Message 687 – 15 August 2013

Souls to admit their guilt before the coming Great Illumination – Many innocent victims in prison – Third and Fourth Seal opened wide shortly; revelation to Last Prophet concerning Francis, will take effect swiftly. Francis bring forth Declaration of Allegiances that must be signed by the Clergy – Watch as Russia & China flex their power; meteorites to once again hit the nations.

12 August 2013: LITTLE PEBBLE: During the day, while I was praying my Rosary, my Guardian Angel started to speak about the situation of Pope Francis making a public statement about those who were gay or homosexual – male or female – saying that he was not the Judge, only God. My Angels said that he knew what he was saying, but behind the scenes he was involved in Secret Societies. He would not elaborate.

13 August 2013: While I was asleep during the night, I had a vision of Our Holy Mother. She told me that during the three days of the 13th, 14th and 15th of August, Hell would be closed as a Gift from Jesus to Mary, in honour of Her Preparation and Assumption of Her Body and Soul into Heaven. Our Holy Mother then said I was not to be disheartened that matters had been delayed so long, because Jesus needed that extra suffering to save more souls; to always remember that, in spite of everything that may happen, God remains in control. Satan can tempt men only to a point, and it is always limited to God’s Decree; that I was to trust in God.

Our Lady gave me the example of Saint Job being tested by God. Satan was allowed to go before God, asking God if he could test Job. God permitted him to do so, but he was not allowed to harm his soul. The story is known: Job complained to God, but it was a natural lamentation of man under so much suffering and trial, but God does not hold it against them – but how God rewarded Job, giving him one-hundred times over [what he had lost] – and Our Lady said this would now come to me who had suffered so much. The next morning when I awoke, my Angel repeated all that had happened during the night.

14 & 15 August 2013: During the night of the 14th and early morning of the 15th August, the vision during my sleep continued. Then Jesus came and began to tell me that He is calling all children who are guilty of betraying  trust by placing innocent men and women in prison through false evidence by lying on oath, through perjury for money, power, or otherwise. Jesus said, even those who took part in only a small way to bring forth the ruin of a name, were guilty of serious sin before God. These souls were the cause of great suffering for families and loved ones – placing souls in human hell and purgatory – for placing hundreds of thousands into prison.

Jesus said He is coming now to rescue these souls – those who have suffered from this terrible crime against the innocent. Jesus calls all these souls to come forward to admit their guilt – that also includes those in power and authority. Jesus said that such souls needed to come forward before He exposes their souls in the coming Great Illumination, where all sin is revealed to their conscience and their souls will become subject to their Purgatory and Hell. 

Jesus explained that even though the Warning is an act of Great Mercy for mankind, it will also show His Justice for stubborn sinners. He said the Warning is a means for mankind to recognise their state in life and to make the necessary changes to correct their lives and to reconcile with all those whom they have offended.

Jesus said that even though He will come as the God of Mercy during the Warning, He will also come as the God of Justice – but mankind are not to confuse the Warning as Judgement Day with His coming as a Judge in His Second Coming, because the Warning is a day of God’s Infinite Mercy and Love for mankind. Jesus said He Loves all God’s children, and said that many of those souls who are in prison are innocent victims. He wishes to reassure them He Loves them, and unites with their suffering and will rescue them soon as He will expose all those souls who have caused such atrocities. Jesus said there were many souls who were the real criminals in the world, but who have not been caught. They cannot hide from God’s Eye, nor the Holy Angels who see all things. Jesus calls all men to reflect upon their lives, realise their sinfulness and come to Him for forgiveness, as no sin is greater than His Mercy, Love and Forgiveness.

There the Vision ended, and Jesus said that He would bring all these Words back to me once I woke up, and His Blessed Mother would come as it is Her Great Feast Day. Jesus Blessed me, and reassured me +.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see Our Holy Mother come down through the White Cross, coming out of the Sun, as it now stands early in the morning. Our Holy Mother has on a long cape, held by hundreds of Angels. Sitting on the Sun I see the Blessed Trinity; I see the Eternal Father to the left of Jesus and the White Cross in between Them, with the Holy Spirit as the Dove hovering above the Cross. There are many Angels, and they throw flowers everywhere. Our Holy Mother looks so beautiful and smiles, and makes the Sign of the Cross +. The Holy Trinity does also with the Blessed Mother +.

HOLY TRINITY AND OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My Little Angel of Divine Love, Our Little White Rock! I greet all My children throughout world! Take courage, My children, for know these days have been long in waiting for God’s Holy Will to be fulfilled. Persevere, dear children, for it will not be much longer before My Divine Son Jesus brings forth His Great Mercy. Continue to offer; unite in prayers so that God’s Mercy will touch every soul during the cataclysm that is about to unfold to an atheistic and unbelieving world. Your suffering and prayers are giving the final touches that are needed to rescue the majority of humanity. Events in the coming months will show you that what My Divine Son and I have told you over so many years, is about to unfold in a most dramatic manner.”

“Re-read all that We of Heaven have revealed to you, for the Third and Fourth Seal will be opened wide shortly, and there will be so many deaths, My children. We Weep so very much for Our children, as many of them will be unprepared for the sudden explosion of events. Continue to listen and watch what will come, for it is in the plan of Pope Francis to travel to Israel and to the region of Palestine. What has been revealed to the Last Prophet concerning Francis, will take effect swiftly.”

“My children will soon see the public apostasy spoken about by Saint John in the Book of Revelation and through the writings of Saint Paul. Francis will bring forth a Declaration of Allegiances that must be signed by the Clergy, similar to the one the King of England brought forth when the full separation occurred during the reformation. Excommunication and even death will be the decree.”

“It is for this reason, My children, there is so much suffering coming to the world. But know this: these are the final stages of the end years, before My Divine Son Jesus returns to the world to bring forth the New Holy Era.”

“Watch, My children, as Russia, the Bear and China, the Red Dragon, flex their power over the events that now will invade the whole of the Middle Eastern Regions, which will engulf the Mediterranean region – which involves many coastal nations from Europe and Africa. Meteorites will once again hit the Nations to show man that the Heavens are shaken.”

“Continue to pray, My children, holding on to your faith in trust and hope, and remember always that God Loves you and seeks only your happiness, and in the final analysis He controls all.”

“I Love you, sweet children, and united with you all We offer all to God for the salvation of the world.”

“The Words and Visions given to you, son, in these last days are to show mankind how God can and does communicate to His children. I Love you, My Little Pebble. Know the ones who are to come are coming soon.”

“I Bless you and all My children: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”