Message 364 – 4 July 1992



Shortly, the Church will go through a crisis of faith – These are the times of the Great Battle between good and evil spirits – All of you must pray fervently, to offset the attacks that Satan has given to you and will continue to do so – The world will be astounded at the prodigies that My Divine Son will wrought throughout the world, through all Holy places.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a large, towering, Light behind the Tabernacle – like a large pipe – which is as wide as the brick wall behind the It and it reaches right up into the sky. Saint Michael stands behind the Light with his sword in his right hand. There are many Angels – including nine of my Guardian Angels – also standing behind the Tabernacle, awaiting Our Blessed Mother. They now move to form a semi-circle around the tower of white Light.

I can see that very far away, Our Holy Mother is coming in a ‘ball’ of Light, very swiftly – like a star – travelling through this ‘pipe’ of Light. It is as though Our Lady allows me to see very far into the sky – as through a telescope – seeing it clearly but, at the same time, appreciate the distance between the Earth and Our Holy Mother. Our Blessed Mother comes through the Light and stands just between the statue of Our Lady of the Ark and the Crucifix, as is usual when She comes here. From the Tabernacle comes a Cross which is being formed by white Light, but It is only as large as the Crucifix behind the Tabernacle.

Our Blessed Mother stands on a plate of Light – a really thin plate. I don’t know what it is, but it gives off little sparks which resemble lightning; it is most unique. Our Lady steps off this unusual thing and kneels on the table, bowing Her Head right down before the Tabernacle. The Cross becomes brighter and brighter and shoots off beautiful Light through Our Holy Mother, then comes towards all of us.

Our Blessed Mother stands once again then steps back onto this sliver of Light. She is dressed as ‘Our Lady of the Ark’ today, but is not carrying the Infant or the Ark. However, in Her right Hand She carries a beautiful Rosary, which has beads like little roses; they are alive, are very dainty and a different colour has been used for each bead. There are so many more colours than I would recognize on Earth and I don’t know the names of them. An Angel just said: “You will know these colours when you get to Paradise”. Our Lady smiles at this. The nine Guardian Angels have surrounded Our Lady in a semi-circle, but more closely now; these Angels are much taller than Our Holy Mother. They place their wings as though to protect Her. Saint Michael also comes much closer and places his wings over the Angels and the Blessed Mother, like an umbrella. It is very nice to see.

Behind Saint Michael is an Ark, like Noah’s – a big ship, which takes up the whole sky. On the Ark I can see a Cross in the centre of it and a small Church, which is very similar in appearance to Saint Peter’s, but of miniature size. Upon the Cross I see the Blessed Eucharist. On the right-hand side of the cross-beam is a Heart – Our Holy Mother’s Heart. Our Lady and the Angels leave swiftly from here and stand upon the Ark. Our Holy Mother has moved, in a split second and now, in proportion to the Ark, She is very much larger, is standing underneath the Cross on the Ark and I can see many people entering at a doorway in the side – in the middle of the hull – of the Ark. There are thousands – hundreds of thousands – of souls entering the Ark, with many in procession, holding different banners.

Our Lady opens-up Her Hands and Graces flow from the Blessed Eucharist on the Cross, shooting towards the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady – towards Our Blessed Mother, where She stands and also go through Her Hands. These beautiful rays also shoot towards the people – towards us. A big White Cross starts to form in the sky behind the Ark and the Angel, Saint Menoloutis, says that this is the path of salvation. Our Blessed Mother is calling all the children of the world to enter Her Ark – which is, of course, Her Immaculate Heart. And high in the sky, in red letters, is the wording: “THE END OF AN ERA”.

Very dark clouds gather over the Ark -very heavy clouds which are not simply dark but are like blood – and there is a lot of thunder and lightning. The people are beginning to run into the Ark and Our Blessed Mother is calling: “Come swiftly”. I can see amongst the people many of the Guardian Angels, who are now aglow and the people see them too and rush very quickly into the Ark. The Earth is beginning to tremble underneath the Ark. The Ark is not on water – it just sits on the ground, which is starting to move. The Angels move very quickly as the Heavens open and Saints and Angels come down, swiftly – coming to the aid of the souls, who are panicking. Behind the Ark, in the clouds, I can see a Comet which has a long tail.

The White Cross is still shining very brightly during all this activity, shedding its Light towards the people. Now everything disappears and Our Blessed Mother is back here in the Chapel, standing just where she was before, but not with the Angels – only Saint Michael. She now holds the Baby Jesus, at the age of two years, in Her left Arm. Our Lady kisses the Baby and takes-up the Rosary in Her right Hand.

OUR LADY & BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Infant Jesus made the Sign of the Cross with Our Holy Mother – and from that Sign came many rays of light.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Light and Love and all My sweet children here present and throughout the world. The Vision that I have allowed you to see, My dear child, is for all of Our children, to help them to understand that the ‘time of times’ is here and that We of Heaven are gathering the sheep and placing them into the Ark of salvation; preparing all Our children on this great journey towards the Kingdom of the Eternal Father; for the completion of the time and work of the Holy Ghost – for God’s Church – the Militant Church upon Earth.”

“The new era will soon dawn upon mankind, swiftly. An Age of peace and joy – with no sin – will come to mankind in the twinkling of the Eye of the Eternal Father. The Ark is ready, My sweet children, to gather the flock. All of My children who are faithful to the Words of My Divine Son and I, have been marked with the Sign of Redemption, giving you a sure way to be saved. My sweet children, the Cross of Redemption of My Divine Son is your ‘ticket’ – if I may say so – to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. Remain faithful to all that we have asked of you and pray, for the times are coming when mankind will be in turmoil; in confusion; in great crisis – within the Church and throughout the world.”

“All of you who are marked with the Sign of Redemption need not fear, for I am the refuge of sinners; the comforter of the afflicted; the Mother of hope and the Ark of salvation. None of you need to be lost; all can find refuge in My Immaculate Heart. There is still time, My sweet children, to atone for your sins and to make straight your path that reaches to My Divine Son, Jesus Christ.”

“Many of Our children of the Light have heavy burdens at this time, for they are laden with the Cross of My Divine Son, sharing His Crucifixion in the Mystical Body. All My children who desire to be saved will carry the cross. Be assured, dear children, that I stand by you to help you to follow the footpath of My Divine Son. I well understand your needs, for I am a Mother. I stood by the side of My Divine Son at His crucial hour and as you are My children I will stand by you, too. Take courage, My sweet Children of the Light; go forward with the Light and be not afraid.”

“Soon, the world will know that the ‘time of times’ has arrived. The shepherds of My Holy Son’s Church upon Earth will be awakened – though rudely – and then they will see the destruction that they have caused, not only in the bosom and heart of the Church, but also throughout the world. But, with special Graces from My Divine Son, some of the shepherds will be converted to the truth of understanding, while others, through arrogance and pride, will fall and follow the Iniquitous One.”

“Shortly, My sweet children, the Church will go through a crisis of faith. It is, therefore, imperative that all My children of the Light study well the Messages that My Divine Son and I have given to you over these many years, so you will understand what is of God and what is of man. For, as in the time when Martin Luther and the Protestant Church began – which brought great division within Holy Mother Church – it will happen again [that] there will be great division within the House of God. Therefore, remain firm in your faith, My sweet children. You need not fear, for you will have the Light of My Divine Son, those [of you] who pray My Most Holy Rosary and receive My Divine Son often, in the Blessed Eucharist and Holy Confession.”

“Remain at peace, My sweet children and remember the Words that My Divine Son and I have given to you. I Love you, as your Heavenly Mother and place My mantle over you to take you through these difficult times before My Divine Son returns to the Earth. Be on guard now, My sweet children, for Lucifer is raging throughout the world; he wishes to devour all My children of the Light. However, My Divine Son and I protect Our children – especially when you call upon Us and the Holy Angels to help you. These are the times of the Great Battle between good spirits and evil spirits. Be watchful, My sweet children, for Lucifer goes amongst you with his cohort to bring you down – but you have nothing to fear. Trust in My Immaculate Heart.”

“The world goes further and further into darkness each day of the year, until a great warning will come upon the world. This warning, My sweet children, will soon come. To most people it will be a surprise – for many are not prepared for the coming events upon the world. Take up My ‘beads of Love’ and hearken to My Words. Pray for Our Holy Vicar in Rome, for all the shepherds, My Priest-Sons, the Religious and for all My children, that all may be saved.”

“I Bless you all, My sweet children, with My Holy Rosary, which is the Rosary of Pure Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Each rose is a special Grace that I have been given by the Eternal Father. Many of these Graces I will give to you, My dear child and also, to many of My children who are faithful to My Words.”

“Be strong, dear child, for the enemy wishes to weaken you and weaken many of Our children, who are working for the cause of salvation for many souls. Be assured, dear child, the evil one will not triumph, but at this present time the evil one attacks you and this community and other communities of My Immaculate Heart – to weaken them. All of you must pray fervently to offset the attacks that Satan has given to you and will continue to do so. But know well that My Immaculate Heart will always triumph in the hearts of My children who remain ‘little’ and faithful to My Words.”

“Soon, My dear child, joy will flood your soul and also, the souls of My sweet children who have worked with you and united with you throughout the world, for Our Victory is near. My Work from here will spread deeper into the heart of Holy Mother Church, so more souls can be saved for the Glory of the Eternal Father. So take courage, My dear son, for soon you will be Ordained to be a Priest for My Divine Son and, not long from now, you will lead My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth in its darkest hour. Victory will always be yours, dear child, because you are My child and I lead you towards the Kingdom of the Eternal Father.”

“Let all My children be united under My Immaculate Heart for the salvation of Holy Mother Church, for the Glory of the Triune God – for the Victory of My Immaculate Heart is near. The world will be astounded at the prodigies that My Divine Son will wrought, not only here in this Holy and Sacred place, but throughout the world – through all Holy places – where My Divine Son and I have deigned to come to visit Our people – Our children.”

“Take courage, My children of the Light; hold on to My Most Holy Rosary and rejoice, for victory will soon be yours. The evil one is well aware that his time is short; it is for this reason [that] he is angry and wishes to take many with him, before he is cast into Hell for all time. I Love you, My sweet children and I give you the Blessing from My Divine Son, Jesus, so this Blessing will remain in your hearts for all time: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I will say this most solemnly: All those who hear My Voice and hearken unto My Voice – believe in the Son of Man – will attain salvation. Let My Words reach into all hearts, that all hearts may love My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, for soon, My Divine Son will return to claim His Inheritance – to take all His beloved children into His Heart. I Kiss you all, My sweet children, with the Divine Dew and Eternal Love.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: From Our Holy Mother’s Heart, which has now become visible, there comes a beautiful Heart. It is hard to explain adequately. It moves away from Our Lady and comes right through us, as though Our Lady is kissing us with Her Heart. It comes to pass right through our bodies and souls. Our Lady smiles and I can smell the beautiful perfume which comes from Heaven and Our Lady’s Own Purity. It is very, very, sweet. I wish that you could smell that perfume – it is nothing like Earthly perfumes – it is so very sweet. The Rosary now has tiny sparks coming out of the little rose-beads. It is very beautiful.

Jesus, the Little Infant, leaves Our Blessed Mother’s Arms and stands on a tiny cloud, coming towards us. He Blesses Father Broussard with His little Arms and now goes throughout the Chapel; I can see Him behind me, going very swiftly along the aisles and Blessing everyone. It is really sweet. As He is Blessing He seems to sprinkle golden power – I do not know what it is – over us; it passes through each body. I can see it falling through you. He is coming back now, to Our Holy Mother. He takes the Rosary from Our Holy Mother’s Hand and comes over to me. It is really sweet. He puts the Rosary over my head and around my neck and I have a tingling feeling; something very, very, beautiful. He goes back now to Our Lady and the Little Infant says: “I Love you all” – in a child-like manner – babyish – and He also says: “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you”.

Both Jesus and Mary Bless us again.

OUR LADY & BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Continue now, sweet children, with your prayers, for they are needed for the salvation of many who are now in deep darkness.”

(The prayers are continued.)