed”! Your time is short to bring forth the evil that you so desire. Soon will come the Victory of My Most Holy Mother, who will triumph over Lucifer and his cohorts – and all who are marked with the ‘sign of the beast’ – because the Woman who is My Most Holy Mother, will be Victorious over all evil for all time. Remember that well! And to My House upon Earth: Wake up from your slumber, for soon the Reaper shall come to gather all that is rotten; to cast all that is rotten into Hell.”

“To My children of the Light: Remain firm in your belief; remain strong in your faith; trust in the providence of the Eternal Father for your souls and bear witness to the Truth, for soon the Victory will be yours. This place of My Holy Mother will soon triumph for, soon, Our little son – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – will be Ordained through the authority of Our Vicar in Rome, thereby bringing forth the ‘great schism’ in Holy Mother Church. Let that be a Sign to all that I am with My child and will remain with him forever!”

“I Love you, My sweet children, and bring to you My Most Sacred Heart, to give you the Graces that you need for these times, for I know the cross is heavy for many of Our children. For it is through this cross, My sweet children, that you are saved and many of those in your families; so, therefore, carry your cross with Me to the summit of Calvary and Paradise. I Bless you all, My sweet children, and bring you to My Most Sacred Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Peace of My Spirit and the Peace of My Father, remain with you all.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the Holy Spirit is coming out of the Heart of Our Lord, spreading His Grace on all of us present here. I do not know whether or not Our Lord wishes to speak to `Rose’. Maybe He does.

(Our Lord speaks to Maria, the ‘Rose’ of Croatia.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Holy Angels have a very large and heavy wooden Cross, which they have placed beside Our Lord, Who holds It crooked in His left Arm as it stands next to Him. Jesus is pointing at me, indicating – asking me – whether I will accept it. “Of course. With all my heart – with the Grace of God to help me carry whatever Our Lord desires me to carry”. The Angels are satisfied.

Our Lord now tells us to continue with the Rosary as He wishes to speak to me privately.

(Rosary is continued.)