William Costellia – VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIANS – 29 April 2019


There are Martyrs in the tens of thousands per year instigated by Radical Muslims. We, as Christians, must put a stop to this NOW

29 April 2019

This has been sent to all European Countries and those Nations that Practice the Faith of Islam

My dear Fellow Christians and others, who have seen admonitions and violent acts of aggression being perpetrated against Christians – it is time we change things before it is too late.

The Islamic Religion in all countries teaches the basic laws of Islam, but in all fairness the majority of Muslims do not know their faith because in the Quran – the Law Book of the Mohammedans – it says:

“….not to make friendship with Jews or Christians 2:51; Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them 2:191; Murder them and treat them harshly 9:123; Fight and slay the Pagans; seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem. 9.5: the Quran demands that we fight the unbeliever.

A Call to the Muslims of the World

“Book and Writings of C.F. I. Centre for Inquiry”

In the United Nations Right’s Council in May: There are thousands upon thousands of Muslims who do not believe in such teachings, so why is it acceptable by so many Muslim countries of the world? It is time the Christian Countries of the world uphold the True Teachings of Christ NOW, or be involved in another World War, which will bring misery to mankind.

First of all, Christian; countries must close their borders to radical “Immigration” – Asylum Seekers – and a strong checking of all borders and the Tightening of laws, to be indicated:

  • Check all Schools to make sure the Islamic Law is to be kept under closer supervision in Christian Countries.
  • The Governments that have their Military in such countries are to remove themselves from them.
  • Those countries that follow Sharia Law: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Sudan and Yemen that have political ties with the West, must remove yourselves from them.

Islam States:

There are other States of Countries which also have many Muslims: e.g. Turkey, Indonesia. There are fifty (50) Muslim majority countries in the world. Muslims make up 4.9% in Europe (2016): Cyprus, Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Finland, Spain, Croatia and Ireland. Since 2017, Germany, Italy and France have increased considerably.

But in recent years the Islamic world has increased its violence upon Christian people through various attacks upon the Churches: e.g.: the Notre Dame in Paris – and there were over one-thousand (1,000) Churches attacked and / or destroyed during the last year.

2019 – Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Russia, China, Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, India, Burma (Myanmar) – two-hundred-and-forty-five (245) million are being persecuted.

It is time to stop countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other European Countries, stop Immigration and remove all Immigrants from Islamic Nations, who have a disdainful history, before it is too late.

It is clear that the Immigration to the Western World is bringing great disunity amongst Christian Nations now, as Ideologists and Fanatics come in using the language of the Quran in its fundamental teaching of Mohammed. Yet the True Islamic people do not believe that, but have respect and live their lives as they should.

I therefore ask all Christian Countries of Europe and other Nations to not accept the Islamic invasion of Christianity, but be careful of all Immigrants coming from the nations who practice their faith in Islamic Countries – for their ultimate reason for invading the West has nothing to do with enjoying Christian values, but to take over Christendom.

This is the standing of the world’s Religions:

Christians: 31.1%

Islam 23.2%

Hinduism 15%

Buddhism 7.1%

Folk 5.9%

So the world must pray and take their faith more seriously and win the faith, because Christians are getting massacred and their faith removed. You have two years to regain the faith, but the countries must make it clear that Europe will not remain if Christianity is left behind with more and more Islamic attacks.

In France since 1970, over four-hundred (400) deaths and seventeen-hundred (1700) injured.

In 2016 two-hundred-and-fifty (250) people were killed.

In 2019 three-hundred (300) were killed in Sri Lanka.

Germany had 11.2% total number of foreigners Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – twelve (12) dead, fifty-six (56) injured and many more in Russia and Europe.

Wishing God’s Blessings upon you.

William Costellia



Country – [Percentage] – [Population of Muslims]

Afghanistan [99.7%] [34,836,014]

Albania [58.8%] [1,797,645]

Algeria [99%] [41,240,913]

Azerbaijan [96.9%] [9,735,074]

Bahrain [73.7%] [1,063,239]

Bangladesh [90.4%] [153,700,000]

Bosnia-Herzegovina [50.7%] [1,955,084]

Brunei [78.8%] [355,045]

Burkina [61.5%] [12,141,769]

Chad [58%] [9,183,207]

The Comoros [98.3%] [807,204]

Djibouti [97%] [857,496]

Egypt [90.97%] [90,000,000]

Gambia [95.7%] [2,002,743]

Guinea [89.1%] [10,563,171]

Indonesia [87.2%] [229,000,000]

Iran [99.4%] [82,500,000]

Iraq [95.7%] [38,465,864]

Jordan [97.2%] [10,165,577]

Kazakhstan [70.2%] [13,158,672]

Kosovo [95.6%] [1,823,657]

Kuwait [74.6%] [2,175,684]

Kyrgyzstan [80%] [4,679,436]

Lebanon [57.7%] [3,519,743]

Libya [97%] [6,551,871]

Malaysia [61.3%] [16,318,355]

Maldives [98.4%] [386,193]

Mali [95%] [17,508,398]

Mauritania [100%] [3,840,429]

Mayotte [97%] [253,439]

Morocco [99%] [37,930,989]

Niger [98.3%] [21,101,926]

Nigeria [51.6%] [103,000,000]

Oman [85.9%] [2,427,000]

Pakistan [96.5%] [200,400,000]

Palestine [97.5%] [4,298,000]

Qatar [77.5%] [1,566,786]

Russia (not Islamic Nation) [17%] [25,000,000]

Saudi Arabia [97.1%] [31,878,000]

Senegal [96.1%] [15,112,721]

Leone [78.6%] [6,067,706]

Somalia [99.8%] [10,978,000]

Sudan [97%] [39,585,777]

Syria [93%] [16,700,000]

Tajikistan [96.7%] [7,621,700]

Tunisia [99.8%] [11,190,000]

Turkey [99.8%] [80,700,000]

Turkmenistan [93.3%] [4,830,000]

United Arab [76%] [4,615,081]

United Kingdom (not Islamic Nation) [6.3%] [4,130,000]

Uzbekistan [96.5%] [26,550,000]

Western Sahara [99.4%] [599,633]

Yemen [99.1%] [27,784,498]

Population: 1,300,000,000

The Muslims in the rest of the world make up: 800,000


Since the “911” attack in the United States there have been more than thirty-four-thousand 34,000 Terrorist attacks in the name of Islam – an average of five (5) attacks per day.