Remnant Church – 5 August 2011

LITTLE PEBBLE: My dearest children of the Remnant Church under Pope Benedict,

I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ the Saviour and Redeemer! Many of us know we are living in most serious moments in the history of the Church and the world. Jesus, and Mary Our Holy Mother, and the Heavenly Hosts have come to the Earth for over 100 years to warn humanity of the imminent rise of the Antichrist in our unstable world, and the final battle in this blood-soaked earth which has been a true valley of tears. But it will soon bring the dawn of a New Holy and Peaceful Era where God will be loved and served; where men will love their neighbour as themselves. But now, dear children, will come the worst time of your lives, and Jesus has asked me to tell you to be prepared.

Here are the words of the Gospel and the Book of Revelation about our times:

Matthew 24: “You will soon hear about wars. These things will have to happen first, but that isn’t the end. People will starve to death. Earthquakes – but they are the beginning; you will be arrested, punished, even killed because of Me. Many will give up and betray each other.”

“When the good news has reached all Nations the end will come.”

Revelation 6 – 7: “When I saw the Lamb open the Sixth Seal I saw a great earthquake; the sun turned as dark as sackcloth – the moon became red – the stars fell to Earth – the sky rolled up like a scroll and all mountains and islands were moved from their places.”

Revelation 8: “The Seven Angels ready to blow their trumpet.”

Revelation 13: “The beast was allowed to rule for 42 months.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Dear People, we have now reached this episode in human history! You must now fortify ourselves with the armour of Christ’s Breast Plate which is His Most Precious Blood, and place yourselves under the Mantle of His Blessed Mother. Enrich yourselves with the Holy Eucharistic Meal and the Sacramentals of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Soon a major event will occur in Rome.

Yes, Jesus has said this now for over seventy (70) years and people have become weary of hearing the same things with no apparent change in the world, only that the climates have changed and many natural disasters has occurred. Yet the main signs Jesus has spoken about have not as yet come to pass, leaving the faithful wondering about God’s Word. But take into consideration the age of Pope Benedict and the undeniable signs of anarchy, revolution and coldness of hearts, as mankind is heading for the final conflagration of humanity. The time is right! People in the cities must move out of them and make new plans, and take up a simple life of living on the land as they will be the only ones who will survive the great deluge of carnage that is approaching humanity.

Begin to grow your own food; have animals; live in communities of groups of 100 to 300. Teach your children home schooling. Read the Words of Saint Paul who will give you guidelines of community life. Many non-Catholics have always believed in these concepts: the Seventh Day Adventists – the Baptists – the Amish people and the early Mormons. You could learn much from them.

This letter is not simply one of repetitiveness, but as God’s Word is Eternal, I as God’s Prophet am compelled to bring to your attention these serious matters.

On the 1st July Jesus told me about an asteroid named Astra. He told me about this same one ten (10) years ago. I personally am not aware of Astra in the astrological sphere as I have heard no reports on it. But in recent months Jesus has told me of a very serious chastisement coming to Sydney: A hole in Sydney Harbour will open up swallowing the Coastal Regions of the Harbour causing much destruction.

The role of a “Messenger” for God is simply to deliver the Message. All Seers, Prophets and the Messengers of God have been persecuted and even many imprisoned simply because mankind do not wish to hear these warnings. But like a good Father that God is, He wishes only the best for His children – just like a good Parent – and warns a child of the danger that comes his way.

Dear people of God: listen carefully! I wish to bring to your attention some very important Messages from Jesus and Mary given to a Seer: Pedro of Anguera Bahia of Brazil. Take note of these Messages as they will enlighten you of the events to come. Do not be afraid, dear souls, because Jesus Loves you and we must now undergo the birth pains of the renewed Earth that is about to come shortly, when Jesus and Mary will triumph over the king of the world – Satan – and bring the full Kingdom of Jesus on Earth where the short Reign of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima will come into existence. Be not alarmed dear souls, because Jesus told me a nuclear event will take place in the Middle East and war will rage in Korea and Asia; destruction will come to California soon and the Pacific Islands will suffer much. Trust in God and live in faith and hope.

Our Holy Mother to Pedro:

6.10.2009“Continents will disappear and people will contemplate things that are not visible to the human eye now.”

24.10.2009“Something very sad will happen in Yugoslavia.”

“A great discovery will happen for the good of mankind – it will be the object of one of the Miracles of My Son Jesus.”

1.11.2009 ​”The Lord will send a just man and he will contribute to the spiritual growth of the Church. After all the good he will do for the Church, he will be assassinated, but the Church will remain firm.”

21.11.2009 ​”The Andes chain of mountains will descend and many nations will carry a heavy cross.”

28.11.2009 ​”Something frightening will happen in Europe, and three countries will be struck at the same time.”

8.12.2009 ​”The day will come when people will receive a Great Grace. A Miracle of God will transform hardened hearts. Each one will see his errors and will receive the Grace of repentance.”

11.12.2009 ​”When the giant boulders melt, mysterious things will appear.”

12.12.2009 ​”The Prophets who have gone will return to announce the day of the Great Warning.”

29.12.2009 ​”A man who seems to be good and just will come, but he will be a traitor and lead mankind to suffering.”

1.1.2010 ​”The death of a great leader will cause great confusion. The fall of a Prophet will be necessary for the good of many souls. Blood will fall from above and fire will flow on waters.”

7.1.2010 ​”The land of the mountain will be shaken and mountains will come down in many places.

21.1.2010 ​”The Island of Madeira will be devastated.”

28.1.2010 ​”The Middle East will shake with great atomic holocaust.”

2.2.2010 ​”California will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend.”

6.2.2010 ​”The day will come when an apparently good and just man will appear. He will deceive many people, for he will realize great prodigies. He will come from the southern Hemisphere and many people will consider him as a saviour”.

27.2.2010 ​”Death will pass through Spain. Costa Rica will live moments of anguish. A sleeping giant will bring suffering and death to Africa.”

1.3.2010 ​”Frightening event in Uruguay.”

6.3.2010 ​”Those who dwell in the Land of the Queen will live moments of great tribulation.”

6.3.2010 ​”God will work a great miracle and you will see that which human eyes have never seen. It will be a time of joy for God’s chosen ones. Those who dwell in a great City in Brazil will live moments of great tribulations. Scientists will give the warning and everybody will flee. The discovery of a great gap will get the attention of the whole world.”

9.3.2010 ​”From the depths of the earth will come immense rivers of fire. Many regions will be completely devastated and destruction will cross over many countries.”

13.3.2010 ​”Death will pass the San Francisco River.”

20.3.2010 ​”A mega quake will shake Japan.”

23.3.2010 ​”The Earth will lose its equilibrium and frightening phenomena will appear.”

3.4.2010“A shocking event will happen in Germany. A frightening phenomenon in the Sea of Galilee and no one will have an explanation.”

11.4.2010 ​”A frightening event will happen to Iran, in Paquistan and in Angra dos Reis.”

13.4.2010 ​”In the West near the Pacific, shouts and wailing will be heard.”

17.4.2010 ​”A sleeping giant will arise in Indonesia.”

24.4.2010 ​”The Earth will shake and the axis of the Earth will change.”

10.5.2010 ​”The Earth will pass through the great transformations and many places will no longer exist. Famous Island of Brazil will be completely destroyed. A giant will come from the North to torment My children.”

15.5.2010“The terrorists will attack the Church. They will attempt to destroy a temple. Italy will be shaken by this sad event”

22.5.2010 ​”A frightening event will happen in Argentina and be repeated in Alagoinha – a State of Brazil.”

24.5.2010“Italy will drink the bitter chalice of pain. Something frightening will happen in Rome and be repeated in the north of France.”

29.5.2010 ​”Humanity will live moments of pain with a great war in the Orient. Fire will cross the Heavens and people will be burned.”

22.6.2010 ​”Something frightening will happen in land of the Holy Cross, and will be repeated in Guatemala.”

26.6.2010 ​”Death will pass through the Gulf Coast causing great destruction.”

2.7.2010 ​”Washington residents will drink he bitter cup of suffering.”

8.7.2010 ​”Something frightening will happen in Spain. Terror will spread and people will tremble.”

18.7.2010 ​”The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction.

27.7.2010 ​”Terror will spread and suffering and pain for people will come from Granada.”

29.7.2010 ​”Death will pass and leave a trail of destruction. Suva (Fiji islands) and Marajo (Amazon delta) are where it will happen.”

7.8.2010 ​”The great hill will descend and cause much affliction. The high bridge will fall and the children of the princess will cry and lament.”

17.9.2010 ​”Hamilton will see death.”

25.9.2010 ​”Death will pass in Chile; Wellington will be desperate and run in search of Bula.”

2.10.2010 ​”The great famous river that crosses the nest of the Eagle will be contaminated (the Mississippi). Suffering will come for Three Falls and for the Land of Sand.”

10.10.2010 ​”Armenia will live the anguish of one condemned.”

13.10.2010 ​”An extraordinary phenomenon will be seen in various countries of Europe. Turkey will have to weep and lament the death of its children. Italy will shout for help and My poor children will carry a heavy cross.”

16.10.2010“The earth will shake in Iran.”

25.10.2010 ​”Asia will shake and a giant sleeping for centuries will cause great destruction…. Humanity will live the anguish of one condemned…”

30.10.2010 ​”The earth will shake and Egypt will drink the bitter chalice of pain.”

1.11.2010 ​”An extraordinary discovery will bring suffering from the valley of Sidim.”

2.11.2010 ​”A hidden treasure will be discovered in Transjordan.”

6.11.2010 ​”The cross will be heavy for the people of the Ukraine.”

9.11.2010 ​”Something frightening will happen in China and will be repeated in Chile.”​

18.11.2010 ​”A sorrowful fact will happen in the Land of the Holy Cross (Brazil). The margins of the famous river will see great destruction.”

20.11.2010 ​”The Heavens of the world will descend and there will be suffering in many regions of the world. This is a time of tribulation for humanity.”

25.11.2010 ​”Humanity will drink the bitter cup of suffering. Rivers of fire will run over the land and many places will disappear. Rivers will change their course and lakes will appear.”

27.11.2010 ​”Europe will carry a heavy cross. Death and destruction will afflict My poor children. Geneva will shout for help.”

4.12.2010 ​”Death will rise in Indonesia.”

7.12.2010 ​”Difficult days will come for men and women of prayer. Many will turn against the successor of Peter and there will be a great crisis of faith. A successor of Peter will carry a heavy cross and will see the death of many consecrated persons.”

28.12.2010 ​”Suffering will come to Berne – capital of Switzerland.”

1.1.2011 ​”The future has reserved for you extraordinary discoveries awaited by mankind.”

1.1.2011 ​”Humanity will live the anguish of one who is condemned. Death will come from the depths.”

4.1.2011 ​”A destructive fire coming from the depths of the earth will provoke great changes in nature. Many regions of the earth will become desert. Death will travel in the interior of the earth and cause destruction in many countries.”

5.1.2011 ​”The cross of suffering for mankind will come from Europe.”

22.1.2011 ​”Dunedin will live moments of great suffering.”

24.1.2011 ​”Fire in ice: behold the motive for pain for many.”

5.2.2011 ​”Something similar will happen in the Amazon.”

8.2.2011“Humanity is heading towards destruction that men have prepared with their own hands. Millions of people will die. Death will cross continents in the depths of the earth and the destruction will be great.”

12.2.2011 ​”Sorrowful event will happen in Belgium and Argentina.”

14.2.2011 ​”The land of Rose (Lima, Peru) will carry a heavy cross.”

15.2.2011 ​”Death will pass through Assisi. Akita, Japan, will drink the bitter cup of pain.”

26.2.2011 ​”Death will pass through Paris.”

1.3.2011“Tijuana will shout for help.”

5.3.2011 ​”Katmandu will drink the bitter cup of pain.”

6.3.2011 ​”Tehran and Istanbul will experience a heavy cross.”

14.3.2011 ​”When a man presents himself with three names there will be great confusion in the House of God!”

15.3.2011 ​”The heart of the North will shake!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Now you can see, dear people, that you must correct your lives and return back to a life of prayer – a life simplified! Move out of the cities and make your life in the country. Prepare yourselves for the Great Tribulation! Mankind must go back to a life on the land, bringing up their children as they did many, many years ago, as all cities in general will be destroyed.

Re-read all the Messages given by Heaven throughout the world.

With much love and prayers,

William Kamm

The Little Pebble