Message 587 – 13 July 1999

The trials will continue and the cross become heavier – dark days are still to come, but they will pass swiftly – Do not waste your time on earthly pursuits, but prepare yourselves for the Heavenly Kingdom – Pray for your Holy Vicar, the Clergy and Hierarchy – Pray for Bishop Wilson and for the Wollongong Diocese, that they will accept the gifts given through the Apparition Place here – Visions given to ‘Angelito’ , Seer of the United States.

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the decade of the Rosary the white Cross appeared. Saint Barachiel, and Saint Michael appeared from the Tabernacle, along with a silver Cross, which had the Host in the centre of it. A Light shone from the Host back to the white Cross in the sky and this now forms a brilliant ‘street’ of Light, a tremendous white Light, which comes from the centre-beam of the white Cross towards the Eucharist on the Altar.

Saint Michael stands to the right of the Cross, with his sword outstretched. On top of the sword, which is very large, are ten Angels, each of them holding a plague. Much higher above the white Cross are twelve Angels, each with twelve wings: they are the twelve Mysterious Angels, who each hold a very large scroll upon which are the Mysteries yet to be revealed. Behind Saint Michael are three flags: one is the flag of John Paul II, another is the flag of Petrus Romanus, and between them is one which has a cross and the crest of a moon upon it.

Coming through the white Cross are many Angels who are dressed in various pastel-coloured garments, floating on the Light I have described, as they glide towards us. Each of these Angels, who come from the various Choirs, are holding flowers of many different types in their hands. A long stream of these Angels is coming down towards us.

Through the passageway in the White Cross I can see Our Holy Mother, Who Appears as ‘Our Lady, Rosa Mystica’, Crowned with beautiful Roses and also holding several roses in each Hand. From Her right Hand dangles a beautiful pearl Rosary. Behind Our Holy Mother are many, many, more Angels. Our Lady is also floating on the Light, coming towards us here in the Chapel, where the wall seems to just open up. Our Lady enters the Chapel with many Angels, who have surrounded the Altar and all of us, by resting upon a dome which is around the Chapel, the Community and the Holy Grounds, a beautifully blue, bubble-type dome. The Angels form part of the dome. Still more Angels emerge from the white Cross. Underneath us, I can now see the world, as a globe; we seem to be hovering outside the atmosphere of te Earth. The whole Community seems to be lifted-out.

Saint Barachiel, the Archangel, kneels before Our Lady, taking the roses from Her Hands. He has been instructed to deliver them to various souls; the petals have Our Lady’s sign – a golden ‘M’. Saint Barachiel departs to do this.

Our Lady looks very majestic. On Her Chest is a triangle of Light – within it are three Roses. On Her Forehead is the ‘Sign’ – the same ‘Sign’ which is displayed by Saint Michael and the other Angels. This is to show that what I see is of God. Our Holy Mother now takes-up the beautiful Rosary and the Crucifix which is golden, and Kisses Our Lord:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “I greet you, My beloved son – My ‘Pure White Rock’ of My Immaculate Heart – and you, My special Priest-son, ‘Little Bartholomew’ and I greet all of My sweet children, here and throughout the world.”

As you know, My sweet children, the Messages from Heaven are fewer in number now, for Our children know well what is to be done and what is to come upon the world in a short time. I come as a Mother to console you and to strengthen you – to give you courage to persevere in these days of trial and tribulation upon your souls and upon the world in general. All My children must persevere. The trials will continue – and the cross will become heavier for all of you, because the days in number are few, so that all that was Prophesied will come to completion; so that the world will be purified and renewed to welcome My Divine Son Jesus in His Return.”

Lift up your hearts, sweet children, for the victory of My Immaculate Heart is near. All may seem lost at this time; it was so at the Crucifixion of My Divine Son, Jesus. You have not reached the summit yet, My sweet children; dark days are still to come, but they will pass swiftly, then your purification will be completed, for those who have been marked with the ‘Son of Man’. Take courage – be not afraid, for I, Your Heavenly Mother, am always with you to lead you and guide you, as through the Red Sea, to the Promised Land.”

Many signs will be given to mankind – in the Church, in the world, and in your solar system – so that you will believe that the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus, is near. So rejoice, My sweet children, even in the Cross, for truly the Cross is your redemption, your salvation and purification, so that you can share in the reward of the victory of Heaven over evil and the wickedness of mankind.”

Rejoice, My sweet children of the Light. Be at peace, for each day is a day closer to the victory promised to the Remnant Church upon Earth. Be not foolish children – do not waste your time on earthly pursuits, but prepare yourselves for the Heavenly Kingdom upon Earth, in the hearts of men and in Heaven, for time is very short for the world and time passes swiftly in the hourglass of eternity.”

I Love you, My sweet children, and give you My Immaculate Heart as your refuge and your strength, and consolation. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now moves to the right of the Cross on the wall, then comes two metres or so closer and She looks down towards the little boy to whom She has been Appearing in recent weeks. Our Lady is smiling as She looks at this little soul, and speaks to him interiorly. Our Holy Mother makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady has moved to be over the Tabernacle again. She holds up Her Holy Rosary and asks us to pray much and to persevere. She has also Blessed everything that we have before us and all the Roses have been Blessed for the children, to strengthen them in perseverance. Our Lady smiles. She has also been speaking to others, but it will still be some time before they come forward. Our Lady Kisses the Crucifix again:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Continue to pray, My sweet children and pray for your Holy Vicar, John Paul II. Pray for the Clergy and the Hierarchy of Holy Mother Church, that their hearts will be opened to the Truth of God’s Words, especially in these times when mankind has become very dark in spirit and understanding. Pray for Bishop Wilson and for the Wollongong Diocese, that they will accept the gifts given to them through the Apparition Place here.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now looks at the Angels and smiles. The Angels have now been directed to deliver the roses and the other flowers which they have, to different parts of Australia and throughout the world. The ‘Angels of the Plagues’ and the twelve great Angels of Mystery have also come down now to the Earth that I see below – they are awaiting the instructions of Saint Michael. Our Lady now moves swiftly back towards the white Cross, with many of the Angels.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”



ANGELITO: I was shown a vision of the Earth with the dark sky behind it. The world did not look normal, because there were many very deep crevices in it. There were some higher points where the crevices came up to meet – but only a few. Most of the Earth was just a huge amount of deep crevices. In the dark crevices were most of humanity – thousands and thousands of people. In the higher points, not in the crevices, there were only a few people. You can imagine it as being a world of darkness with a few little visible islands on it, but the darkness is the crevices and the ‘islands’ are the high points where the crevices come up and meet – like mountain tops.

I saw a huge White Cross to the side of the world and was shown the people in the deep, dark crevices sobbing, crying and putting their hands up to their faces, and also reaching out to the Cross, which was before each one of them, but just a little out of reach. It is hard to explain, because there was only the one big White Cross in the sky, but it was as if each and every person had that Cross right in front of them – a very personal experience – even though everyone was experiencing it. I was shown the people who weren’t in the deep crevices but were up on the little high areas of land – they were crying with tears of joy and extending their arms out to the Cross (each one of them also had the Cross right in front of them even though there is still only one big White Cross). While I saw that the people in the dark crevices were suffering a lot, the people up on the land were not suffering, but were very joyful and happy – except for some who suffered, but only a little, and at the same time were also very happy.

Saint Michael the Archangel then appeared flying over the Earth through the sky, holding a trumpet up to his mouth and said:

SAINT MICHAEL: “Pray and prepare! Pray and prepare! Pray and prepare!”

I was told that the deep crevices are sin, which most of humanity today dwell in. The few souls in the little higher areas of land are the true Faithful of Our Lord and Our Lady. I was told this event is the Great Warning.


ANGELITO: (During the Rosary) I see the face of Saint Charbel on a partially-opened umbrella with black and gold stripes on it, and a gold cross on the top with some people standing under it. Among those I recognise are the ‘Little Pebble’ and Father Broussard. This small crowd of people are all standing under this umbrella and praying together. Now the umbrella starts to open up and many more people have begun to appear under it. The umbrella is now fully open and is very large, with a very large number of people under it. Saint Charbel is hovering up to the side of the umbrella in the sky, looking down and smiling. There are now beautiful silver-clear bright golden rays of Light emanating from the umbrella, and all the people under it are radiating so bright that I can’t see anything now but the brilliant Light.

Now I am being shown the ‘Little Pebble’ riding on a white horse through a little village, with many little houses in it. He is riding up to each door and gives a present to every family. When they open it, there is a single golden key inside the box. Most of the people are very happy and cherish it, but some cherish it only for a little while, then throw it out of the window of their house into the mud.

The ‘Pebble’ is riding away to a beautiful castle in the distance and enters the gate of the surrounding wall. I can see on the horizon, over the village, a storm starting to come. I feel a danger as if something is going to happen. All of the people who have kept their little golden key take it and run to the gate of the castle where the ‘Pebble’ went, and are let in. I see the poor people who threw their key out, scrambling on the ground outside their houses in the mud trying to find it, but they cannot and it is too late anyway, because the gates of the castle have already been sealed and the darkness of the storm has already set in over the village.

I have now been told via locution by Our lady, that I am to continue praying my Rosary.

(Later, during the Rosary) I see a map of Australia with a large gold Cross right where Nowra is located. The scene is now zooming out and I am being shown a vision of the entire world. Connected to the large Cross in Nowra are many, many little golden chains, or links, that extend outward to other places of the world, to different continents and countries. I can see some places where the chain has broken and there are Angels trying to fix them. Some are successful and others are not.

I now see a Comet and it is headed straight for the Earth. It has now hit the Earth and caused the entire Planet to shake and turn all dark, except for the places that have been connected by the gold links to the gold Cross in Australia. These places have remained unharmed and still green.

The scene has now changed and I see Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians, appear in a beautiful golden Light that emanates from all around Her – holding Her Divine Son in Her left Arm and the Ark in Her right Hand. She has now asked me to write Her Words.

OUR LADY: As it was in the time of Noah, so it is now. all must board the Ark of Salvation in order to survive. Please, My little ones, despise not My Words, but board the Ark before it is too late. My children, the time for division is over! Unite yourselves with your future Vicar, My ‘Little Pebble of Love’, for soon I will receive My son John Paul’s sacrifice, and you will be lost if you do not recognise your future Shepherd. Please, My dear children, I beg you with My Motherly Heart, for you do not understand how little time there is left. Bring yourselves to refuge in My Immaculate Heart and the Ark of Salvation. Return, and My Divine Son, Jesus will bring redemption and mercy to you. But, My dear little children, waste no time, for already all has begun to occur.”