Message to Yellow Lily – 8 December 2018

Message From Jesus to Yellow Lily, Seer of Canada


Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 8th, 2018

YELLOW LILY: On this wonderful feast, Dearest Lord, Holy Mother, Inseparable King and Queen, we are happy! Our hearts full of holy love and pride to be with you and to know you and to be known by you! If it please you deign to come to us and with our hearts and minds, souls and all human strength of being, at your attention, waiting to receive everything you wish to say:

Our Blessed Lord stands in His spot here, dressed in white, there is a cincture – white, thick, cord around Him, knotted together on the right side, the two pieces of the cord, hang from the knot. Smiling sweetly at me, for us all:

JESUS: You may know I am with you, little ones, in your midst, together and separately each, because we are inseparable! I have much to say in this important time of preparation and reparation – O how I need you! We will use our perfect model as our guide. From the moment of the Immaculate Conception, nay — before, the person of Mary, ready to receive God, the perfect environment, where nothing disturbed His coming place of growing — His creation as a Man! How was Mary able to prepare so wonderfully to receive God, not just at that moment, but before, day by day, from her own infancy? She practised and prayed for the control of her passions, never wanting, more or less – moment by moment, what God sent Her, looking at every aspect of Her life as a gift. From loving parents who were models themselves in the practice of the presence of God, — that is, the practise of internal quiet. How does one do this? What is it? It is my children, first and always: to be thankful. To see yourself as a servant of The Lord, a friend — O yes, a friend of God, but what does a perfect friend do? They serve. At the disposal of the one they love, and, this, this is Mary: at the service, the disposal of all for God.

To be thankful my dears, is your greatest reparation. Let us look at today’s particular Song of David, 51, is this not a most wonderful piece of repentance, of “proclamation of reparation” and more: is it not thankfulness? An acknowledgement of humanness, of sin, the reality of sin and a true hope in the Lord for His Almighty and powerful forgiveness — something so great that nothing is lost on one who has been fully redeemed! My Dears, we remember of course that Mary in her Perfect Humility includes herself in the sinfulness of Man, not as a sinful creature — but at the tender age of a girl, a young girl, acknowledging her role in His Redemption, as the means God the Father uses to bring about God’s Holy Communion, the only thing that would save mankind from itself! See yourself in Mary’s arms, wrapped tightly in her blankets, be like Jesus! Let Mary gaze into your eyes, as you gaze at Her, let there begin a growing and growing oneness with these looks! Be not afraid, as you think of it, so it is! Let this be a daily meditation, if only for a moment, as you begin your activities for your day and as you allow yourself to review at night, look to Mary and feel her gaze, just as Jesus still does. Jesus looks to her still – the Immaculate Conception, O yes, yes, He does! Would you believe that Jesus, The Son, looks to His Mother for strength, for reinforcement in the Human Spirit? He does, Jesus is too a man, and these days when the Church has been brought so low, it is Mary who takes her Jesus by the Hand and directs His Gaze to you, the little one Mary holds in Her arms, in Her blankets, use this image – it is so! Little ones how I need you and how we need the Immaculate Conception!

My dears, while it is not about being perfect, so much as one acknowledges the climb to this peak, and in reaching this, only possible through God, from Her, the one who gave that perfect “Yes!” What was that moment? A moment of passion unseen again. The consent was sweetly whispered, but within her a resounding Gloria, — with every beat of Her Heart, the cohort of Heaven lifted their notes to a new pitch, and this remains until the end of the world of evil, when that Gloria will move to something even greater! The consent was firm but quiet, yet only a flutter of human time, living on in the presence of the beatific vision, evermore!

Let your praise be like Mary’s with every event, with every breath THE WOMAN took, “We are not afraid!” We are not afraid because God knows you and this time, He knows your circumstance and every circumstance you face, have faced, will face, be not afraid! For My saints in this time, let this be your motto as we gather more to Heaven, as we take up our Cross; as we live in fullness, in sweetness, in joy and in sorrow — these two being the same to God, because your response in all this is what I watch, gather up and measure.

Control your passions just as Mary, because God has allowed all; God watches all; God controls all and not a hair on your head shall be harmed. Control your passions as a sign of your trust; control your passions and love greatly! Let everything we do be measured, how we love: when we have thought we have given enough, let us give more and more! How we relate, let us be measured: think and pray before our impetuosity speaks! Let us be unplanned in our giving, without reserve, unafraid! Let us risk everything for God! In our anger, let us be controlled by prayer — cry to Me in your heart and I will run to help! In our frustrations, our distractions, our annoyances: accept everything before these become enflamed. Stop and think, let us check! It sounds like a lot of work, — it is, but just the same, it can be done, because I believe in you and have brought you here to Myself as an intimate, one servant of the Father to another, to please the Mother so to be made immaculate like Her, as a true son and daughter. It is all joy, in this time – think on Mary! Do you not think, upon hearing that revelation from God’s Angel, of the truth of Jesus coming, — HER SON, Mary did not smile internally — look on everything around Her with a new brightness, a new lightness in Her step and carriage? All Grace moved with even greater firmness and fleetness! Did not Her eyes reflect the oneness She shared anew with Her God and His Son, now, Her Creature! Mary understood biology, she knew the parents make the child and like any mother trying to imagine at first what Her Jesus looked like and then later, in the quiet of Her home, to know for sure as Her Creature spoke to Her!

Think on Mary running quickly to Elizabeth so She could share Her cousin’s joy and in that moment of greeting, praising God for His triumph, for Elizabeth and Herself and more, for Him, Our Father. Mary understood the trials and death that was to come for Jesus and herself and all those who love us; we as children, empathise and stand with Her! We do not waiver in our staunch support of the Church and Mary’s plan for its glorious rebuilding and magnification, part of our becoming immaculate.

There is no one more thankful to the Father for the Immaculate Conception or the great means the Father employed to make Her being and the Holy human lineage I have been given! Be thankful for your family, pray for them in this time. Pray for those who are away from the Church, away from Me, but remember, your birth, as their birth, as all birth, has been thought out and is a gift to the world, everyone having a role to play and a place in My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate One.

In this time, remember how the Immaculate Conception was forced to give birth to her Son in the lowest of human places, with dirt for His palace floor: Mary trusted, Mary accepted, immaculately! When things are not just how you want them, accept it through Mary and you will see, everything is perfect, just as God has designed through Mary: possess joy, possess Me. This is the secret to Advent, Christmas and saintly, immaculate victory, everyday!

I wish all, with Mary, a blessed Advent, full of renewal and repentance, true contrition and introspection, right now we are travelling to Bethlehem, not sure what we will find, how things will exactly take place, but we are fulfilling scripture. The Immaculate Conception has chosen you to help in Her plan to rebuild where God lives, it might seem very lost, disarrayed and cold, but as all things pass through Mary’s Heart, — a splendour unforetold, so to is the greatest of her plans for the Church — first conceived there. Amen.

Jesus, Son of the Immaculate Conception