PART TWO: Groups of extracts of some of the prophecies given to the Little Pebble

From the public messages 2000 to 2016. Most have been fulfilled.

(Note: There are many prophecies missing in this list. These will be included in Part III)


13-2-2000 The peace that I promised at Fatima will be given to the Church and the world once Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. The Chair will be empty, and the flock will be scattered for one of dark secrets will be placed upon the Throne. Great division will come within Holy Mother Church. A great punishment will come upon this Nation, in a short while, from your neighbours. My Divine Son still resides in the Holy Eucharist, but in a short while He will be removed from many of the Tabernacles in Holy Mother Church.

25-3-2000 A great change will come upon the universe, solar system and the earth, so great a change that mankind will feel that the end of the world HAS come. The division of My House upon earth will come once My Vicar John Paul 2 is removed, this will be soon. But first he must proclaim a dogmatic statement for My Most Holy Mother. The Sixth Seal will be opened and the Seventh Seal will follow swiftly. A judgement for man will come and mankind will be illuminated in their soul to understand the greatness of their sins.

13-8-2000 Chastisements will come from outer space-from inner space, and from man himself.


15-8-2001 The Fathers Hand has fallen. Justice shall strike the earth, there will be a mist that will come to you to enlighten your minds and hearts. This mist will purify you my children as in the days of old.

12-9-2001 Attack on New York and Washington from terrorists orchestrated by Iran, Iraq and Libya but primarily Russia. An event in New York and the Dome in Palestine will cause the Great World War culminating with the visit of a comet to change the course of the world.

15-9-2001 The world will soon be at war. The USA will be drawn into conflict. The secret societies hidden from the eyes of men are the perpetrators, they work with the antichrist.

13-10-2001 The sun now spins even faster and light is being thrown out and also bolts of fire. The sun splits in half and a lava type of light comes out. It is flowing towards earth. The Great War will be felt by every man. Millions will die by the hour.


13-9-2002 The Third World War was about to begin. President Bush would proceed to attack Iraq. An assassination attempt would be made upon President Bush. The Arab world would unite and incite all Muslim Countries to bring forth war. Saddam Hussein would immediately attack Israel and Lebanon. This unrest will flow to Europe inciting revolution, starting in France, Italy, England and Germany. Russia and China will take advantage of the situation in the Middle East. Alliances would change amongst the big powers. Australia would be in danger of uprising in Indonesia. The antichrist Maitreya would intervene in this war appearing to be like a saviour.

13-12-2002 This is only the beginning of the Great Tribulations. Terrorists desire to dismantle the security of this nation by a major attack upon the people of Australia in the City of Sydney. The security of the world is at great risk for this year coming will be catastrophic. Holy Mother Church will go into desolation as My Divine Son Jesus will be removed. Australia-far worse fires and drought are coming, then shall come the deluge of great flooding throughout the land. The Great War is awaiting to be fulfilled. The moon is in mourning — it is blood red — the flag of Australia is half mast. I see countless thousands Arabian style sabres.


1-1-2003 There will be a major revelation given to astound mankind. There will be great wars and many natural disasters, many supernatural manifestations from God. When two great men have been assassinated the world will be at war.

7-2003 The time for a rude awakening is near and the clear thinking of your conscience is near.


8-12-2004 Dark clouds are looming over Rome, My little Vicar John Paul II will be removed, then chaos will strike the Church.


15-8-2005 The great beast is encamped in the world – the antichrist walks the earth. The Golden Age of the return of My Divine Son Jesus upon earth is near. The USA must not go further into the Middle East.


13-8-2008 Pope Benedict will soon give up his spirit. Woe upon woe as Babylon receives the fire from Heaven. A very serious event will occur.

22-9-2008 The world which is at the precipice of the cataclysmic events of the Cosmos. The angel of the seas is standing upon them ready to raise them over a corrupted land. The Stock market will crash. War will come to Iran and Syria. The Nuclear station of Iran will be bombed, the US will have a far worse attack than 9/11, and a very heavy shift of the plates in the Pacific Ocean will cause untold deaths, damage and cosmic disaster. The Great Depression will bring starvation to the west, homelessness, revolution and the third world war. Invasion of Europe by Russia, invasion of Asia by China, Australia invaded by Indonesia and the United States will be attacked.

31-12-2008 Nations will be destroyed – the atom will fall. Benedict will be removed – the Chair of Peter emptied and the Evil One to place himself there. The world will go into deep depression. I see Rome and Pope Benedict is struck and the man of secrets sits upon the Throne of Peter. Stars from the Sky – the sun explodes and gives off fire balls, the earth splits and fire and sulphur spew out of the ground. The Middle East turned into rubble. Warships surround the coastline from Egypt-the Suez Canal to Palestine. The world will go into very deep recession. Watch Syria – Iran – Russia – China.


19-9-2009 When the season changes the events will be at hand. The “one of dark secrets” will emerge. A piercing light will penetrate the conscience and heart of men. It will burn like the fire of radiation. The solar system will become magnetically unbalanced causing a great explosion in your atmosphere. Soon the Vicar will be removed from the Seat of Peter and the one of dark secrets will take his place.

31-12-2009 The plagues of Egypt will multiply a thousand fold. Watch Russia – America be warned, your downfall comes. Benedict XVI will make an announcement which will end his reign before the one of dark secrets enters Rome. The City of Babylon that harbours the building of human deceit-the United Nations, shall fall. The event witnessed now by your scientists will see the destruction of California, USA and the Islands of the Pacific. The One World Order will enslave mankind. The events of Iran will dictate the terms of man’s fragile weaknesses and will bring the world to what occurred in Europe in the early forties.


31-12-2010 Time is moving forward swiftly towards the eternal explosion of your inner conscience. The Illumination of God is near.


1-7-2011 One of dark secrets to overthrow the Papacy. Astra (asteroid) lurks on the horizon. Revolution in Rome – Vicar will leave to escape – money to crash. Middle East powder key which will ignite globe. Syria and Iran will bring forth the instability of the world.

31-12-2011 My Holy Vicar Benedict will soon flee Rome allowing the false pope to enter the seat of Peter. The Cern experiment will cause great disaster. Earthquake in Sydney. Be prepared for the Second Pentecost within the Great Warning. Cern will cause great disaster. The mountains will crumble.


22-2-2012 Masonic forces working under hidden dark secrets to bring forth the reign of satan. Israel to attack Iran-nuclear war. Great cataclysmic event. The Church will divide into two. The prophet of the antichrist to take over the Papal seat. Before the Warning, God will set upon the earth a great earthquake. Israel will be surrounded and her allies will not come to her aid. The Church will be governed by the false pope after Pope Benedict has died.

20-4-2012 The next pope will be the false prophet of the antichrist.

18-5-2012 Celestial Warning and final display of antichrist. Antipope and the twelve anti apostles to ravage Church. Jesus will be mercilessly attacked in His Eucharistic Heart. Assassination of leader – fall of Greece. The revolution is now to come near the fall of Greece – Italy – Portugal – Spain. Prepare your household. Store food and water.

29-6-2012 This anti-pope will not have legitimate power of the keys of Peter. The world will be misled by the false pope and the antichrist. The sacraments will no longer exist. Many will be martyred. Will need to go into hiding to celebrate Mass. Huge earthquake in Australia. Something crashes into the sun causing an explosion, two particles of the broken comet or asteroid shoot towards earth. Newsflash – Pope Benedict leaves Rome. Large crack in the fault line of the Pacific Ocean – large tsunami towards the east coast of Australia and the west coast of the USA. This will happen before the Warning. Mars and moons – the red dust that will travel to earth.

27-7-2012 Weapons of Mass destruction to be used in the Middle East.
Pope Benedict to be ousted. Revolution in Rome and France will highlight this event. To its shores The attack in the Middle East will bring the Red Dragon. The USA will once again try to intervene but it’s wings will be clipped.

12-8-2012 The world will shift on its axis as planets align through shaking of the sun.

5-10-2012 Prominent statesmen in Middle East assassinated. Sign of the Cross seen in Jerusalem to show the beginning of the tribulation. Israel surrounded by enemies and laid to waste. The final persecutions after Warning and Miracle. The One World Order Government – currency. World vaccinations and Mark of the Beast. Pope Benedict XVI will soon leave Rome once the revolution in Italy – the Red Forces move upon the Vatican – the powerful secret societies of the free masons and illuminatarians – Arms of the Octopus – the Club of Rome – and the League of Nations, will force the Pope to leave.

16-11-2012 Remove yourselves from the cities and build communities.

8-12-2012 Assassination of the Syrian President. Miracle of great deception – by manifesting aliens, Islamic Kingdoms desire to annihilate Jewish State.

25-12-2012 Benedict will be accused of crimes and atrocities committed by priests. Middle East situation to explode shortly.


11-1-2013 The second three days of darkness when evil men will be cast into hell with the antichrist and his false prophet. Tilting of earth affecting magnetic grid.
Pope Benedict flees over bodies of Cardinals and Bishops. Australia – when the fires have come under control, rain and floods will follow. The signs before the Warning: The ransacking of Israel – the war in the Middle East – the persecution against My Holy Vicar Pope Benedict – the entrance of the man of peace in the Middle East.

1-2-2013 The Great Apostasy is upon you. Barque of Peter is split into hundreds of thousands of pieces. Benedict removed, evil one to take his place.

15-2-2013 Pope Benedict forced to abdicate. Fire will descend upon Israel.

8-3-2013 Pope to make a declaration against every Chosen Soul. Evil plans to remove Benedict.

22-3-2013 Warning Imminent – when millions upon millions will die. Obama must be watchful as an attempt upon the heart of his life. Peace talks in the Middle East will be torn apart with an assassination. Greater earthquake soon, greater than in Japan.

5-4-2013 The one sitting on the Chair will continue to dismantle My Church. When Rome denounces My Most Holy Mother as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all Graces , know the evil one rules My Church.

30-4-2013 Our relatives and loved ones who died in grace will return to earth with Jesus.

3-5-2013 Satan has a devious plan for a movie in Hollywood to denounce True Prophets. Assassination of Middle East leader is near. Last Dogma will be subject to much discussion and slander. Our Lady called a heretic and blasphemer.

18-5-2013 God will send a huge punishment upon souls who have murdered their babies – a disease in the womb. Attack on Israel – Syria holds the key to this.

31-5-2013 Assignation will be your sign of the destruction of many nations and the entrance of the false messiah.

1-7-2013 A visible sign given at each true Apparition site. New Ecumenical Council to change laws in the guise of a church of poverty.

3-7-2013 Watch the sky – two lights.

21-7-2013 The world will quake as the Bear and the Dragon make plans to invade free nations. The earth will change and move it’s axis – rivers will flood inner towns – a star will be seen soon in the heavens. Pray for Pope Benedict – an announcement.

15-8-2013 Pope Francis bring forth Declaration of Allegiances that must be signed by the clergy. Meteorites to once again hit the nations. If the US attacks Syria World War 3 will ignite. Conflict between China and Japan.


1-1-2014 Enormous ecological changes.

22-2-2014 Many statues will weep blood, oil and tears – some will come alive.

25-3-2014 Russia to invade rest of Ukraine, Poland and Scandinavian Countries. When Russia places it’s hammer and sickle over the Dome of Peter the Warning of near.

14-5-2014 Loss of airline due to foul play.

27-6-2014 Great war is at the door. Millions will be removed.

11-7-2014 Demolition continues until the beast sits upon the Throne proclaiming himself as the Christ (St Peters).

15-8-2014 Shooting of the plane accidental. Antichrist will emerge when Russia flexes it’s muscles upon the Ukraine.

19-9-2014 ISIS a smokescreen of the evil one. Major attack in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. Wars to multiply, USA invaded.

31-10-2014 Much of Australia will be hit by God’s Wrath.
Greater storms. Pope Benedict to be removed to silence him.


16-1-2015 Atrocities witnessed in Australia, France and Canada and much of the world. A great event will occur within Holy Mother Church. An event in Israel shortly will show events are near.

3-4-2015 Stars will change position and reveal a great mystery hidden from man.

8-4-2015 Pope Francis will state Little Pebble is anti-pope and MDM false prophet. Russia is to be the scourge of Europe. Islamic nations will cause much suffering to the free world. A great disaster will come very soon.

17-4-2015 Crash in monetary system. Sydney, Australia, hit by tidal wave after major earthquake.

24-4-2015 Church to replace My Father’s Ten Commandments. A sign will be seen shortly.

16-5-2015 Great chastisements are coming to Australia.

12-6-2015 The countdown has begun towards the Illumination of Consciences revealing who will sit upon the Throne in My Temple. Much suffering for the children of Istanbul, Turkey and on the Island of Taiwan.

13-6-2015 The enemy will strike starting in the Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Europe. Istanbul, Turkey will become a graveyard.

13-7-2015 Prepare yourselves, events unexpectedly overcome you leaving store supplies empty. Francis taken ill and will believed to be dying. India will have great trials. Pray for President Obama as an attempt on his life is near. Major earthquake in Rome. Same sex marriage in Australia

5-9-2015 World in danger – great war. Russia and China are behind ISIS. Military moves upon an unexpected China and Asia. Once Europe is overflowing with refugees, revolution will come. Russia will strike when Europe is at it’s weakest. Revolution will come to America

19-9-2015 Revolution in Europe. Global famine. Seas to rise. Continent of Africa will soon burn with wars.

31-10-2015 An asteroid hidden by God will hit the ocean.

25-12-2015 Antichrist has moved forward and soon all men will know who he is.


1-1-2016 Italy – Sicily – Mt Etna to explode. Japan – part to sink due to earthquake and enemy to attack it. South Korea – Seoul to be hit with disaster. Israel to be invaded. The Golden Dome to be destroyed. Saudi Arabia – an attack upon your country. United Arab Emirates – enemies to attack you. USA – Warning to Obama to protect himself. Major earthquake coming. USA aircraft carrier to be attacked bringing forth war in Asia. South America – war to come. Events to happen with Pope Benedict Many signs in the sky – Warning is near.