Message 365 – 13 July 1992



The world is being chastised and this will continue until mankind has recognized their God – Do not laugh at My Words; many of you will be removed by the Eternal Father – These times are far worse than in the time of Noah; in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah – Lucifer and all the evil spirits, fallen angels and lost souls, are now upon the Earth.

LITTLE PEBBLE: A ‘curtain’ is opening-up, very deep into the sky, as though being drawn away to one side; Angels are holding it. The Angel, Saint Menoloutis, is saying:

SAINT MENOLOUTIS: “It is the curtain beyond which is the veil; the curtain which, when people have passed away, must go beyond – to that veil.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now the Angels have drawn the curtain away I can see that there is an extremely bright Light which fills the whole sky. I see souls leaving the Earth and going over this veil into the bright Light. Angels are within this Light; a voice is heard – it is also within the light and one’s life is seen. Beyond this Light I see the places where a soul goes once it is Judged by God, but it is very far away. I can see Hell, Purgatory and Heaven – as though they are sited along a road – and also, Limbo.

A beautiful White Cross now comes out of the bright Light and all else disappears – only the Cross now stands. From the centre of the cross-beam I can see Our Holy Mother descending towards the Apparition Site, with many Angels, dressed all in black today; however, Her Rosary beads are gold – golden, with pearl-like beads, I should say. Our Holy Mother is very sad.

The White Cross behind Our Lady, which is very huge, has also turned black and clouds form behind the Cross – very dark clouds. There are many Angels with Our Lady; they are also dressed in black and each of them holds a sword. I can see that Our Holy Mother’s Heart is Her Sorrowful Heart and that there are seven daggers in It. Our Lady comes closer now and is only about a metre or so away from us. I can see Tears running down Her Cheek. Our Lady takes-up the Crucifix and kisses Our Lord.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love – ‘light’ for Holy Mother Church for the end days; My beloved ‘Rose’ of Croatia and all My beloved children here present and throughout the world: I greet you today as a Sorrowful Mother, because the world goes further towards the abyss. Many of Our children are hurling themselves into the abyss! My children will not listen to the Words of My Divine Son and I as We travel the world, desperately trying to reach Our children to gather them under Our mantle of protection and love.”

“Have we not told you, My sweet children, that war is a punishment for man’s sins? Is this what you seek, My sweet children? The hearts of men grow cold and become like stone. Only love, My sweet children, can conquer these hearts. Prayer, sacrifice and penance is needed to rescue these souls, as many of them are now destined for eternal damnation. You, My sweet children of the Light, have the power to save souls. Do not waste your time in idleness – in worldly pursuit – but concentrate your efforts on good deeds and holiness. Use your energy, My sweet children, to save souls – to bring them into the Light of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – through His Church upon Earth.”

“The world is being Chastised, My sweet children and will continue to be Chastised until mankind has recognized their God – My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – Who Died on the Cross for all. And yet, all will not be saved! How many times must We of Heaven warn Our children before it is too late? Do not laugh at My Words, dear children, for soon, many of you here present on these Holy Grounds and other Holy Grounds throughout the world, will be removed by the Eternal Father, to meet Him before His Judgement Seat – especially those who have come here to scoff and ridicule and denounce My Word!!”

“I give you fair warning, My sweet children, here and throughout the world. If you come to My Hallowed Grounds with evil intent, be careful, for My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, will not allow His Holy Mother to be mocked! Listen to My Words and repent; turn to My Divine Son, for He Loves you and seeks your salvation. Look around you, My sweet children and see how evil the world has become. These times are far worse than in the time of Noah; in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah and see what happened to those people because they did not listen to the Word of God! What will then be in store for mankind, who refuses to listen to the Son of God – the Most High – and His Blessed Mother?”

“Woe unto the world! The great war that My Divine Son and I have spoken of, so many times, will soon come upon this unrepentant generation and, within a short while, My sweet children, many shall weep with Me as they see their young sons and daughters taken into the armies to fight this iniquitous war! Lucifer desires to destroy mankind – but mankind has become blind and enticed by him through the flesh – through the world.”

“Lucifer and all the evil spirits and fallen Angels and lost souls are now upon the Earth, roaming the world to annihilate you, My sweet children. And unless you are protected by the Sacramentals that We have offered you; protected by the Reception of My Divine Son often in your hearts; by the protection of the Word of God – you shall be ensnared by the power of him who now rules the world. Lucifer will rule the world only for a short time, My sweet children, for the world does not belong to him, but to My Divine Son Who is King of kings, Lord of lords.”

“The battle is now fierce, My sweet children – the battle for souls. It is through My Most Holy Rosary that you must pray that these souls can be rescued and mankind can be protected. Even if all Hell breaks loose upon Earth and war shall rage throughout the world, My Rosary will protect those who seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart. So know well, My sweet children, take up My beads of Love to protect yourselves and let us fight the good fight to the end, because Victory will also be with My Divine Son.”

“Pray now, My sweet children, for Czechoslovakia, for soon this nation too, will be drawn into conflict, unless My children pray. Pray for all the nations, that peace will be restored. But peace can only come with the Love of My Divine Son when mankind reduces the sinfulness and turns back to God. Then peace will come to the world. I Love you, My sweet children, even though I come in great sorrow today. My sorrow is because I see so many children lost and even I, as their Heavenly Mother, cannot save them unless these children, themselves, turn to Me and My Divine Son for help.”

“I Bless all of you now and this Blessing will go out to the whole world, to strengthen the children of the Light in the coming conflict within Holy Mother Church and throughout many nations of the Earth. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will now speak to My little daughter, for the people of Yugoslavia.”

(Maria, the little ‘Rose’, now receives a Message in Croatian.)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is crying. Some Angels surround our Holy Mother, trying to console Her. Saint Michael steps into the scene, standing well behind Our Lady and is very large. He is not dressed in black, but in red and carries a very large sword.

I see the world under Saint Michael’s feet; he lets his sword swing down with a really heavy strike and a great flash comes from the sword; it seems to divide the light of the flash. I do not know what it is, but it comes from the point of his sword and divides into two lights. He is really very angry and the world trembles a great deal, as though the whole world is cracking like a dried-up prune; cracking-up through being struck by the Sword of Saint Michael. He says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “This is the Sword of Justice and it will be handed to the Papacy later.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes back. The Cross brightens-up behind Our Lady, Who has stopped crying. Our Lady has allowed me to see my mother just for a split second and now asks us to pray the Rosary, for peace.

(The Rosary is now recited.)