Message 731 – 13 February 2016


No. 731

As in the time of the Great Flood so it will be again; not only flood, but fire – All electronics will stop and the satellites will fall – The sheep will now be separated from the goats; the Church will undergo a crucible of suffering – The Religious Houses will once again be plundered and raped; the forces of evil will enter the domain of Holy Mother Church.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is gliding from the White Cross in the sky towards me, on this beam of light which forms a ‘street’. I see lambs to the right of Our Holy Mother and on Her left I see goats and in between the lambs are red rose bushes, while in between the goats are bramble bushes. I now see a stone Altar in my flat near Our Lady’s Statue. Our Holy Mother comes to the Altar holding a lamb in one Arm and a replica of St Peter’s Basilica in the other. She comes as “Mother of the Universal Church” and “Mother of Salvation”, because She is wearing the Crown of Thorns, which itself has little rosettes. I see the invisible Wounds of Christ on Our Holy Mother. She is very sad. She placed the Lamb on the Altar and the Church in the middle and a goat too is placed on the Altar.

Our Holy Mother does not look happy. She joins Her hands together in prayer and I can see Teardrops falling on the Church. Our Lady lifts Her Arm and points to the sky. There is a flash of very bright light and fire falling down on the Earth. People are screaming. I see fire entering the Vatican and the Pope fleeing. The world is trembling and you can see terror on the faces of men. Our Holy Mother says:

OUR LADY: “See what men have done to themselves – acting like wild beasts, tearing one another to pieces – bringing so much destruction and sorrow upon the innocent. As in the time when the Great Flood came, so will it be again but not only flood, but fire. The sun, My son – the sun: all electronics will stop and the satellites will fall.”

“My beloved son of My Immaculate and Sorrowful heart: I greet you and all My precious children, who are under so much suffering at this time. Take courage, children, for in the very midst of the Passion of Christ’s Mystical Body, the Church, I your Heavenly Mother, will hold you in My Arms as I did My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“The sheep will now be separated from the goats, as My Son’s House upon Earth will now undergo a crucible of suffering. The division in its completion is near, when My Sacred Servants will fight each other – Cardinal against Cardinal – Bishop against Bishop – Priest against Priest and the Houses of the Religious will once again be plundered into great darkness and chaos, because the False Prophet and his Ape god, the Antichrist, will push their allegiance to Satan.”

“Many Religious Houses will be ransacked – many tortured, murdered and raped, as the forces of evil will enter the domain of Holy Mother Church.”

“The Sacrifice of the lambs as well as the goats, is upon you – the lambs for the Lord God and the goats for the evil one.”

“I cry so many Tears as I travel the world to rescue Our children who walk so aimlessly, not knowing anymore what to do and to whom they should turn. But you all have the answers before you. Is it so hard, My children, to love your brothers and sisters, to pray to God – to seek Him out? You only need to whisper the Name of Jesus, My sweet son and He will come running to you to kiss your wounds. You only need to say to Him: ‘I am sorry for my sins!’ Remember the story of the Prodigal Son?” 

“God’s Mercy awaits you, as you see so much violence and atrocities around you. Pray, be compassionate – ask God to intervene to stop all of this, to bring an end to all evil and bring peace back into your lives and theirs.”

“It is the malignant one who roams the world to devour his prey, causing all that you now see – and the Eternal Father has to send the natural disasters to stop sin, to stop the enemy of God from completing his plans to destroy all of mankind in human slavery of a One World Order and Church where the Antichrist will reign as King of the World.”

“All those children who have seen the world movies called, “The Lord of the Rings” – there are similarities between the Spiritual Realms and those of Earth. There are many signs on Earth, in the Heavens and in nature, to show Our children the end of this world is near. A New World will soon come, where no evil will exist, no sin, no death, no sickness – only perfection, love, purity and happiness. This New Kingdom will soon come with the arrival of My Divine Son, Jesus, Who will claim all that God Created for Him – this includes you, My children.”

“Persevere just a little longer! Hold onto My Motherly Hand and I will take you safely to the Kingdom of Happiness, where there will be no more tears and you will meet with all your relatives – families who have passed away over the years and centuries.”

“Pray and reflect, My children over these next weeks during lent. Watch the events in Rome. Do good deeds to those most in need. Pray for the Church and trust in God’s Love. Spend less time with your electronic machines, as much harm comes from them – especially those of the Electronic Highway. Spend more time with your family and friends.”

“As I have told you many times, the Great War is near. Prepare – store your food, water, medicine, blankets and means to cook. Have your candles ready, but most of all, clean your souls. Seek Jesus in the Eucharist and Confession. We will always be there to help you, My children.”

“How I love you, children. Today, God the Eternal Father will send you more Angels to help you during these difficult times to come. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady then says:

OUR LADY: “One of yours will have visions soon, to help you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother places Her Crown of Thorns on the Altar and Blesses us again. I see a tall Angel still there at the Altar – he has red wings with golden crosses on the inside.

OUR LADY: “He will remain now with you. The Angel’s name is Sancta-Angelicus.” In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

NOTE: The phrase “Electronic Highway” refers to the Internet. Our Lady also used the expression “electronic machines”, and by this terminology Our Lady refers to mobile internet devices like the iPads and other devices which are used in relation to the Social Media services (eg, Facebook, Twitter and others) and in particular the video games.