Message 815 – 8 September 2020



Feast of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A Singular Grace given by Jesus for the Salvation of ten million Souls, who were on the road to perdition – Typhoons lashing at Japan, The Philippines and Korea – Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia: your lands will be devastated with many rains, cyclones and devastation – Pope Benedict is preparing to leave Rome soon; he knows the time is right, but it is not Heaven’s Will – U.S.A. will go through much turmoil – Sinister plans being prepared for Israel.

WILLIAM: The White Cross has appeared in the sky – it beams – and many white crosses come out of the Cross and float towards me. To the left of the Cross, I see thousands of Angels dressed in white and they are holding and waving large palm leaves. On my left, which is to the right of the Cross, I see thousands of Angels playing instruments all along a road, heading towards us and I see a beautiful rainbow over the Cross.

Our Blessed Mother comes through the White Cross with many Angels following Her. They are dressed in light pink, like Our Holy Mother. She is like the Statue we have of Her in the Chapel – it is the picture of Our Holy Mother’s Statue as she is depicted as ‘Our Lady, Immaculate Spouse of William’. Saint Michael is with Our Holy Mother, to Her right. Saint Michael kneels and Our Lady gives him a map in a drawing.

OUR LADY: “Give this to Little Abraham. This map is where you will be going soon, My son, to strengthen Holy Mother Church.”

WILLIAM: Saint Michael brings me the map and says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “This is the map where you will be travelling in the very near future and you will meet all those special souls who you will be working with.”

“I greet you, my beloved ‘White Rock of Truth’, soon to become the Vicar of Christ for His Holy Church upon earth. Now you are being prepared for your Mission, for soon you will be released from your chains – a sign that the time is very near for all worldly events to occur.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son and thank you for today – being the Feast of My Birth, celebrated by Holy Mother Church – even though My Birthday is in August. Today I come as your Immaculate Spouse, to show the world that God chooses who He wishes and more so, the lowly and unimportant of the world – that is why He chose you, soon to become the Vicar of Holy Mother Church”

“Today, I have obtained a Singular Grace from My Divine Son, Jesus and that is the Salvation of ten million Souls, who were on the road to perdition, but have received a Singular Grace from the Divine Will of the Most High. I thank you My son and My children who made it possible.”

“My children, soon the world will go into deep mourning and sorrow, because mankind has forgotten their Creator and Love of all humanity. Pray, dear children, because mankind is heading towards terrible calamities. Already the U.S.A. is going into conflict, which will continue to divide mankind and the typhoons lashing out at the countries of Japan, The Philippines and Korea – yet these are but a small Chastisement that will hit the lands.”

“Pray, dear children, for Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, because your lands will be devastated with many rains, cyclones and devastation, until you turn your gaze upon the Lord God – it is only then, that you will receive His Blessings.”

“I, the Mother of God, come to you to seek prayers and sacrifice, so that the Nations will receive God’s Blessings. As Mother, I care for all of My children and it makes Me cry to see such devastation upon My people.”

“My children, I have warned you for so long, to prepare yourselves for My Divine Son Jesus’ Return to Earth in His Glory, but yet, you still live in a dream world, believing life will go on, but in reality, events are turning to bring mankind to the opening of the New World and the New Holy Era, where there will be Peace and Joy.”

“Pray, dear children, because Pope Benedict is preparing to leave Rome soon, because he knows that the time is right, but it is not Heaven’s Will that he leaves, because it is the desire of the Evil One, so that Rome will have full control of the events that will occur. Pray, sweet children, because the two volcanoes will break out in Italy and bring great destruction upon the land, killing many souls.”

“Pray for the Middle East, sweet children, because people believe that nothing is happening there, believing the Pandemic has closed all avenues for the Evil One to pursue the plan that they have to conquer Europe, to bring the nations to the will of the Moslems, but dear children, evil never sleeps, so be prepared for Europe to be invaded soon. Prayer is needed, sweet children, especially for the people of South America, as there are plans for an invasion of one of the countries. Therefore, I ask the people to search the faith that you have and turn to God now, while there is still time.”

“I am sorry, sweet children, because the Words I deliver to you are not Words of Hope, but rather a sadness I have been feeling for some time, as mankind has fallen asleep. The test that mankind is doing at this time, is not one where mankind is trying to fight the Pandemic, but rather, mankind is using this to control humanity and seek control over mankind. The Virus, as you see, is only the beginning. There will be more outbreaks of different kinds, so that the Authorities have full control over the people. But I tell you most solemnly, the distancing that the Authorities are seeking from all individuals is not so that they control the Pandemic, but rather, so that they can track you down and control you – because if you were to walk together, they could not control you, nor do a true reading. My children, read again the Messages of the past, for in them you will find the answer you are looking for. You must understand, dear children, the reason they are stamping everyone is so that they can control you. Read the Messages of the past – in them you will find the answer.”

“Pray hard, dear children and fear not, because We of Heaven have full control of all that is happening and you are not to fear, because We of Heaven are watching over you and preparing you for the coming One World Government and the [New] World Order. Prepare yourselves for the Third World War, for millions will die and will not be prepared for the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch the sky, dear children, because many, many more meteors will come, but an Asteroid will come soon and bring great destruction.”

“Pray for the U.S.A., because it will go through much turmoil. Pray for the President, because unless you pray for him and his election and bring him back for another term, your country will go straight away into a struggle, because a war will be imminent. Pray for California, because devastation is going to hit this land. Pray for Israel, because there are sinister plans being prepared for it.”

“Pray, dear children. Remember, I am your Mother and seek the salvation of all the world, but I cannot do it unless the people open their hearts to the Divine King, Jesus Christ, Saviour of Mankind.”

“I Love you sweet children and today I have brought with Me the Choir of Angels who have been chosen as the Triune Angels of the Most High God, as gifts for My children, to protect them until the Second Coming of Jesus to the world, which will not be so long. I Bless all of you today: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, you wish to ask Me some questions?

WILLIAM: Yes, My Mother.

Our Lady came and kissed me on my head and returned to Her place. Our Lady gave me five extra Angels and one for each soul on Earth dedicated to Her. Our Lady Blessed us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Go in peace to love and serve Our God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.”