Message 211 – 12 January 1988



LITTLE PEBBLE: This is a transcript of a Message which I received at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Duffy, at 11.30 in the evening of the 12th of January, 1988 – just after I lay down to sleep.

Grant, their son, had died just on four years ago, in 1984. The anniversary is in two days time, on the fourteenth. I was in what was his room and he came there, standing just above the ceiling. He was dressed in a long white tunic, which was edged in gold; he had a short beard – something like Our Lord’s – and was smiling. He greeted me, his brother, Brett and also sent greetings to the future Vicar of Christ, on Earth.

GRANT: I’ve come here mainly to give encouragement and to tell you to continue on the road that Heaven has placed you upon; to not lose courage, nor faith, nor hope – but to know that everything that Heaven has asked of us will be fulfilled. Also, do not be concerned about the finances for the Mission; Saint Matthew has been sent by Jesus to assist you. You should not fear, but have trust in God’s Plans.”

“It was the desire of Jesus that I be sent here this evening to let the people know that it is important for them to pray to me – and souls similar to me – for Jesus and Mary have given us great powers of intercession. This is because I belong to a special choir called the `Virgin Martyr Choir’.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He named some of the Saints who are in this choir: Saint Philomena, Saint Pascal (whom I did not know, but didn’t admit this to Grant) and Saint Stephen, the first martyr – all of whom have great intercessory powers before Jesus and Mary.

GRANT: “These Virgin Martyr Saints have the special guardianship of the virgin martyrs; are specially given over to the `victimhood souls’ like myself, the `Little Pebble’, Sister Guadalupe, Marietta, Teresa, Brother Joseph Francis, and the `Little Lamb’. They pray for the victim souls all the time.”

“Give my love to my Father and Mother and also to my brother, Brett and sister, Karlene; to Christian; to my brother and sister in Christ, Harry and Rosemary. I send a blessing to all in the Mission and ask them not to be disheartened, but to continue with the Mission, which Heaven has given to them all – which is united with my Mission. I repeat: all the prophesies which have been given will be fulfilled.”

“Our Lord has requested that you print my story now – the story which was written by my Father. People must know who I am, because it is very important that people begin to acknowledge that the Great Miracle which surrounds me is going to occur!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: What he meant was that people were to promote knowledge of him by publicly praying to him. He blessed me – then departed.