Message 383 – 24 February 1993



Ash Wednesday

Angels of Justice are poised to fulfil the Father’s Command; time has run out – This Lent, many will shed their blood for the salvation of mankind; many will be taken from the Earth – Pray for Pope John Paul II, who is undergoing Calvary; pray he Consecrates Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart – Time should be placed aside during Lent for prayers, reading holy books and especially Word of God.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Since the beginning of the Rosary, it has looked as though a battle of very sharp lights was going on behind the Tabernacle. It was very much like the ‘Star Wars’ movies, with flashes – rays – of light darting in and out. It is the first time that I have seen something like this.

I have been watching the devil who has been to my left side, but outside the Chapel. Saint Michael had his foot on him and an unusual light was shooting back and forth all the time, from a larger light which was coming from Heaven and a lesser light which was coming from Earth. Satan was shooting darts of red light and this was counteracted by beams of white light coming into the Chapel, in and out all the time.

Saint Michael placed his sword straight through the Altar and the big heavy light then pushed everything away. There is much peace now; and now a beautiful Light surrounds the Tabernacle and also us here – warm and very gentle Light.

Where the Crucifix lays on the Altar there is a large brown wooden, Cross – partly embedded into the wall; it is very large, and I can see Jesus materializing on the Cross.

Our Lord is still alive, although bleeding very heavily. The Cross is lifted much higher now. There are many Angels dressed in purple gowns; they are coming to Worship Our Lord – each of them holding an example of the Passion of Our Lord (the instruments used). Now one Angel – who is dressed in brilliant white – kneels before Our Lord and takes the Blood which is dripping from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus looks very, very, drawn as He lifts-up His Head, looking at us, piercing our souls. I can hear the gentle Voice of His Spirit – the Holy Ghost – saying:

HOLY GHOST: “Who will help Me carry this Cross”?

LITTLE PEBBLE: Directly below the Cross I can see the dome of Saint Peter’s; there is a crack in the top of it; I also see the mitre of a Bishop. Blood is falling both upon the dome and inside it! The Voice speaks once again:

HOLY GHOST: “Who will repair this crack within My House upon earth”?

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angel says:

ANGEL: “This is the Wrath of God upon the Church and the world”!

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus is moving His Head, very slowly, from side to side, as though He is searching for something with His Eyes. He looks extremely exhausted, as though it were His last few moments of life and His Body is in terrible shape. It is not often that I have seen Our Lord in His full Passion. His whole Body covered in Wounds – not simply the five Wounds with which we are familiar, but there are cuts and bruises and flesh torn from all over His Body – it looks a mess.

There are many Angels, impossible to count, gathering around Our Lord to take the Blood that drips from all of His Wounds. Saint Michael attacks Satan because he was laughing at this and Satan is not too pleased to be there looking at the Crucifixion of Our Lord. He has been quietened now, for Saint Michael is threatening to shove a sword down his throat!

Jesus moves His Hand away from the Cross; I do not know how, because It was nailed – but His right Hand is off the Cross and He Blesses us:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, My ‘rock, on which I will re-build My new Church, restoring the old and removing all that is rotten and decaying. My Crucifixion bears witness to My Word.”

“Mankind: Listen well to the Son of God Who Hangs upon the ‘Tree of Life’ for your redemption! Know that your time has come, because My Father in Heaven has Decreed it so that you too, will be bathed in the Blood, as reparation for the sins and offences committed against the Triune God and the Pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary! The Angels of Justice are now poised to fulfil the Command of My Father!”

“In this time of Lent, where I and My Immaculate Mother have offered to the Father atonement for your sins, you too, will offer atonement and reparation to your God. Time has run out, My sweet children; this Lent will see many of Our children give their lives and shed their blood for the salvation of mankind and many too, will be taken from the Earth, because their sins cry out to My Father in Heaven for Justice.”

“To My Marys; to My Johns; to My faithful Apostles and Disciples: Take-up My Cross in you and follow Me to the summit of salvation – Calvary! You have been marked with My Blood! You have been marked by the Pureness of My Immaculate Mother. Therefore, take up the ‘beads of Love’, which She has given to you and do penance and reparation for your brothers and sisters, because many of them are in great need at this time.”

“I Bless all My faithful children from My Precious Blood and My Sacred Wounds, which [suffering] was not Offered-up in vain, because you ‘little’ ones have been faithful to My Words. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus’ Hand goes back on to the Cross as though It has been nailed there again.

OUR LORD: “Go forward My beloved son, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love, in the Light of My Divine Wisdom and lead My sheep to everlasting glory, in the Kingdom of My Father, and yours.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Wounds of Our Lord produce an extraordinary Light, from each of the five Wounds; It pierces my soul then goes into the Mystical Wounds that Jesus has given me for many years now. Also, a beautiful Light comes from Our Lord’s Sacred Heart onto the Crucifix upon the Altar – a tremendous light.

OUR LORD: “Let these two signs be a witness to My Words, for Holy Mother Church.”

“Pray, My sweet children, for My Vicar, Pope John Paul II, who is now undergoing Calvary, for his time is short to lead My House upon Earth. Pray that he receives the strength and the courage to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother; it is extremely urgent now, even though mankind believes that Russia is no more an enemy! But, I say to you: This is a fallacy, My sweet children, for Russia is still the ‘seat’ of the Antichrist and the errors will continue to spread throughout the Church and the world, from that nation and many nations united with her. This will continue until the Consecration has been done! Pray, My sweet children, that My Vicar – with all the faithful Bishops – will consecrate Russia now, for Russia, soon, will invade the West and destroy many of the nations in its path.”

“It is for this reason that now I Bleed so profusely – because My children who are in authority do not listen to Me or My Most Holy Mother, until it is too late! Many lives will be lost, all because Our children do not listen! Listen to your Saviour, Who once again has been Crucified for you. How many more times must I be Crucified for humanity before they listen and take heed of the warnings from Heaven?”

“Pray often, My sweet children; receive Me often, with a pure heart; come to Me in Confession and cleanse yourselves. Be not afraid, for I am your Loving Saviour; I am Mercy itself. I only wish to have you near Me for all time, because We Created you out of Love – Pure Love – so you can share in Our Divine Love for all time.”

“Pray, My sweet children; say more prayers in this season of Lent and take courage to carry your crosses with patience. Follow the example of your Most Holy Mother Who – even in the midst of great anguish and grief during My Passion – was patient and showed Love and Mercy for all who came to Her. There was no bitterness in My Most Holy Mother; no hatred – only Love, offering and oblation before Her God.”

“Therefore, My children of the Light, follow the good example of My Beloved Mother and all those souls whom Holy Mother Church places before your eyes. Pray, My sweet children, for prayer is the bond of My Soul and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother, especially during this time of Lent.”

“See this Cross which I am nailed to now? This Cross will be yours, very shortly and then, there will be many tears and sorrow, for the Church must go through its Passion and Crucifixion; its trial! You are the Church; you are My ‘Mystical Body’ on Earth; it is through you that I Live, My sweet children. It is [through] you that the world must see My Love, My Mercy and My Forgiveness. Let the virtues shine in your souls, that all may see the Light and the Worth of My Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection.”

“I Love you, My sweet children of My Immaculate Mother Mary, Most Holy. I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Peace of the Triune God rest upon each and every one of you, who have offered Me in the past week much prayer and reparation. These have soothed My Wounds and the Wounds of My Most Holy Mother. I thank you, My sweet children; because of this you shall receive abundant Graces from my Most Sacred Heart, through the Heart of My Immaculate Mother and much ‘fruit’ will abound from this Community and other Communities, who have given of themselves, totally, to the cause of the Glorification of the Triune God and My Immaculate Mother. I thank you and Bless you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Cross – with Our Lord upon it – goes into the sky, accompanied by the Angels and Saint Michael; Satan has disappeared. The Angels whisper that Our Blessed Mother is on Her way.

Now I can see a beautiful white, Light coming very swiftly from the sky. A beautiful White Cross has formed behind the Tabernacle and from the centre-beam of the Cross there shoots Light, which is shaped like a slippery-dip. It is very hard to explain, but it looks magnificent!

Our Lady is within this Light and She comes forward, with many Angels accompanying Her, arriving here to stand right in the centre, near the stones – between the statue of Our Lady of the Ark and the Crucifix. She holds many roses – purples, reds and some white ones – and is dressed in pure white garments; upon Her Head there is a very heavy-looking red mantilla, which reaches to Her Toes; it looks as though it may be velvet. Above Our Lady’s Head is a small golden Cross, which is hovering in mid-air.

Our Lady now kneels and kisses the Crucifix on the Altar and a beautiful Light is coming from Our Lady’s Hands; It penetrates the Crucifix. Our Lady stands and is again upon the Light.

There are thousands of Holy Angels here and some are taking roses from Our Lady’s left Arm, handing them out to all the souls here in the Chapel and those upon the Holy Grounds and in our Community. In the right Hand of Our Lady is a Crucifix made from wood, with Our Lord upon it; He looks to be alive and Our Lady kisses Him:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels have just told me that Our Lady has come as ‘Our Lady of the Holy Wounds and Precious Blood of Our Lord’. This is the reason that She is wearing the red and white. The red is the Blood offered up and the white is the Water which came out of Our Lord’s side. From Our Lady’s right Hand Water is gushing out, flowing onto the ground, like a miniature water-fall – letters within it read: ‘Graces’ and It comes out of the Hand and passes over the Crucifix, which She holds. It is very unusual.”

OUR LADY: “My beloved child, Our ‘Little Pebble’ of Love and all My sweet children, here present and throughout the world: I come this evening to address you with Words to help you to serve My Divine Son, especially during this time of Lent when time should be placed aside for Holy things – for prayers, for reading Holy Books and, especially, the Word of God. This should be a time for Our children to reflect upon the greatness of the Triune God – in the Mercy of God in sending His Only Begotten One to the world to be Crucified, for the salvation of humanity.”

“It is not enough, My sweet children, merely to pray short prayers here and there – but you should meditate upon the ‘Mysteries’ of your Redemption. Every child who bears My Name in their heart should desire to spend a little time in contemplation with their God. Yes, My sweet children, the time of Lent is a serious time for reflection, also upon your sins that have caused suffering to My Divine Son and to be grateful to Him for all that He has done for you.”

“Generally, the world cares not for My Divine Son, nor His Suffering – nor that He is God – for mankind are preoccupied with the world, with themselves and with the flesh – not realizing that one day their lives will come to an abrupt end – and each and every one of you will then be accountable before their God!! The Triune God will then Ask you: “How did you love?” – for it is upon this, My sweet children, that mankind will be judged, not on how many prayers you have said, or on how much work you have done, or on how much you have studied, or played, but only on how much love you gave for your God, for your fellow man and for yourself!”

“Meditate well upon the path that My Divine Son Trod and you will understand this love; total giving! In the world today there is very little love – even amongst those who call themselves ‘children of God’. There is more hatred upon this Earth, than love!”

“It is for this reason that the world is on the path of perdition, because the world is not ruled by the Love of My Divine Son but, rather, by the hatred of Lucifer! It is true to say, My sweet children, that love begets love through offering; through sacrifices; through self-giving; through prayer and reparation; good works; giving of your time – sacrificing all for the sake of love!”

“I do not speak here now of the Earthly love, because mankind confuses this with true love. Lent is a time for you to love, My sweet children – to be grateful for all that God has done for you. Think well, My sweet children: What has God done for you? You in the Western world are free, at least to go to My Divine Son where He still is in the Tabernacles and in the Confessionals – but how many of you bother?”

Dear people of God:

At the above point the Message has to end abruptly; it was not due to the Message itself being short, but something unusual happened during the Apparition. There were four tape recorders – all of them broke down! The rest of the Message – about 15 minutes of it – was lost. The Message at this point was mainly for the Nowra Saint Charbel Community.

We have been praying for it to be recovered. However, from memory, Our Lady sent Her Blessings to ‘Thornbush’, Mystic of Canada; ‘Hedgerose’, Mystic of Germany; the ‘Trumpeter’, Mystic of Texas, U.S.A., and the ‘Little Dove’ of France.

Our Lady ended by Blessing the people with the Crucifix which had begun Bleeding on the 13th February in the Saint Charbel Community, Nowra – a phenomenon of an extraordinary nature.

Details of this newly Bleeding Crucifix will be made available soon.

Yours faithfully,