Message 381 – 6 February 1993



Soon there will be victory and a glorious time for mankind, but the world must be cleansed and purified – The Eternal Fat her is chastising mankind through natural disturbances; Satan has been given greater power to tempt mankind – Australia will undergo heavy trials and tribulations in these coming months – The new Chapel has a special Blessing from the Triune God as an ‘Ark’ for the salvation of Our children; all those who come will be given the Grace to persevere.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is a Staff upon the Altar, in front of the Tabernacle – a golden Staff, like that of a Bishop – and raised-up in relief upon it is what looks to be a grape-vine, which also is gold. At the top of the Staff is a Cross.

Very deep into the sky is the White Cross, which accompanies this Apparition so often. From the centre-point of the beams of the Cross comes a tremendous amount of Light, which comes towards the property and is directed here into this little Chapel. Along the rays of Light I can see many Angels, dressed in green and all of them with a wreath of leaves upon their head; each of them carrying a small wooden Cross, about two feet long.

I now see Our Blessed Mother coming out of the Cross through the centre of the beams, as She always does; slowly coming towards the Tabernacle, accompanied by thousands of Angels. The Angels of the Chapel are also here, dressed in Priestly vestments, which are all-gold. The Chapel Angels have blue wings. There are always two of them on my right side and they are prostrate before Our Lord. There are two on each side of Our Lord, also kneeling.

Our Blessed Mother comes very swiftly, as She glides upon the Light and now is standing here in this small Chapel, just beside the Tabernacle on the right side of the Crucifix, where the two candles are. Our Lady stands in the middle, dressed in beautiful white garments and She has on a very pale blue mantilla, which reaches down to Her Feet. Embroidery on the mantilla features little rosettes of different colours; in between the roses are tiny little crosses made of what looks to be wood. The veil Our Lady is wearing is very heavy – but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Although Our Blessed Mother does not appear to be very happy, She is smiling a little. Her right Hand holds a beautiful Rosary made from wood; embedded in it are little crosses. I notice that on each bead there is a name.

Our Lady smiles and looks about Her to every soul here, as though reading what is there. Our Lady glances at the books containing the petitions. In Her left Hand She has roses and some other flowers. They are purple in colour, but very small – all of them. My Angel Guardian has just told me that these flowers are for the Communities here in Australia and in L’Avenir, Canada – the Community of Father Blais – the Saint Charbel Order of the Pillars of the Immaculate Conception Community and the Sacred Heart Community in Victoria. My Guardian Angel explains that each flower is a signal Grace for souls – each for the required need of a soul for this moment in time.

Our Blessed Mother now holds up Her Rosary and I can see the Crucifix very clearly, because it is very large, unlike a Crucifix on a normal Rosary. This one would be about ten inches long and it is also made of wood, but a very dark black wood. The Angel says: “It comes from the Ark of Noah”. There is no Corpus on this Cross and now Our Lady lifts-up the Cross and kisses it.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love; My sweet children here present and those present within all My Communities upon Earth and all My children of the world: I greet you this evening as ‘Mother of Hope’ for Our children. I have come to give you counsel, My sweet children, on how to carry the cross that My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, has given to each and every one of you, who follow the path of salvation. I realize, My sweet children, that all of you are heavily burdened by the sacrifices that We have asked of you. However, My sweet children, these crosses are given to you for your sanctity and the salvation of your brothers and sisters, who are in need of your offerings.”

“Like My Divine Son, all of you who are to be saved must carry the cross to the very end. However, My sweet children, to be able to carry this cross you must be patient; you must pray and leave self behind and trust in My Divine Son, for He knows what you can bear and He would not give you a cross that you could not carry!”

“Sometimes, My sweet children, We ask some of Our children to carry other crosses of those souls who have left their cross behind, because they were discouraged and lost faith. You must pray for these souls, My sweet children, that they will not be tempted, but ask My Divine Son to help them. It is only through My Divine Son, My sweet children, that you are able to carry your cross to the end. The reward for Our children who are faithful is very great, because not only are they themselves, saved, but many others have been saved with them and this gives great joy to the Triune God, My Immaculate Heart and to all of Heaven.”

“This is the time of the ‘Church in silence’, as the Mystical Body of My Divine Son – the true followers of My Divine Son – are suffering in silence, awaiting the Command of My Divine Son. You, My sweet children, are ‘replicas’ of My Immaculate Heart- those who carry their crosses in silence, in love and in patience. In this way you console Our Immaculate Hearts and you heal the wounds of Holy Mother Church, which is torn apart by the abuses, sacrileges and abominations that have torn the heart of Holy Mother Church.”

“It is always the ‘little’ ones who do the works of mercy for the Glory of the Triune God, so I wish to encourage you, My sweet children, in this great ‘hour’ of Holy Mother Church, because it must suffer to the very bitter end; to offer itself up for the whole world. All My ‘little’ souls throughout the world must continue to offer up their lives, their burdens, their trials and their joys as reparation for sins committed against My Divine Son’s Most Pure Heart and My Immaculate Heart. It is only the offering of My little children, that is still holding-back the heavy punishment that mankind deserves.”

“I Bless you, My sweet children of My Immaculate Heart, with a kiss of Divine Love, because you are My sweet children who are faithful to My call. Let us walk together, hand-in-hand and carry the cross of Holy Mother Church, for the salvation of sinners throughout the world. Soon, victory will be given to Our little souls throughout the world and a glorious time will come to mankind. However, My sweet children, I have told you many times that the world must be cleansed and purified first, before the Victory of My Immaculate Heart can be realized. So, trust in My Immaculate Heart as we walk the Path of Calvary in these coming years, before My Divine Son Returns to claim His Own.”

“The world goes further and further away from My Divine Son, seeking the pleasures of the Earth, of the flesh and even the forbidden pleasures of the Spiritual World, offered by Lucifer to a ‘thirsty’ mankind. Do not follow this path, My sweet children, because this only brings destruction upon humanity, in spirit and in the flesh. The Eternal Father will no longer tolerate this situation of mankind. Already now the Eternal Father is Chastising mankind through the natural disturbances throughout the world. Satan has been given greater power to tempt mankind. In this way, the Eternal Father is separating the sheep from the goats.”

“Time is short, My sweet children. I have repeated this many times. Come to My Immaculate Heart, for I am the Mother of Hope and the refuge of sinners. You need only to ask and I will be there to rescue you from the snares of the evil one. Take up the ‘beads of Love and Light’, My Sweet children – My Most Holy Rosary – for this is your ‘weapon’ to fight all that is evil and to strengthen you to persevere in the times that are ahead of you.”

“My beloved country, Australia, will undergo heavy trials and tribulations in these coming months, because Our children do not listen. They do not desire salvation but rather, they continue on their road of pleasure and amusements, believing there is no Eternal Life. But soon the Angel of Death will swiftly come upon this nation and many nations of the Earth, bringing with him disease, famine, hunger and death – all because Our sweet children are not interested in their salvation, nor [that] of others.”

“I have called you, My sweet children, to come here to My ‘Sanctuary’ where many Graces are given for the asking – yet only a few come!! Just as it was in the time when My Divine Son was born, only a few listened to the Voice of God and obeyed. The rest of mankind went on their merry way, as if nothing had happened. It saddens Me, My sweet children, to see so many souls lost, not only in the Earthly life, but lost forever, as many souls are still falling into Hell!”

“Therefore I – as your Heavenly Mother – once again plead with all of you, especially those who do have the Light, to rescue Our children who have gone astray, through your perseverance in prayer – in sacrifice and in carrying your cross. Blessed are you who hear My Voice and follow it. I thank you, My sweet children, for your love and your prayers.”

“Pray for Our Holy Vicar – the martyr of the Vatican; pray for Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and for all the Seers throughout the world, because all of them have been tested now and sifted-out. I Bless you from My Immaculate Heart, to give you the courage and strength to persevere on the road to Calvary. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“This Rosary, My dear child, will be placed in the new Chapel, because this Cross comes from the Ark and this Chapel has a special Blessing from the Triune God, as an Ark for the salvation of Our children. I call many of Our children throughout the world to come to this Ark, where Graces will be given in the plentiful, for cures and conversions and very great Signal Graces for Our children, who desire to walk the path with My Divine Son. And one Singular Grace that I will give to all those who come will be the Grace to persevere – the Grace to carry your cross. For this reason, the Rosary will be placed within the foundation of this ‘Chapel of All Apparitions of My Immaculate Heart’.”

“I Bless this Chapel – from the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Continue now, My sweet children, with your prayers, for I seek to speak to My little child, privately.”

(Prayers continued).

NOTE: The ‘Little Pebble’ said that Our Lady had Blessed the purple roses, which were here in the Chapel. She said:

OUR LADY: “The purple roses are only for those people who are dying with a heart condition. Holy Grant has been made Patron for those dying with heart conditions and will accompany each petal.”