Message 260 – 13 October 1987



I have sent to you My Little Prophet whom We call the ‘Little Pebble’; the ‘Celestial Stone’ – No one will be lost, unless they desire it themselves – Times are coming when this Great Continent will be in great turmoil, because of the enemy of Christianity – The Great Continent of Africa is deluged with evil practices of witchcraft and Satanism; destroy this through your prayers – The Great Christian Army of the Latter Days will come from this Continent to fight the Antichrist.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Since the beginning of the Rosary Saint Michael has been visible very far away, high in the sky. With him now are three other Angels – one below him and one either side, thus forming the ends of the Cross. Inside this shape is a brilliant white Cross. They are high in the sky because we are not upon Holy Ground, so Heaven will not come close.

A sharply brilliant intense Light comes out of the Cross and I can see the Blessed Mother emerging from the Cross, standing on a beautiful white Light which resembles a cloud and coming closer towards us. Our lady is dressed as the Immaculate Conception, looking very pretty in white and blue – a white gown and transparent veil and a blue mantle. I can see a little of Her Hair, coming from under the veil and spilling over the front of Her Shoulders. There is a pearl Rosary with gold Our Father beads in Her sash, on the right. Our Lady is not standing upon the world, as is usually seen. She comes yet a little closer. Saint Michael has spread-out his wings, like a soldier guarding; they cover the whole sky. The Blessed Mother takes-up Her beautiful Rosary and kisses Jesus. “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” Our Lady looks upon us all – and is smiling.

OUR LADY: “My beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My sweet children of Africa: I come today, on this great day of the anniversary of the Miracle at Fatima. I come to this Continent to tell you that I, your Heavenly Mother, am your Heavenly Mother – the Mother of all! I have sent to you My little Prophet, whom We call the ‘Little Pebble’; the ‘Celestial Stone’.”

“My sweet children of this beautiful Continent of Africa: I come to call you all under My mantle, for I am the refuge of all sinners and Mother of Compassion. I am well aware of the needs of My children; I know that there is much hunger and much poverty in many of your countries. I want to tell you that My Ears are not deaf to your pleas. Come to the Fountain of Life and Love, Which is My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. He offers His Most Sacred Heart to each and every one of you. No-one will be lost – not unless they desire it themselves! I ask all Our sweet children to unite in prayer. Offer your prayers to My Divine Son, Jesus, so He can send, in abundance, many Graces – not only for salvation, but also for your temporal needs. Nothing is impossible for God, My sweet children. Your God – and My God – Loves you; He has not abandoned you. The times are coming when this great Continent will be in great turmoil. This will be because of the enemy of Christianity. Be not afraid, sweet children, but turn to Me – your Heavenly Mother – and I will be your refuge. O, children of this great Continent: do you not know that I am your Heavenly Mother? Do you not know that I Love you?”
“I Cry so many bitter Tears – not only in Africa, but in all the Continents of the Earth, because the children of the world refuse to listen to My Divine Son and to My Immaculate Heart. So once again I come to plead with you.”

“My beloved children, to listen to Our Words of counsel. Take-up your cross and follow My Divine Son to Paradise. Pray often your Holy Rosary and wear your Sacramentals, for this land – this great Continent of Africa – is deluged with evil practices of witchcraft and Satanism; you must destroy this cause through your prayers. Even many of Our good children still seek help through this evil means. This means will not bring you to My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – but, rather, enslave you to the evil one, whose mission is to destroy the souls of mankind. My Divine Son, Jesus, has chosen several nations of this great Continent to be the ‘light’ of the Continent, for the great Christian Army of the Latter Days will come from this Continent to fight the Antichrist and his forces; and this, My sweet children, will be done with the Holy Rosary in your hands and in your hearts!”

“Take courage and remember that We will always be with you. You need only to call on Us. I Bless you all, My sweet children, from My Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue, My sweet children, on the narrow road – the path that leads to Heaven. This path, My sweet children, has many thorns, because if you want to follow My Divine Son you must carry your cross with patience, with love and fortitude.”

“Pray often to your Angels – the Guardians of your souls – so that they will help you on this path, which is difficult for a just soul, for the reward is great, My sweet children. The reward is Paradise – Eternal Bliss to the Triune God. Remember these words, My sweet children: Love one another as My Divine Son, Jesus, Loves you.”

“The Peace of Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, be with you always. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue now, sweet children, with your hymns and your prayers, to give praise to the Triune God of Love.”