Message 510 – 2 March 1996


NO. 510

This includes the Public Message given by Jesus on the first Saturday

A thousand years can be one day and one day a thousand years – The Crucifixion was a total contradiction; all became light when I Rose from the Dead – If I were to come for your soul now, would you come to Paradise with Me? – I have called you into this Community life to sanctify and edify your souls – There will be a ‘resurrection’ for all of you when the Truth shall be known – Nothing is futile when dealing with salvation of souls – Reflect upon My Passion; also the passion of My Holy Mother – It is through this Great Faith of the Little Pebble that the Mission entrusted to him as persevered.

Dear Souls of Good Will; the Remnant Church: I greet you for this season of Easter.

Over many years now I have been suffering the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane – like Jesus – though I hid it from most souls. I believed that many souls were under the same cloud of trying to understand God’s Plan and Way – especially relating to the future – as I was.

I will not elaborate now, but ask you to read both the question I asked God and His Holy Mother and the answer received in the public Message from Jesus, which covered all that is expressed on these pages. I am certain that – like me – your soul will be lifted out of yourself in gratitude to a God Who is so Loving a Father, and that your souls will be filled with joy, hope and perseverance.

I wish all of you a Blessed Easter. Take courage! I Bless you all +.

The Little Pebble

Question to Jesus and Mary – 28th February, 1996

To My Loving Jesus, Who is My God; to My Sweetest Mother, Who is My Darling: I appeal to You – first, as Your ‘nothingness’ – Your little ‘White Rock’, and obedient son.

Mother, I write deep from my heart, which only You can read. You know it well, and You know well that I love You more than I love my life, or anything else. However, my heart is troubled; my soul is tormented because there are many things that truly do not make sense other than to say God is God and knows best for everything. This I truly do know and I do not deny this, as You know well. These feelings are not only mine but are shared by others who also love You very much. How am I to understand the Plan and Will of God? How is anyone to understand?

(a) Heaven says we have only a short time left before the end of this ‘time’ – there is much to be done, yet the odds are one hundred to one. It is not for the lack of faith or belief or trust, but rather a total lack of understanding, because, in one word, it seems there is no time, and in the next sentence it seems we have not only four years left, but fifty years.

(b) Heaven says the Pope will do everything:

he will approve the Apparitions;

he will approve the Orders;

he will Consecrate Russia;

he will denounce all that is evil in the Church

he will ordain me through the Bishops;

he will proclaim the twelve Apostles;

he will bring forth the Dogma – ‘Mediatrix’ –

and so much more. Yet we are supposed to have only four years left before the Warning. What is the point of all these approvals when in four years the world will be in ashes. Who is truly going to care less whether anything is done or said. I do not say it to offend You, Mother, but in reality, because even if all were done as I know it will, what is it going to do? – nothing! – because it is all too late anyway. So if the Pope approves everything and the end then comes – what is achieved? Nothing!

(c) Then it comes to the Orders: Heaven desires them spread and built, yet we have no help from any part of the Church – and we have to build them. Heaven Speaks as though the communities were the only power on Earth – yet we have only two Priests at this time, and some four-hundred members, which is less than a ‘drop in the oceans’ of the Christian Church. As far as the Church is concerned, we are nothing – and it is said that the Pope is defending the communities, but no one would know that, as the names of the Orders of Saint Charbel and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, are never mentioned.

(d) We have four years left and even if the Church approved them in two years time, what will that do? Most of those in the Church would not care less; the help might come, but we will not need it then as the world will be in ashes.

(e) Mother, had the Popes from all generations followed Your Directions, then we would not have this mess. So, if we get an approval – who is going to believe?

Then we come to the vocations, and those that are to come. Who is going to teach them? Two Priests who had courage? What of the eight-hundred million souls left in the Catholic Church: who is going to teach them about the communities when the world and the Church is in ashes?

(f) Who is going to teach all the Priests and Religious about the Messages – even after they are approved in four years? Myself, Father Blais and Fr. Broussard? Who is going to believe – and how will any of us have the time to reach Your Bishops who do not believe in anything today? It is like re-inventing the wheel.

(g) Mother: You said we will receive help from a Cardinal; from the Church Authorities: what is the point in the year two-thousand when everything is in ashes?

I well understand all things will change after the warning – but then the world is cleansed. So why all the Messages claiming we are going to have help from the Church? From all that I have read and received myself, the help will come – but what is the point of the help then because the war, the division of the Church, and the destruction of the Earth all come at about the same time, so what is the point of any approvals?

Mother: You know well why I am concerned – what I am saying – because, had all these prophesies and events of the Pope’s approval come in 1985 – when it should have – all that You asked may have been achieved, God’s people would have rejoiced and the Mission would have grown a million-fold, with no divisions between the Seers and the Apostles.

(h) Now all we have is:

Division in the Church:

Division amongst the Seers;

Division amongst the Apostles;

Division amongst the Disciples;

Division between the Churches, and a

Disillusioned world.

And from this, what do we have as a base? – a small band of good souls who have strong faith, and live in hope – but are tired, worn-out and disillusioned about everything, and they say – as we all do – “Lord, Lord: where else can we go; who else can we follow but You, as You have the Words of eternal life”.

So, My Queen, this is where I and many stand. It is not that we do not accept or love all that God has revealed, but it seems to us a hopeless case because once we do receive the joy of the Church’s support, it would all seem in vain – if we did not know about the victory that will come.

Mother: I am trying so hard to understand. Please help me. I am so exasperated and worn out. My frustration is so great. Even with all said, I love You with all my heart, and once again give myself to you, My Mother, as Your ‘little nothingness’ and ‘slave of Pure Love’. Forgive me for opening my heart, but it is torturing me and I need to have some clear answers, if You will be kind enough to allow me to have them – please?

Your suffering son.

And, I add, Your suffering people who also hurt very much, like me. I need to hear Your Voice to explain these things clearly, so that I and Your children have hope, knowing that even though we have the future with the New Holy Era and the Second Coming to look forward to – regardless of these extraordinary events – we still live now in this time.

Mother: for example, Heaven asked us seven times to see the Pope, privately – yet even when we did succeed in coming close, we were able to speak privately with him only once. Then all the other times You sent us – nothing was achieved. This has also happened with Father Blais and others. The only results have been: our obedience, our hearts torn, our hopes shattered, and our enthusiasm gone!

The same happened at Fatima, and at all the Retreats – yet You keep asking us to believe, to have courage, faith and hope. We do, but our expectations of any of those major Prophesies being fulfilled before the end of time, is ZERO. Our energies are exhausted; our inspirations and joys destroyed, as nothing was fulfilled. People generally lose faith, which I do not blame them for at all. So this is the state of Your friends – those who truly love You and truly had hope. Had the Pope accepted, had the Priests accepted – at least part of it – this would not be so.

Mother: You said that had Father Blais and Father Broussard had their faculties, they would be sent to cities. Why? – because, had the authorities accepted the Apparition and the Formation of the Order – with the protection of a Bishop – they would remain in the Order, would they not?

Anyway, Mother, that is what is in my heart and in the hearts of Your faithful Apostles, Father Blais and Father Broussard and many other souls who truly love You, but are truly bewildered and confused. I remain Your obedient, yet confused and troubled, son and future Vicar, who will lead and guide Your Church to victory.

Vision of the Little Pebble – Chapel of All Apparitions, Nowra – 28th February, 1996

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today, after Mass, Our Holy Mother came – most beautifully dressed – in light-pink and with a bright Star over Her Head; within this Star is Jesus, on a Cross. Our Lady held a beautiful Rosary made of crystalline, pink, beads. She smiled and Blessed me, and addressed me as Her ‘pure son of the Eucharist’, most pleasing to Her.

Our Lady told me not to be troubled, for She understood all that I had written. Then She began to Cry Tears of Blood and Water, which fell on the pages of my letter to Her; and from these Tears flowers formed, which grew out of the pages and formed the Heart of Jesus. There were many flowers – lilies, roses, lilacs, daisies and also white and gold crosses. Our Lady smiled and said that these were not Tears of sorrow – in reference to the letter – but of consolation, for She knew my heart, very much, and said She desires this letter to be printed with the answers I will receive from various Mystics and Seers – especially ‘Thornbush’.

Message of the Little Pebble – Chapel of All Apparitions, Nowra – 1st March 1996.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today Our Lady came wearing the Crown of Thorns. Our Lady looked sad. She greeted me and said She carried this Crown from Her Divine Son, Jesus, as it was part of the Crown of Thorns that I and ‘Thornbush’ carried – as we were one. Our Lady then smiled, Blessed me, and said:

OUR LADY: “My pure ‘White Rock’, ‘Angel of Divine Love’: remain at peace for I know your heart and understand, well, your sorrow. Son, I know you do not understand those things of God, but you are to know that God knows all and everything that is done and requested by God has a purpose. The most important purpose behind all that God asks – even if not comprehended – is to save a soul; whether the Church approves now, in the past, or in the future, it is irrelevant, as God’s Perfect and Holy Will, will be accomplished regardless, for the whole purpose is to save a soul.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady told me that Jesus would speak to me tomorrow for the world to understand about this matter, so souls will be strengthened.

Our Lady said that God and Herself were not offended by my letter because They know my heart, and how much I love Them and my docility. Our Lady said it is because of this that Heaven calls me the ‘Pure White Rock of Truth’; the ‘Angel of Divine Love’; and why I am called ‘Little Abraham’, and called to be the last Vicar; as I am a man of pure faith, love and mercy, for the virtues shine within my soul as a beacon of Light of the Church. Our Lady told me to take courage now and to understand, as the reason I am going through this is because I am suffering the trial of Jesus at Gethsemane; and not to be troubled when the Passion becomes stronger as Easter approaches. Then Our Lady handed me the Crown of Thorns, placed it on my head and said: “This is yours”.

On the Crown I saw little white roses with crystals in them, and some thorns had white, red and brown crosses on them. Then Our Lady held a brown Cross – about a metre long – and placed it within me and said not to be afraid, as I would not die, only carry the Cross. I was to remember the devil is tempting me, as when Jesus was tested in the Garden, but not to be worried for all will understand.

Answer from Our Lady – 1st March 1996 to a Question from the Little Pebble – 28th February 1996

OUR LADY: “My precious ‘Pure White Stone of Truth’, My Personal ‘Angel of Divine Love and Faith’: I greet you from My Immaculate Heart Who Loves you so tenderly. Son, let not your heart and soul be troubled for I understand well what is deep in your heart; and I also know, well, that you and many of My children have suffered under this torment for some time.”

Son of My Heart: I know you Love God and your Heavenly Mother above all things because instilled into you is this flame of Pure Love which never will be extinguished, for you are predestined to a high sanctity that no man has reached, save your Mother and Queen, and My Spouse, Saint Joseph. Therefore, listen carefully as to what I am going to tell you, for this is not merely edification for your soul but all souls predestined for the Kingdom of God.”

“‘Son of the Lightning Right Hand of God’ – the Son of Man, Jesus, your Saviour, and Ruler of all Hearts – ‘Little Peter’: what you are experiencing now is the trial that My Divine Son, Jesus, went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. He suffered this anguish of Heart, Soul and Mind because He felt His Death and Work [to be] futile, as man, Church and authority had rejected Him. So why even bother to drink the Cup and be nailed to a Cross? You, dear son, are experiencing this, too – and so many other children, also – for you are trying to understand with a human and logic way.”

It is true to say, My ‘Little Abraham’, God’s Ways are not man’s ways – for nothing is futile or lost in God’s Plan – only the loss of a soul when man rejects God’s Love and Mercy. Time does not exist for God, for in Him all has already occurred.”

My sweet ‘Passion Flower’ of great faith: it is for man only to accept God’s Plan – not question God’s Plan – for man can never realise the answers until much time has passed, or in the next life. Remember the price of a soul: it is immeasurable and God will go to all lengths to save this soul. It is for this very reason time is in God’s Omnipotent Hands and it is not the Will of God for man, as yet, to understand this great Mystery.”

Be not troubled or disillusioned, sweet ‘Rock of Eternal Truth’ – especially that [as] much is yet to happen – and only a few short years for this to come to pass; for all will be fulfilled to the letter, and all that God, the Saints and the Angels, and My Immaculate Heart, have revealed about you and other souls, will be fulfilled. Also, all that We have said concerning the Vicar of Christ and all that he must do, will be done – as I have repeated many times. Nothing is lost, sweet child, for even though time is very short, God will use this to save souls and Glorify His Holy Name. Remember, time is God’s – not man’s.”

Yes, sweet son, souls are confused. There is much division, and it seems all has no reasoning any more. But, My darling son, for God this is only a moment in time next to eternity, and all that must be accepted by man will be done, for God will not be mocked forever.”

Son, do not be concerned about the approvals coming late, for God – in His Wisdom – could have changed all in one moment, but He choose to leave man free. But even in the lateness of the hour, God will triumph, and the approvals will be there to save the remnant of the Church who need this sign to follow the Path of Truth.”

My beloved future Priest-son, Apostle and last Pope for My Divine Son’s Church upon Earth: take courage; place aside the tempter who is assailing your soul to weaken you and My cherished children, for Our Holy Vicar, John Paul II, knows your plight, and understands, well, the Heart of His Heavenly Mother will not abandon you, nor his flock under his care. When the time appointed by God has reached its hour then the Vicar will speak out and defend you, My little ‘Rock’, and all those who live and teach the Truth and all that he must accomplish before he goes to Martyrdom, will be done.”

Once again, My ‘Pure and Precious son of the Eucharist’, which I call you – the ‘Angel of the Apocalypse’: raise your heart and soul to Me, your Immaculate Mother of Pure Love, and all those burdened under the same yoke given to Our ‘Rock’. Remain at peace; hold firm onto your trust and faith, and walk with confidence and perseverance as your Heavenly Mother clasps each one of you, who are soldiers of Truth, close to Her Motherly Heart.”

My ‘Precious Flower’: I have now opened My Heart to you and My precious children, so that you now proceed forward in confidence and hope – even when you will be living the Passion of My Divine Son, Jesus. I Love you and Kiss your little hearts. Pray; persevere, and remain at peace.”

I Bless you +.

Your Loving Mother, Mary of Hope.”

Message to the Little Pebble – Chapel of All Apparitions, Nowra – 2nd March 1996

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been there for some time, and Saint Barachiel made the Sign of the Cross – as he always does – three times. Saint Michael stands very large to the right of the Cross and he has placed his Sword straight through the Altar. Behind the Cross are what look like very large clouds. It is like a big thunderstorm that is about to break out; this is slowly starting to fill the sky. Now I see Saint Sacramessugus next to Saint Barachiel, and also Saint Menoloutis, Saint Sentimintarious and another very beautiful Angel whom I have seen today is very tall, has six wings, and around the top of his head are many stars; a Cross is hovering above them. I do not know who this Angel is – but I first saw him earlier today. He is very large, indeed, and is just smiling as he stands in between Saint Menoloutis and Saint Sacramessugus.

Now the White Cross is opening-up. It is like looking beyond the ‘veil’ – beyond the other side of life – as the two very large doors in the Cross open. Now a stairway of Light has begun to form, heading down towards the Tabernacle. A very beautiful Light emanates from this ‘street’, spreading-out and forming more beautiful Light. Now I see the ‘Sign’ above the White Cross, and coming through the doorway there are many Angels, each holding a long ribbon which is like a rope, to form two rows – and they are singing.

Also coming through the White Cross I can see a beautiful carriage, being escorted by Angels; it is made of pure gold and Jesus, Our Lord, stands upon it. There is also a beautiful, pure-white and winged, horse which is drawing the carriage as Our Lord comes towards us. Behind Jesus, I can see countless numbers of very beautiful Angels, most of whom have four wings. I do not know from which Choir they come, but they are extremely beautiful. All of them have a Crown of Thorns hovering over their heads, and they are different colours – some are red, some brown, some white, others are golden, and the rest are green.

As Our Lord comes closer – the horse flies away. It seems to have detached itself from the coach that Our Lord was standing upon, a coach that is all decked-out in very beautifully coloured ribbons and flowers. There are many more Angels pouring out of the White Cross to form rows and rows around the coach of Our Lord, forming a semi-circle – a bit more than a semi-circle: a slightly broken ring, making an opening for Our Lord to glide through. The Angels are bending forward, bowing to Our Lord, crossing their wings and placing them from one side to the other – making a road for Our Lord to walk upon. This is very beautiful to see.

Jesus is very Majestic-looking; He has a Crown upon His Head – one with three points to it. Upon each there is a Cross. In between the points is the `Fleur de Lys’ – the French Monarch’s Symbol. Jesus smiles – enhancing His Beauty, if that is possible. I have only just noticed that within the Crown – Our Lord bent-down His Head for a moment – is a Crown of Thorns, and on this Crown – which is very much like my own – are little white roses on the thorns. Jesus smiles further and nods as He steps on the Angels’ wings, which look very fluffy. They are just as I remember Saint Michael’s wings when I touched them, like those of ducklings. This looks very beautiful.

Our Lord comes towards the Tabernacle. The extraordinarily beautiful Angel which I mentioned before has upon his forehead the Name that Our Lord traced in Greek lettering upon My own head some weeks ago. Our Lord tells me that it is the Angel of the Vicar of Christ. He is to be my Angel when I become the Vicar.

Jesus now steps from the wings of the Angels on to the top of the Tabernacle here in the Chapel; Our Lord’s Head reaches about to the bottom of the chin of the Statue – or just a little bit higher. Jesus is looking at us, and I can see, very deeply, into His blue Eyes. He has beautiful blue Eyes – like the ocean, but even bluer – like the sky. It is very beautiful to see.

Now Our Lord opens-up His Arms. I can see the Wounds of Jesus very clearly, including those on His Feet. Standing upon the Tabernacle is a white Light which resembles a fluffy cloud. Little roses are growing in between Our Lord’s Feet – while all around Them small trellises form, with tiny and multi-coloured roses begin to cover the squares of the trellises. In the right Hand of Our Lord is a Rosary that has just appeared, suddenly – a Rosary made of red beads. Jesus smiles and says: “It is the Precious Blood Rosary”. It is exquisite: the beads look as though they are Blood, not merely just beads of any material. It is very hard to explain adequately.

Blood now transfers from Our Lord’s right Hand into the beads, which Our Lord hands to the Holy Angel that I mentioned before. The Angel kneels and kisses, very, very, gently, all the beads. Now, all the Angels kneel:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I greet you, My beloved son; My Passion Flower; My ‘Rock’ of Truth – ‘Little Peter’. I greet you, My ‘Little Bartholomew’ – faithful Apostle. I greet all My sweet Disciples, here present; I greet My Privileged Souls, and all My cherished children gathered here before Me and throughout the world.”

Today I come especially for My dear son, My sweet ‘angel of Divine Love’, as Heaven calls him – Our future Vicar. In these past days My Most Holy Mother has directed you, My dear son, on many important issues that have troubled your heart and the hearts of many of My sweet children throughout the world. I understand well, My dear son, the anguish in your heart, for I know well how difficult it is to understand the Will of God and His Perfection. Man tries to understand how God brings forth many Teachings to the world – and yet man still does not understand His God. It is because, My dear son, and dear children, you are human. Only when you come over the ‘veil’ will you have the full understanding of God in His true Likeness and Wisdom.”

As My Most Holy Mother has explained to you – and this you will share with all of Our children to console them – God is above all and God’s Ways are truly not man’s ways. Time for God does not exist, My sweet children therefore when the Prophetic Word is given. In God there is no time – for a thousand years can be one day and one day a thousand years! I do not speak to you in parables, My sweet children, but rather to help you to understand that all that is important to God is the salvation of a soul. Therefore, all that God reveals – whether it was in the past, in the present or in the future – it is to edify souls for the benefit of their salvation. God’s Plan is perfect, sweet children, and you will not understand it until the given time for you to understand. Therefore, always remain docile in the Presence of your God, and simply accept those things that you do not understand – nor will be able to comprehend – for God is not logical, My sweet children, for no laws bind God. The laws were made for man – every law that exists – whether it be to govern your senses, to govern your mind, to govern your lives, to govern your sanctity, to govern the world or the universe or the spiritual world – all these laws are for the benefit of man!”

I know, sweet children, that as humans it is difficult to understand. It was difficult also for My Apostles and Disciples when I went forth to be Crucified for mankind. For the Crucifixion, My sweet children, was a total contradiction to all that I Preached while I Walked the Earth – for all seemed dark then for My Apostles and Disciples and children – but yet, all became Light when I Rose from the Dead and My Spirit descended upon all. Then My children rejoiced and were enlightened to understand the Perfect Will and Plan of God. Therefore, sweet children – and you My dear son – be not troubled in heart. With time you will understand, because it is by My Love and Infinite Mercy for My children, that all that I have said and all that My Mother has said to mankind, will be accomplished – just as My Resurrection fulfilled the Plan of My Father.”

Every Direction that We give from Heaven has a Divine purpose, sweet children. It is not for you to understand that purpose but, rather, to have faith and accept it. And while you walk that path of trust, you will receive the necessary strength to continue to believe and persevere and then My Father will send Our Spirit upon you to enlighten your hearts. Everything has its proper time and place, My dear children – even when it would seem that all is lost, for in that moment all has been won and found!”

My Mother and I will never abandon the flock and We will never abandon you, My dear son for, as My Mother has told you, you are predestined and it is to you that I gave the Keys of the Kingdom, just as I did with Saint Peter. It is to you that I give the Chalice to drink the Cup with Me; this you already know, My dear son, and you must drink It to the last drop. And you will persevere, because I have given My Word, for I Live in you, My dear son, and the world will know it in time, for you will lead My flock out of the darkness into the Light. So remain at peace.”

To all My children, who seek the answers of life: listen to Me well. For many years now I have preached throughout the world: live the Beatitudes, My sweet children; live in virtue – seeking no reward of this Earth, but that of Paradise, for the Glory of My Father. Am I not your Father of Love? Did I not offer Myself for you? Have I forgotten you? Live each moment as if it were your last. Think well on these Words, dear children. What do they truly mean? What does it mean to live your life to the fullest – for if I were to come for your soul now, would you come to Paradise with Me? There you have the answer, My dear children.”

I have prepared a place for all of you, for I died for all of you! There is a place in My Kingdom – a glorious place – for each and every one of you Created by My Father. And I have Promised you: if you are faithful to My Word all will be given to you. I have called you to a life of perfection, for have I not said: “Be ye perfect, as your Heavenly Father”? Yes you are sinners, but yet you are called to be perfect, therefore, live your lives to the fullest each day to bring Glory to My Father in Heaven – sanctifying your souls in good works.”

I have called you to the life in communities now. Have you thought why, My sweet children? Did I call you for the sake of saving your bodies? Did I call you out of this world to escape from the world? No, My sweet children! I called you into this life – community life – to sanctify your souls; to edify other souls, so they may reach Me, and to prepare you for the coming Kingdom of the New Holy Era, prepared for those children who persevere, and remain faithful to My Word.”

You may feel that there are so few souls who now live in community life; this is true. However, My sweet children, you may not realise or understand – but in time to come, community life will engulf the entire Church and the Earth, for in the New Holy Era that’s what it will be like – but only in its perfection. Do not be troubled about the future, nor about the Wrath of God; nor about the ‘end of time’ and all that has been Prophesied; for this must come; for My Word must be fulfilled to the letter – for if it were not, then My Word would not be the Word of God. But I have Promised you salvation; I have Promised you hope and joy and peace – therefore, listen to My Word.”

I know, My sweet sons and daughters, at times you feel that all is hopeless. But I say unto you: do not lose courage, for there is always hope where there is life. In human terms, all may seem ridiculous to man even to consider that the ‘end of time’ has arrived, but yet God seeks that man obey Him, and build and rebuild the world again. My Mother, My Pure Mother, has explained this, well, to My little son – Our little ‘Rock’, and you will know of it soon! Nothing is futile, sweet children, when dealing with the salvation of sinners, for all has its time in the Divine Clock that only My Father in Heaven knows. Therefore, lift up your hearts in confidence, in hope, and do not become discouraged. Even I, the Son of God, had to go through great trial in the Garden of Gethsemane. And the reason for this, My sweet children, is to show you the path; to show you, also, the weakness of men. But there is always hope and, through My Father in Heaven, no one can ever lose hope – only if you, yourselves, give way to the temptation of despair. And yet, My Father will offer you His Hand, so be not troubled, for all that I have Promised will come to pass.”

And all My children, here present and throughout the world, will rejoice – just as the Apostles did at My Resurrection – for there will also be a resurrection for all of you – not at the end of the world, but rather in a very short time, when the Truth shall be known to all hearts. Then you will rejoice, and this joy will remain with you until My Second Coming. This I Solemnly Promise you. So take up the Cross now, sweet children, and come and follow Me; and with this Cross that I am giving to you for My Mystical Body, the Church, many souls will be saved.”

And to you, My precious ‘Rock’: you are now living My Passion in a very profound way and, in a short while, this will deepen, so all may believe that I have sent you. Just as My Father sent Me, I send you and others like you – throughout the world to gather My sheep who have been scattered. Many signs will be given to man so they will know Who the ‘Sun of Justice’ is.”

My Mother and I will Speak to Our Mystical Rose, ‘Thornbush’, also, about this matter – and once this instruction has been given, you are to send it out with all that has been revealed to you, My dear son. I will instruct you, later, through My Most Holy Mother, as to what must be done – for all the Words that have been given in these past days, will strengthen Our children of the Remnant Church; the Church that must undergo Calvary, for all of you are victims of My Love!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angel who has the special beads has now placed them in a Chalice. I can see the Wound in Our Lord’s Chest; It is quite large. Our Lord has on beautiful white clothing – but now the Blood from His Side is coming through the clothing. The Angel now holds the Chalice under Our Lord’s Side, and the Blood drips into It – very bright Blood. The Holy Thing within me has become very brilliant – it is turning in a whirlwind manner inside me. I do not know the meaning of that.

Now the Holy Thing has left me and has gone within Our Lord, where the Precious Blood has, in some way, wrapped Itself around the Holy Thing, in the form of the Rosary beads. Now the Holy Thing returns and goes back within me. I do not understand. Our Lord smiles. The Blood now has stopped dripping into the Chalice, which He now takes and looks at Its contents, then prays over It as He looks-up towards Heaven.

I can see Our Blessed Mother as She comes through the clouds and the white Cross – and very swiftly. Our Holy Mother is dressed in beautifully white garments and a red mantilla. She has now come in to kneel at the Feet of Our Lord – on the Altar, next to the Angel. She looks up at Jesus, bows right down to His Feet, and Kisses Them, very tenderly – then looks back up at Our Lord. I can now see, near Her Side, the Immaculate Heart; I can see Our Lord’s most beautiful Sacred Heart, also.

Jesus looks, very tenderly, at His Mother, then hands her the Chalice. Our Lady Cries a little and the Tears fall into the Chalice. Our Lady stands up with Our Lord and Both now glide towards me – coming close enough for me to be shown what is in the Chalice. Inside It – in golden letters, floating on the Precious Blood – letters form the name ‘Little Peter’.

Both Jesus and Mary, together, have asked me if I would accept this Cup? “Yes, dear Jesus and Mary – as You so desire”. Both of Them smile.

OUR LORD: “Through this Chalice, My dear son, many hearts will be opened to understand the Perfect Will of God. Much will be revealed to you concerning this for the benefit of Our flock, whom you will govern in a short while.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Both Jesus and Mary have placed Their mantillas – or capes – over me, and I feel totally drawn into Them. I can see the Holy Ghost, as a Dove, hovering over Jesus and Mary, as does the Eternal Father, also. I can see growing in between us a huge Cross – a brown Cross; within it I can see a White Cross. The Eternal Father lifts It.

Now the Eternal Father has gone – and so has the Holy Ghost. Jesus and Mary now glide back to Their previous positions.

OUR LORD: “We Bless you now, dear son, precious to Our Immaculate Hearts: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And to all of My children throughout the world: I send you a Powerful Blessing from the Triune God – through Our Mediatrix of All Grace, My Most Holy Mother: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Remember to pray the Holy Rosary, dear children; and more so, remember to receive the Sacraments, especially during this time of Lent. Reflect, often, upon My Passion and also upon the Passion of My Most Holy Mother who was united with Me, and Who is united with Me, in all things – for My Mother and I are as One in My Father, and in Our Spirit – for We Dwell in Her, as She Dwells in Us. So meditate well, dear children, and reflect upon your weaknesses of how you can perfect yourselves, and follow the path of Divine Truths. You are all called to follow Me; you are all called to holiness. Holiness, sweet children, is beyond no man. Every man, woman and child on this Earth can reach holiness. Pray for one another; serve one another; be faithful to My Word; pray for My Vicar, John Paul, for he carries My Passion, too. Pray for My ‘Little Peter’, and all those who are called to bear witness to My Name, for many of them suffer My Passion for your sake. Pray for Holy Mother Church that the Church will be one in Me, as My Father and I are One in the Spirit.”

This evening I have not spoken about the Wrath of God but, rather, about His Mercy. Therefore, seek mercy; seek forgiveness – for the hour of salvation is here; now is the time. The chastisements will come soon enough, My sweet children. Pray, and persevere.”

I Love you, My dear children, and I offer you My Most Sacred Heart. Let this Heart be your Refuge, for I will not abandon you. Remain at peace and know that I Love you.”

My Mother now, will speak privately to My little son, and I will now go to My other children that await Me. I embrace you in My Passion, dear children, and Bless you all: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus now turns to His Mother, Kisses Our Lady’s Most Pure Heart, now slowly moves towards the White Cross in the sky, for the carriage that carried Our Lord here has gone. Jesus waves – I’ve never seen Him wave before – and smiles.

I have only just noticed that Jesus has left His Crown on the Tabernacle – and the Crown of Thorns is inside. Jesus has gone through the White Cross, and Our Lady turns more towards us, moving to stand over the Tabernacle. Our Lady says for everyone to continue to pray for the moment.

Our Holy Mother smiles as She stands at the same spot as before – upon the Tabernacle, where the Crown with the Thorns is – and Our Lord’s Crown. Our Lady looks about Her, in all directions. I have been given several instructions this evening by Our Lady, Who now takes-up a beautiful Rosary – it looks very much like the Precious Blood Rosary that I saw before – and Kisses the Crucifix upon It.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. My precious son – eternal ‘Rock’ of Truth of My Immaculate Heart, and all My sweet children, gathered here before Me and throughout the world: I will not add to the Words of My Divine Son this evening as I have spoken much about the subject that Jesus has spoken to you.”

My little ‘white Rock’ will explain to all of My children all that he had in his heart – and I, as his Heavenly Mother, have in My Heart – so all of Our children throughout the world will understand well what is to come and what is expected of each soul. I know, My sweet children, that many of you are disillusioned and are finding it difficult to persevere. It is because you seek to understand that which cannot be [yet] understood by man; not now, but in time to come. For now, I ask that you walk in faith – just as My ‘Little Peter’, My ‘Little Pebble of Love’, has given you the example to walk in.”

It is not by chance that We call Our ‘Little Peter’ the ‘Little Abraham’ of the New Era. Abraham was the son of faith – it is likewise in Our `Little Peter’. And it is his example that you must follow, because it was through this great faith of this little soul that the Mission which We have entrusted to him has persevered, and proceeded on the Path of Righteousness. Though Our son is persecuted like no other man – save My Divine Son, Jesus – he will triumph. Why? – because he stands for Truth, and all My children who stand for Truth – as soldiers of Truth for the ‘end times’ – will triumph, through My Immaculate Heart.”

Do not count the days, My sweet children, for, as My Divine Son told you, there is no time with God – yet God gives you signs; God gives you the path that you must walk [upon]. You know what is True – in your hearts! Do not deny the Truth for the sake of the world; for the sake of your friends, or for the sake of saving face – but persevere. And what I have promised to My little ‘Rock’, I promise to all of you, also: that all My Divine Son and I have revealed throughout the world, will be completed in the given time marked out by God; and there will be sufficient time and sufficient signs [given] to know what you must do. Victory will be yours, and joy will flood your souls.”

Do not drag your chins upon the ground, dear sons and dear daughters, for you have much to rejoice about and be glad, for God has called you to bear witness to the Truth – therefore rejoice that you are counted among the few, just as [did] those souls who have long passed by in the time when My Divine Son walked the Earth. The Apostles and Disciples and children of God had to undergo trial, just like you are now – though for them it was but a short time; for you, it is much longer. Why, dear children? – it is because your reward is far greater; because you are the soldiers of Truth of the `end times’, and God selected you to live in these times because you must shine like the stars in the Heavens, and through the brightness of your souls, push away the darkness that envelops the Earth through the stench of Hell upon Earth.”

Therefore rejoice, because you have been selected from millions of souls. Cast these Graces not aside, but take up your cross and follow My Divine Son, Jesus, to the very end – even to the point where you give up your life for the sake of Jesus. Be vigilant in prayers; do not excuse yourselves, but pray. Offer up sacrifice and penance; be soldiers of Truth.”

Every soul on this Earth now has been called to be likened to the Saints in past generations. It is for this reason that many Saints have been sent to Earth so that their spirit will embed [itself] within your souls so you will become like unto them; to give Glory to God, the Eternal One, so that many souls will be saved.”

Time is short, dear children, and this is for real. There is no mystery in what I say when time is short. Many of you await a sign so you can convince those whom you love that what you are doing is truly from God. This sign will come, dear children; but [for now,] rather, live the sign of Truth, and be patient, as God is patient with you – and leave [the passage of] time with God, for in a very short time all will be accomplished according to God’s Will.”

Therefore, do not exhaust your energies in becoming frustrated about the Plan of the Triune God in your lives, but work for your sanctity and the sanctity of those whom you love, that they all will inherit the Kingdom of God, like you desire yourselves. Work hard; sacrifice all, that all those things that God wishes of you, will be fulfilled. There is no time to be wasted, sweet children; be not in idleness, but work hard for the Glory of God and the salvation of sinners.”

Today, and this evening, I Bless you with many Graces from the Triune God through My Immaculate Heart. First, that you will persevere – and second, that you will be content with what God has given you, and be grateful thereof. And third, that your lives will be at peace – peace with yourself, and peace with your brothers and sisters – so you all may bear fruit through the Virtues that you must live, to give Glory to your Father and My Father in Heaven. I Bless you all: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Peace be with you.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now looks at ‘Little Bartholomew’ and nods, wanting him to give a Benediction for us – the Blessing:

FATHER BROUSSARD: “Benedicat vos, Omnipotens Deus. Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has now taken the beautiful Crown from the Holy Angel, and has given it to me; it, also, has the Crown of Thorns in it now. Our Lady has just explained that this Crown is the Crown of ‘Little Peter’ – the last Vicar – and within this Crown are twenty-four keys to twenty-four Kingdoms.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you now, My dear son – Our future Vicar: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now slowly moves backwards towards the White Cross, and Blesses us, once again, along with all of the Angels present:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady explained before about the roses that we have in the Chapel: they were Blessed by Both Jesus and Our Lady, and a drop of the Precious Blood went into these roses, which are for the women and children who were sexually molested during their life. Our Lady said that, through these rose petals, these women and girls will be healed. So it is a very special gift from Our Lady.

Our Lady is still moving towards the Cross, smiling and blowing us many Kisses. It is very beautiful. As She does, the little Kisses turn into little red hearts which pulsate as they move towards us. Our Lady says to continue with the prayers.

Question to Jesus & Mary from the Little Pebble through Thornbush – 28th Feb., 1996

THORNBUSH: Our Lord was present all throughout Mass – standing on the Altar – and I could see the Holy Eucharist through Our Lord. I could feel, deeply, all of the Wounds, interiorly, even more than before – especially the Crown of Thorns. I offered this, unceasingly. I saw the ‘Little Pebble’ suffering (he also came.)

Our Holy Mother appeared as ‘Our Lady, Queen of Peace’. I asked for the Sign, and it came. There were twelve stars over Her Head and on the veil upon Her Head were twelve golden roses – they seemed to glitter. Our Holy Mother held a fifteen-decade Rosary made of wooden beads.

The Holy Ghost flew out of Her Immaculate Heart as a magnificent white Dove and was instantly transformed into a magnificent white ‘ball’ of blazing fire, just over Father Blais’ head as he was celebrating Holy Mass. Our Holy Mother was always prostrated, very deeply, towards Our Lord, on Her Knees and Their Hearts became so full of Light that They were connected together by this Light.

At the final Blessing, at the end of the Mass, the Holy Trinity Blessed us through Father Blais, and then Our Holy Mother Blessed us just after +. I prayed my prayers of thanksgiving after receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion. Then they both came closer – standing just over the vase of roses. Our Lord spoke:

OUR LORD: “Through the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother, Mary, I greet you, My ‘White Rock’ seeking to know the Truth. I greet all of Our children.”

As I have told you: we are pleased with the initiative that you have taken to ask numerous questions regarding various events of the past and present, but especially [those] pertaining to what shall come in the future. I know, well, the hearts of all creatures, My little son. Listen well! – for your plea has reached Our Undivided and United Hearts. All of these questions could be answered very quickly, My child, with only one word. However, through My Infinite Mercy I will explain.”

You need to truly realise that the time of the Apocalypse is NOW – for you are living in the time called the middle, or centre point, of the ‘end of time’. My children must be very careful at this time because it is a time when they are tempted by Satan to believe that there is no hope for the future, as nothing that was Prophesied has occurred yet. Guard well your hearts from this temptation, My children, for it shall discourage many hearts to the point where you will not be able to desire to persevere – and you shall blame God.”

Remember the time of Old, when My Heavenly Father sent Moses to free His chosen people from the Egyptians, who transformed them into slaves of Pharaoh, and mere animals – bearing little or no value at all.”

Now, My little ‘White Rock’, you are witnessing the same once again – only this time Our people have become slaves of the spirit of the world, which is ruled by Satan. Just as the Israelites have complained, continuously, so too, has this continued with this generation, which in reality has become ungrateful. However, Our Infinite Love, Pity and Mercy look upon this generation – but there is also Justice.”

We have not abandoned this weak generation – it is just the opposite; for most of this generation has abandoned God. They believe that what is of the world shall satisfy their needs and desires, but Our wandering little children must bear in mind and in heart that what is of this world is only a temporary mirage that will pass away and disappear.”

How I have Suffered within all of My entire Body and Soul for this generation and yet, many have forgotten this event of Infinite and Divine Mercy Willed by My Heavenly Father, to save this generation, and all generations.”

My child, little ‘White Rock’ and future Vicar: My children believe that they have already suffered too much, but this is very little compared to what they shall suffer in the near future, to repair the many offences that they have made towards the Goodness of God.”

When Moses led the Israelites – the chosen people – out of Egypt, there were many obstacles, and yet, through patience and true faith, each obstacle was overcome. The chosen people were freed, and Moses led the people on the long journey towards the land of which they were promised, called the ‘Promised Land’. However, because so many complained and even became spiteful among themselves, but also towards Moses – many were not permitted to enter into the Promised Land, and a great number died before. Through the numerous trials and difficulties, this chosen people took all that they were given for granted, and demanded more.”

The very important and grave error that was made was this – for this chosen people believed that, because they were the chosen elect, they were to be given the Promised Land without any effort or trouble, and they did not need to sanctify their souls. This was not so – just as it is no so for the elect of this generation.”

My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, is leading this generation now, towards My Second Coming and the New Holy Era which is the Promised Land; and after him shall come My future Vicar, ‘Peter II’. But I promise you, My little son, that the journey will not be any easier, for all who are called are called to become Saints and therefore sanctify their souls in all things by applying Our Holy Virtues in their lives.”

The many Prophesies have not yet come to pass for the simple reason that time was misinterpreted by Our children because My Heavenly Father does not Will that time be explained regarding the Prophesies.”

You must take courage, My little son – little ‘White Rock’ and ‘Little Abraham’ – for all that has been Prophesied shall all come to pass – just as it did for Moses and Abraham. However, unlike Moses, you are called to enter the New Holy Era with Our chosen flock. It is a question of true faith, My chosen ‘White Rock’, for when I shall return, how much faith will I find? If there was not a lack of faith now, and only a total lack of understanding, then the Church would not have become so ill – because the true faith always over-rules human understanding, and logical understanding.

Be not concerned, My child, about the ‘Warning’ and all of the difficulties and chastisements to come. At the given time you shall be aware. There is no reason for Our little children to become preoccupied with dates, or with questions of how, where, when and why! Now is the time for all of Our children to pray, with great love and devotion, My Holy Mother’s Holy ‘weapon’ of Truth. Now is the time for Our little children to sanctify their souls and to accept their small crosses, and to be virtuous. Now is the time for all of Heaven’s chosen communities to be formed under My Most Blessed Mother Mary’s mantilla.”

Our children are to reflect upon the events that have taken place in the Old Testament to be able to persevere, and to prepare for the future. When all is accomplished for the salvation of souls and for the Glory of God, then all that is offered is not offered in vain, My sweet little ‘Rock’. Remember that the Plan of God is infallible and Perfect, and the time of each event is [determined] according to His Most Omnipotent Will.”

You need to be aware that it is man’s free will that manipulates man – by their acts – because every act bears a consequence towards the following act, so therefore, a domino effect is established. This occurs for every act – whether it is positive or negative. It is for this reason why decisions should not be made frivolously. This is one secret. As We have already told you, My ‘White Rock’, help shall come from the True Church Authorities. Guard your true patience.”

A division will occur regarding My Holy Mother’s Apparitions and the Revelations of which My Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, believes, very strongly. Already many of my sons within the Hierarchy of the Church have decided to go against my Holy Vicar regarding this point and, also, many other matters concerning My Most Holy Mother.”

Many of Our chosen Priest-sons shall enter into the chosen communities within the Orders. Many souls will be inspired, very profoundly, to Found and to enter the chosen communities. This has already begun. This calling will be so evident and clear that it shall be undeniable.”

I shall raise more Mystics, Seers, Voice-boxes and Privileged Souls, so that the Voice of Heaven will be heard in all corners of the earth, as a Sign of Hope.”

The division in the Church; the division against the Seers; the division amongst the Apostles and the Disciples; the division between the Churches – and the reason why this world has become disillusioned – is all because of disobedience. My ‘Little Peter’: remember that I know My Own, and My Own know Me. You and all of Our children are called to walk upon the waters of true faith and, as you do, you will always know of My Presence and My Most Holy Mother, as your consolation and guide.”

My little ‘White Rock’: you need to know that it is true regarding the fact that if ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little John’ – Our chosen Priest-sons – did have their jurisdictions, the communities would not have existed as they are [do] now, because their respective Bishops have refused to believe, for they do not understand why the chosen communities are necessary – and they see them as competition. However, My little son: know that even this obstacle shall be overcome through true faith, because My chosen Priest-sons have truly obeyed the Voice of God, and not the logical understanding of man.”

The Victory shall come through My Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart. So, therefore, continue to listen to all that is true and just, so that you will be able to lead Our chosen people – the elect, when it will be time – upon the path of sanctity, with My chosen Priest-sons, towards the Promised Land, the New Holy Era – for you are all soldiers of true faith of My Most Holy Mother. Be not afraid, dear children of God, to go forward in My Name and My Most Blessed Mother’s Name, and persevere through your true testimonies of your true faith – for your reward is one hundredfold.”

I Bless you, My little son, and ‘White Rock’ of Our Undivided and United Hearts +; and through the Immaculate Heart of My Blessed Mother I Bless all of Our little children +, as King of All Nations,. and as your Merciful, Loving and Just Saviour.”

Answers given by Our Lady through ‘Sunflower’, Seer of Canada on 29.2.1996 – to questions from the Little Pebble:

SUNFLOWER: There is a bright Light – and through this Light steps Saint Michael, Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel; each has a golden sword in their right hand and they are raised to the sky, meeting at the tips. From the tips comes a very large and very white Cross, ascending to the sky, so high. I ask for the `Sign’ and it comes, blazing, all around the three Archangels. There appears to be a door at the base of the white Cross, and through it, gliding out of the Cross, is Our Lord, Jesus, and Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Over Their Heads is a beautiful white Dove. They are dressed, very regally, all in gold.

As they glide down from the Cross, I see many Saints have arrived to stand behind the three Archangels. Jesus and Mary step forward, and Both Bless and greet me. I tell them I have a letter for Them Both from Their little ‘Rock’ of Love. I give the letter to Mother, and She and Jesus stand close; They seem to be reading the letter together.

Mother has started to Cry many diamond-bright Tears; Our Lord is very sad. Now the Dove has changed to the Eternal Father, and He looks very stern. They are united in their grief for us. My heart is very heavy; I feel that it surely shall break.

(Sunflower speaks on behalf of the ‘Little Pebble’:) “Jesus, Mary, Father: I wish to understand the Plan and Will of God? How is anyone to understand”? (Father signals to Mother, and She steps forward.)

BLESSED MOTHER: “My sweet son: I and My Son well feel your despair and sorrow, and again stress to you that you can’t logically or humanly understand. You must trust that all will be made clear through inspiration in your souls; through the questions of My children of their doubts. When doubts are exposed you allow room for the Evil One to enter and to work on your weaknesses. You must use your Rosary as your shield against the invasion of the evil spirits which are predominant throughout the world.”

SUNFLOWER: What is the point of these approvals when we only have four years left – when the world will be in ashes? Who is truly going to care about these approvals? So the Pope approves everything, then comes the end, what is achieved – nothing?

BLESSED MOTHER: “My little ‘Rock’ of Love: is nothing achieved if a soul is saved? Because of the struggle of My many children who – like Saint Thomas – must see, hear and know from one they trust, then the approval from My Vicar will save many of My children before the end, as you have been told would happen through these many years. So it does matter when the approval comes – for many! It is never too late to save a struggling soul from damnation.”

SUNFLOWER: It is said that the Pope is defending the communities – but the names of the Orders of Saint Charbel and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are never mentioned!

BLESSED MOTHER: “My sweet ‘Little Rock’: as to the mentioning of My communities by My Vicar, much is done behind the scenes, and will be revealed when the time is right. I know, My son, that you say: “God is God” – but to question this, My sweet son, is to doubt – and where there is doubt there is room for the Evil One to enter and control. We must always be united and allow him no access!”

“Please, My sweet son, you must direct all of the children who listen, to be united, and pray My Rosary. It is your only shield against doubts, worries and misunderstandings. Trust, My son, for all will be made to understand only through the power of prayer – and, to receive true inspiration, you must all be cleared of doubts and mistrust. As to the time left: much can be done if one does not dwell on the question of doubts.”

SUNFLOWER: Once again I ask for the Sign and it is there.

We have four years left, and even if the Church approved them (the communities) in two years time, what will that do? Most of the Church would not care less, and the help would come, but we will not need it then as the world will be in ashes? (As I look at Mother, She is Crying, quite heavily.)

BLESSED MOTHER: “My dearest son: you know that the few that are in the Church can, and will, help bring My children to the communities. No matter how close to the end we may get, My sweet son, everyone needs help. No one can do this alone. That is why I plead with all My children to seek their strength through Us in Heaven – through your Rosaries and your prayers.”

SUNFLOWER: Mother, had the Pope, from all generations, followed your directions, then we would not have this mess! So we get an approval – who is going to believe?

BLESSED MOTHER: “My dearest son: you are quite right when you say that if My Vicars from the past had listened – the same could be said of all My children of days gone by. If they had listened, We would probably have a perfect world. But human nature being the way it is and the Law of Heaven being that all have their free will – then We must deal with what We have. The approval is sought for all My children who doubt and the most, who have no real faith. There will be many who will need to hear and see this approval before they will step out in true faith and survive.”

As to My Vicar doing all that should have been done in 1985: things would not have changed because, at that time, My children were not ready. Even now they are not ready to step out in faith; to take one day at a time, and to progress forward in unity, love and prayer! As to all the divisions: it is by human intervention that this happened and continues to happen.’

SUNFLOWER: From this, what do we have? A small band of good souls who have strong faith and live in hope – but are tired, worn out, and disillusioned about everything. And they say, as we all do: “Lord, Lord, where else can we go”? Who else can we follow but You, as You have the Words of Eternal Life?”

BLESSED MOTHER: “My sweet son: from a few can – and will – come many. By your example all will learn from the few who show the world around them how to go forward by faith, love and unity. As to where else you can go?: you answered your own question with your question, My dearest son.”

SUNFLOWER: Mother: now we come to the vocations, and those who are to come. Who is going to teach them? – two Priests, who have courage? What of the millions of souls in the Catholic Church? Who will teach them about the communities?

BLESSED MOTHER: “My sweet son: you ask many questions that are the same! Many can come from the few. Now is the time to start to teach My Disciples the history of Our Faith – as My Son, Jesus, did with His first Disciples when He started out on His Mission. He did much in His short three years, and he touched many. Some of My Disciples have wonderful foundations in their faith from their early youth. You must now – through your Priests – educate who we have and whom we will receive, through prayer. More Priests will come.”

SUNFLOWER: I again give myself to you, My Mother, as Your ‘little nothingness’, and ‘Slave of Pure Love’. Forgive me for opening my heart, but it is torturing me, and I need to have some clear answers – if you will be kind enough to allow me to have them, please?

BLESSED MOTHER: “My son, My son: you must always open your heart to me, for you must know that I Love you. You are My little ‘Rock’ of Love, Truth and Light. Many answers you seek have only one answer, and it is for all My children to be united in love and prayer.”

I know you suffer, and now you suffer the same despair of My Son, Jesus – the Suffering He went through during His time in the garden, during His Passion. You are being very affected because of your human nature. It is a lot to ask of you, My precious son, and We do not ask this lightly. You must rid yourself of these doubts and misunderstandings of “what is the point”?

By your example of unity and love, your trust and unwavering faith, all My children will follow the way to God – for you know that, as people, you will never truly understand God’s Ways. Again We ask of you to be at peace, and through your prayers and inspirations, you will all receive from Heaven the answers you seek.”

SUNFLOWER: Mother: Heaven has asked us to seek visits with the Pope, and we have followed your instructions, with no success. What have we achieved?

BLESSED MOTHER: ”My precious son; what you achieved is, that you have brought the Pope physical attention to your existence, and they, in Rome, know that you will not go away. Believe that they, in Rome, now know all that is needed for them to know about My communities. You must accept, My sweet son. You know – and must show this, unwaveringly! – for the reward for My children is coming. TRUST!”

SUNFLOWER: You said that had Father Blais and Father Broussard had their faculties, they would be sent to the cities. Why? Because, had the authorities accepted the Apparition, and the Formation of the Order – with the protection of a Bishop they would remain in the Order, would they not?

BLESSED MOTHER: “My sweet son: for My Priests to have their faculties, means only that they would be allowed more freedom to move among their fellow Priests, without fear of rejection. This way they could reach more [souls] for My communities, and yes, they would remain in the Order.”

SUNFLOWER: Anyway, Mother, this is what is in my heart and in the hearts of your faithful Apostles – Father Blais and Father Broussard – and many other souls who truly love You, but are truly bewildered and confused. I remain your obedient, yet confused, troubled, son and future Vicar, who will lead and guide Your Church to victory!

BLESSED MOTHER: “My true Vicar of My end times: My Heart is very heavy with the weight that you carry for all of My children of the Light – all of their confusion and bewilderment. There is really no human way to truly explain all that you ask. We in Heaven ask, once again, for your patience and your strengthening of your true faith. Trust that We in Heaven will not fail you, ever. I Bless all My children of My communities and throughout the world, and We place you all in Our Undivided Hearts, to dwell with Us as you allow Us to Dwell within you all. Be at peace for you are always much loved.”

SUNFLOWER: Mother and Jesus have moved together; the Eternal Father is standing behind them. Mother looks very pale; She raises Her Hand and makes the Sign of the Cross and Jesus and the Eternal Father do the same, Blessing us all at the same time.

The Eternal Father is now the White Dove again, and hovers over Mother and Jesus. Jesus takes Mother’s Hand, very gently, in His, and They both Ascend to the Cross and glide inside It to leave. Then the Saints step forward and all Bless us at the same time, and then they are gone.

The three Archangels step forward in unison and they lower their swords, and Saint Michael – in his booming voice – Blesses everyone: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” They, too, ascend – and they are gone +++.