MESSAGE 406 – 2 October 1993



The smoke of Satan is within the bosom of the Church; most of My children are in darkness –
The Justice of God is now upon the world; many chastisements are being given; the Eternal Father allows the evil one to do with you as he will – Soon mankind will reap what he has sown and with tears and bloodshed will return to God – The end is near – The world will be cleansed and renewed; a new Church, new Hierarchy and new Kingdoms will have been formed throughout the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Tabernacle opened-up just a moment ago; from it came a beautiful, brilliant, Light and the Host of Our Lord. The Host is still there – it is about six feet in diameter – right in front of the Tabernacle. The sky has also opened-up; the normal atmosphere disappears as a shaft of Light comes from very high; it is the brilliant, White Cross in the sky – the Cross of Victory – which is connected to the Host in front of the Tabernacle on the Altar.

I can see Our Blessed Mother as She steps out of the Cross and glides down the beautiful Light, to come into the Host. She now steps through the Host, stepping onto thin air and yet it is real! There are many Angels accompanying Our Blessed Mother; they are dressed in white and have golden-tipped wings. Our Lady has on a beautiful gown – as though denoting royalty – like a very large cape, which is also pure white, with beautiful golden trim; there are markings – small stars, which flash like diamonds – all around the edge of Her cape-like garment. On Our Lady’s Chest I can see Her Immaculate Heart and a very large star is to the right of It. I know the meaning of that star – and the small stars represent the Seers of Our Holy Mother. Our Lady wears on Her Head a beautiful golden crown of the Tribes, each one being indicated by a different-coloured stone.

Our Lady shows me Her right Hand, on which there is a beautiful ring. It is not often that I see Our Lady wearing a ring. It has a greenish-coloured stone embedded in gold, and Our Lady says: “This is your Tribe”, and smiles. The Angel’s tunics have along the right side a stripe which also is green and She says that these are the Angels of the new Tribe.

Behind Our Blessed Mother and the Angels I see the Apostles – the Twelve Apostles of Old – who look very regal. Saint Michael stands behind them, dressed as a soldier in the style of the Romans some two thousand years ago. He places his sword in the centre of the Chapel and a fire comes out of the sword. Our Blessed Mother is smiling still. The Host is now gone, but a tremendous amount of Light continues to emanate from the Tabernacle.

To the right of Our Lady comes Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus and I know why she is here – it is because Father Broussard has been praying for her to come. She is over to the right side of the Tabernacle, near the flowers, smiling. There is a bouquet of roses in her arms, and she smiles even more as she takes-up one of the red ones – there are many different colours – and comes over to Father Broussard, kisses his head, then places the rose within his soul. Saint Therese now returns to where she was. Our Lady watches this take place.

Now to the left of Our Blessed Mother Saint Mary Magdala appears; it has been a long time since I have seen her. She is a very pretty woman, somewhat taller than Our Lady, with blonde to light-brown-coloured hair which is very long. She too, has on a crown, made of roses but interwoven – like a crown of thorns. She takes one of the roses out of her crown and moves over to [Name Withheld] – kisses her forehead and places the rose in her soul. Now she returns to the side of Our Lady, Who now moves just a little bit closer to me. She takes-up the Rosary from the side of Her belt, holds the Crucifix and kisses Jesus:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Our future Vicar for Holy Mother Church – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. I greet all My children, here present and throughout the world. I come this evening, My child and dear children, to tell you how much your Heavenly Father Loves you and to encourage you to carry your crosses because, at this time, many of Our children of the Light are very heavily laden with the crosses that the Eternal Father has given them. This suffering is needed now for Holy Mother Church, dear children, and the salvation of sinners, for many souls have left the road of righteousness and gone on the wide road that leads to perdition. For this reason we ask Our children of the Light to carry [even] more crosses, to do reparation for these children who have gone astray.”

“The world stands in great need of victim souls for the ‘latter days’, dear children. The world has thrown away many Graces given to it by the Eternal Father. Darkness now envelops the Earth – even in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth. The smoke of Satan is within the bosom of the Church upon Earth and most of My children – especially those of the hierarchy and the Priesthood – are in darkness, believing that the Holy Spirit has enlightened them into a new way, into a new life. This life that has been preached in My Divine Son’s House upon Earth is a life not to the Gospel of My Divine Son but rather, to the whispers of Satan, for all of My children – except for the few – are running to and fro, believing they have found ‘truth’ and ‘peace’ in their lives and in this world. But this is far from the truth, My sweet children, for many of you have been blinded by Satan and a veil now covers your eyes and your hearts. It is for this reason that you reject the Words of My Divine Son and I and the Saints and the Angels, that We now give throughout the world, through Our Prophets and Seers.”

“Reject not the Word of God, My sweet children, for the Justice of God is now upon the world. You see and you hear many Chastisements given out to mankind, for the Eternal Father allows the evil one to do with you as he Wills. Pray and do penance, My sweet children; make reparation to God, for the punishments to mankind at this time are not very severe, but mild. But soon, mankind will reap what he has sown and with tears and bloodshed will mankind return to God.”

“Holy Mother Church is now being rebuilt and renewed through My chosen Priests; through My chosen Prophets and Seers; through My Communities and through My many Apparitions throughout the world. We of Heaven have chosen Our leaders; Our hierarchy; Our shepherds and Our children who bear the ‘light’ for My Divine Son, to rebuild from the Church that now goes into ruin.”

“Listen to My Words, My sweet children. Do not get carried away in the pursuit of worldliness and pleasure, because time is short for the world. I know, sweet children, you have heard these Words many times before – but these Words must be repeated often because even Our children of the Light become lethargic – become bored. Do not relax yourselves to the point where you do not pray, or pray little; where you do not spend time with My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Eucharist in the Tabernacles of your Churches – while they are still open. Spend more time, My sweet children, in reading the Words of My Divine Son and I, that We have given you over many years and you will be enlightened every day – more [and more] – to understand the Plan of the Triune God for mankind.”

“The end is near, My sweet children and before you know it My Divine Son will have returned to the Earth; within a moment of time all will be accomplished. The world will be cleansed and renewed and a new Church, new Hierarchy and new Kingdoms will have been formed throughout the world. You are living in glorious times, My sweet children. Meditate upon these Words and place them deep into your hearts.”

“All that we have said through Our Prophets and Seers, is now unfolding before your eyes. Many events will still occur – even before the end of this year and in the coming years, My sweet children – events that will astound mankind and open the hearts that have fallen asleep. For the very foundation of this Earth will shake and mankind will realize the great sins they have committed against their God.”

“The time is coming, My sweet children, when you will see My New Apostles – the Twelve New Apostles – spread the Words of My Divine Son anew. These twelve have been chosen by My Immaculate Heart; within their hearts I have placed My Seal and the Seal of My Divine Son, Jesus – to remain there for all time. These chosen Twelve are simple men, but have strong faith and trust in their Heavenly Mother. They will bear the spirit of their predecessors – the Apostles of Old. They will be sent throughout the world to heal the sick; to heal the souls; to convert sinners. Even now, the Holy Ghost will be sent to them to give them this power.”

“It is time for a change in the hearts of Our children. It is time for the conversion of the world. I am raising many souls, My sweet children – in every nation – so My Word will be heard and listened to. Pray for My Apostles, My sweet children; pray for Our Holy Vicar in Rome, for he is undergoing much trial and suffering. Pray for your future Vicar – Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – for he too, carries the Cross of My Divine Son, Jesus. Pray for your brothers and sisters and for all of Our children – especially those who are in darkness – that they will return to God. Watch for the events in Europe, My sweet children, for soon, much bloodshed will come.”

“The Power of the Antichrist will soon reach its peak. It depends on the prayers of Our children. The more you pray, the less power he has, until his time.”

“I Love you, My sweet children and I give to you My Immaculate Heart as a refuge for poor sinners. I am sending to all Our children many of the great Saints of Heaven, to help you on your road to Heaven, My sweet children. Forget them not; forget not your Holy Angels for they are constantly aware of all your needs. This is a time of seriousness, My sweet children; it is no time for games, for time is too short for that. I Love you and place My mantle over you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Therese and Saint Mary Magdalan spread-open Our Lady’s cape; inside it I can see little hearts which seem to be alive – there is a glow about them. A beautiful perfume is coming from Our Lady and She smiles now, as do Saint Therese and Saint Mary Magdalan.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you all, My sweet children – children of My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I wish to inform My Twelve Apostles that they are now to use the powers that the Triune God has given to them. They are to Bless the sick and heal them; they are to use the Sign of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ and in His Name and through My Immaculate Heart, heal all those who come to them.”

“This evening, many roses will be given to Our children here present and to My children throughout the Communities throughout the world – through My beloved daughters, Saint Therese, and Saint Mary Magdalan. I Bless these roses and give them special Graces for My children of Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue, My sweet children, with your prayers. I wish to speak to My little son.”