Message to Yellow Lily – 17 November 2018


17th NOVEMBER 2018


Beloved Jesus, Most Holy Mother, we come to You in thanksgiving of You, of Your Grace, Strength, Truth and Unending, Merciful, Love, for Your People! Your Words are life and You do not miss an opportunity to share Your Hearts! Come to us and lay it open as You Will, trusting us to hold all You say as perfect and safe and useful for the Church! Let us be Your little lights and thank you for the honour!

Jesus stands in His spot here, dressed in white, tall, smiling wide and bright:

JESUS: “Peace, peace to you! Thank you for your fidelity and your own truth – a truth that hears Jesus and knows orthodoxy is unchanged through time and space, unseparated by God and the future and you; this is your reward too, a component of it. Let us talk reward – meaning victory. Let us talk as part of this, occurring even now, unseparated by current events and the appearance of weakness! You are not deceived. Bravo my little ones, what fertile minds! I am like the farmer in winter, looking over the expanse of his land and it looks so desolate, the sky, grey and lowered above him. He looks out at it, in the cold, his hand shaded over his eyes, despite the bleakness of the time, because there is yet a glare from an obscured sun, bouncing off the heavy snow. To anyone just passing, to the untrained eye, it is easy to say, where is the future, the fortune, the living in that?”

“But to the farmer who has been through many seasons, who has been well-trained by his father before him, this winter is the promise of what is to come. The weather promises to be excellent for Spring and in the height of growing, this Winter and its cruel temperature killing off the germs and the bugs that wait to devour the land and its produce. The farmer understands what this weather does, all the components of this “bleak” time, appropriately rests the land and the farmer smiles … The snow seeps into the pores of the dirt for much needed moisture, readying the richness of its ingredients for optimal work: to feed, to grow, to not waste and inspire all who will see it shining in the closely followed warm weather! And those who will regard this land at its height will admire the farmer for his ingenuity and his hard work, for his genius because through such efforts no one goes hungry!”

“The earth submits to all: the wait, the cold, the weight of the snow – knowing, but not as well as the farmer, this is for the greater good, this is service – still yes, this is service, yet in disguise! And the farmer smiles because this is what he sees and he, even more than the land, waits, eager to get going, but the season must approach. The farmer has the most to wait for, after all, it is his profit!”

“Little ones, meditate. You already know so much don’t you and Jesus smiles! We wait and it is so frustrating, isn’t it? Yes, yes, i know. You are my land, are you not? What furrowed, experienced, smart, intuitive parcels you are, my gifts!”

“What role in my story does the snow portray? I wait for your answer, smiling. Is it not my Pope; is it not the Little Pebble of Divine Love; is it not all the offices he will hold, foremost: to protect the land, covering it in disguised greatness? Is he not with the land in the cold? To the untrained eye, to the eye unseeing in arrogance, appearing calumniated, appearing in passing.”

“No, no, how little these people know! You cannot take away what is of God, what is Mine, for the Father knows its use and repeats it, indeed grows it, makes it enduring with and sustaining! My true Pope knows how to communicate with My People, the ones listening, who are using their hearts and minds as one, who do not follow blindly because they are in the light, a light so bright they are aware. They see every grain in the road, the tiniest rocks are as visible as boulders, so avoiding to stumble! Praise God for his bright light of Grace!”

“In this time when we witness so much, Jesus wants His faithful to know, God is never silent in trouble! God is his most loud in the silence of prayer and silence is necessary to hear God. But for my Pope, this silence must be followed by proclamations of truth, of clear direction! Silence would never be used by God as a tool of cowardice. Francis, do you hear me? No, you do not. So you will read this from here and you will read more and more what I say, because you do not hear Me, you do not work for Me or my faithful, so i must speak from those who appear to be the fringe, dismissed because of incredible claims, yet, how true they are and they proclaim truth!”

“How do I combat the likes of you who trips so frequently on the garment he wears! Does this speak volumes! My People, hear your Christ: very soon you will witness the “Holy Father” descend from the Altar of Sacrifice, he will trip on his vestments and suffer a break. He will be lauded for this “visible sign of suffering” in the Church, for his “sacrifice”; however, not so – do not be fooled! This break should be a sign to change, or more bones will be broken. If he does not change, he will be ground into the dust as tasteless salt! Francis, you would do well to listen here and heed what Jesus says to His People through his orthodox fringe: change your ways or depart. I will raise as your overseer, such a noise to combat your “silence.” You are not silent, however. How much talking you do in the shadows of a closed office door, feigning all! Ah, Francis, you cannot keep it all straight and the walls are collapsing. You cannot move fast enough! It was you who made this choice in full conscience. The time grows short for you to reverse, to take courage and admit publically all that has been done. If you do not, you, son, are accountable for all your actions, which in a moment can be forgiven. If not, I leave to you.”

“And from this fringe let Me speak to my brothers, Bishops, all – all over the world – most especially those foolish ones, just as foolish as Francis [who] cling to their positions as fleas on a dog: your words are stupid. It is the Christ who says such things, yes! For I am human, given to emotions in My wisdom and feeling as the One who raised or tried to raise a vocation in you! Each one of you are held preciously to My Heart, and more, My Mother! Are you honest when you remain with Francis so you can continue in your Dioceses, as political priests and fathers? Are you a reflection of Me in your office, in duty, of your life? Are you a reflection of Me, and the Father in light? Is this service? No. Is this faithful? No. And [those are] your beginning questions, as too many now – no.”

“Take courage brothers! Those with their hearts in and of Me, take courage and do not grapple, only speak the truth that is trying to rise up, because I live in you and do not wish to be suppressed! Take courage, you will not be calumniated in the long term because your vision is clear and your voice important, as My Voice in one and courage!”

“Everything is at My disposal, so it is from this pulpit of the orthodox fringe, from one who appears so wrong and yet is so right, in whiteness! His zuchetto will never slip off.”

“I will raise a prodigy of miracles and extrordinary events which shall be outside of all appearance, in naturalness and neutrality, that will defy explanation. These prodigies will surround the Mass, so all may recognize I still live there and this shall be also to shore up our little ones, our true priests! Little brothers: I stand with those who are worried and genuinely proceed in question of this time: “What is Rome doing? How do I explain this, it does not make sense, when i know that God does not change and the Faith in its morality cannot be altered?”

“Jesus knows what He must do. I will show the people with these signal events, what I demand in the Sacrifice of the Mass and draw out silence in front of the Tabernacle, silence from the people, because they cannot speak, gathering in their hearts, overwhelmed. I will use all my tools! Take note, little ones, from where these events take place. Jesus does not waste Grace, so from where miracles take place, we note, there must exist truth. Do not presume, do not put God in a box, for He is in the Heavens above the earth and in the infinite of a heart living in me, in a bottomless soul, boundless, accepting, because it searches and knows truth in the fruit shown and the orthodoxy it supports.”

“Little ones, Jesus cries, He cries with you and because of you and love returned, so I bring this to you here and announce it here, because I love you and honor you as you honor Me. You will not be disappointed! Say a Hail Mary everytime you read this message, every time you read the words of God in the Gospels or in any message from Heaven! Let it be absorbed better, because Mary gathers the seeds to be planted in the land, covered now by the snow. Amen.”

“I love you, shalom.”