Message 660 – 1 July 2011

Upon this Pebble of the Rock I will renew My Church; you shall be known as Pope Peter Abraham II, Peter the Roman – Benedictus will make his final declaration for the Church; one of dark secrets to overthrow the Papacy – hearts will be inundated by My Spirit to know their standing before Me – The world on the brink of annihilating itself – Huge manifestation of Divine Wrath – Astra lurks on the horizon; revolution in Rome; Vicar will leave to escape; monies to crash; Middle East powder keg which shall ignite globe – Release imminent; to travel the world as Our Prophet to gather the scattered sheep..

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the Divine Light of the White Cross in the sky. Above the Cross is Saint Michael and to the right of the Cross is Saint Gabriel and to the left, Saint Raphael. I see the world under the Cross and behind the Cross there is red Blood – like a sheet – which is held up by many Angels. I can see Saint Sacramessugus, my Messenger Angel, and Saint Menoloutis, my Guardian Angel in my cell, and Saint Amor-Dei – God’s Gift to me – standing on the cupboard.

Above and behind the Sheet of Blood is an asteroid named Astra which has a white-flamed tail and is shooting fast. The sheet is lowered towards the Earth and it begins to cover the Earth. There is a path of this Precious Blood that comes from the Cross into my cell, and the Angels stand on each side of this path and throw white and red roses, and some yellow ones. Jesus floats on the path dressed majestically and His Most Sacred Heart is visible. He enters my cell and says:

JESUS: “Hello My precious son!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: I kneel and Jesus smiles and Blesses me and says:

JESUS: “Get up, My Blessed son, as I have much to tell you today. See how My Blood flows from My Wounds, the Holy Blood that has been shed for many of My children for their salvation.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus comes towards me and traces His Blood with a Sign of the Cross on my forehead; He places His Hands on my head and says:

JESUS: “You are Peter and upon this Pebble of the Rock I will renew My House upon Earth, and you shall take My Sceptre and reign over My people as Prophet, Supreme Pontiff and Little Abraham, My last Vicar to bring My people out of the slavery of this wicked world into the Promised Land of a new world of the promised short Reign of Peace granted to you by the intercession of My Most Holy Mother, your Immaculate Spouse – then into the New Holy Era Promised by My Father for mankind. You shall be known as Pope Peter Abraham II, the one whom they will call Peter the Roman.

Your time has now come! My Holy Vicar Benedictus, will make his final declaration for the Church, and the world and the Church will be plunged into total chaos and anarchy. The time is now ripe for the One of Dark Secrets to overthrow the Papacy and sit himself upon the Seven Hills of Rome to bring to completion the Time of Iniquity. God’s Wrath is being witnessed by men who have hardened their hearts like the people at the time of the Great Floods, and the time of Nimrod and Sodom and Gomorrah – the time when Pharaoh hardened his heart towards My chosen people. These times are far worse than in those days; God has waited and warned generation after generation to see if His children will change since the Visitation of His Beloved Mother at La Salette, France; at Fatima, Portugal; at Garabandal of Spain, and hundreds of other places on Earth, but sadly Heaven’s Cries for repentance have gone unheeded. Therefore, the deep crevasses of the Earth which lead to the Bottomless Pits have opened up to allow the filth of the Evil Spirits, led by Satan himself, to envelop the Earth and take hold of the Human Race – those who have been marked by his venom of death to the spirit. But I am the Merciful God Who shed His Blood for mankind and in My Mercy still wait for My prodigal children – while you have the time, this precious time which is now so little.

The time for my Spiritual Coming is near where all hearts will be inundated by My Spirit to know the Truth of their standing before Me, their God. Turn away from your sins, My children – come to your Saviour who awaits you. Can you not see how the world is on the brink of annihilating itself through so many varied ways: revolution, rebellion, hate, greed, and finally all out war in all lands where those you love will be killed; starvation, disease! Remember this, My children, who have become so selfish, you have but one life and you must live it to the full in love, forgiveness, charity, faithfulness, trust, obedience and sacrifices for your fellow man – but first towards God Who gave you all good things so that at the end of your life you can come before Me, as Judge, and claim you have done your best to deserve Eternal Salvation in the Kingdom of My Father.

God is about to chastise the world in a huge manifestation of Divine Wrath – far worse that the earthquake in New Zealand, Japan and the floods in China, and volcanic eruptions in parts of the world. Satan desires to conquer and destroy the whole human race as his hatred for God and men is very great – you allow him by your sinful lives! God needs to send natural chastisements to bring you to your senses, but lo – do you [respond]?

And finally to My chosen children who were called on various Missions around the world – many of you have forsaken the path I placed you upon as I showered many gifts and Graces upon you. Come back to the path you were called on! I am ready to forgive and renew your Calling, even though this path may be changed, but still have the same purpose. Do not let the world; the flesh and the devil continue to take you away from this path as the time for change has arrived. I will wait only a little longer. How I love you, My children, and have suffered for you – not only on the cross of Calvary, but upon the many crosses placed upon My ‘Instruments’ whom I sent to you.

Astra lurks at the horizon, My children. The Revolution will come to Rome and the Vicar will leave to escape. The monies will crash and work will be scarce and many will starve as they did during the great depression of many years ago. The Middle East is the “powder keg” which shall ignite the Globe! Syria and Iran will bring forth the instability of the world.

My children, re-read the Messages of old – especially those I gave to Veronica Lueken of Bayside New York; the Messages of Necedah of the U.S.A.; the Messages of Port San Stefano of Italy and thousands of Messages given over a hundred years of Visitations given to mankind.

Pray, My children, especially the Holy Sacrifice of My Mass, and the Beads of Love given to you by My Blessed Mother! Wear the Scapular and many Sacramentals offered to you! I Bless you all, My precious children – your rescue is near: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

To My Holy son of predilection, as I and your Holy Spouse, Mary Most Immaculate Mother have told you recently by many Mystics who speak in Our Name – your time has now come; your release imminent, as we need you to once again travel the world as Our Prophet to gather the scattered sheep. Many will now return to this Mission and I now call on all Seers of My Word to reunite with My Little White Rock who will shortly become your Vicar. Rally around him for he has carried My Cross for you a long time, waiting for his rescue. For those who betrayed him – come to him; ask his forgiveness, for this is needed to restore the wounded hearts.

Son, the one whom We have chosen, you will soon meet, and the nuptials will be complete so that Heaven’s Plans will be fulfilled, for your Ordination is near towards your Papacy. Seers, Priests and Princes await your freedom to execute My Command. This is God’s final Calling to those who left your side, to return.

Children, watch the Heavens – Astra is near! Major events are at the precipice!

I send My Fatherly Blessings upon all: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. May My Precious Blood touch each heart to a renewed life of sacrificial love: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now My Holy son, William Kamm, Our Pure White Rock, I will speak to you privately!”