Secrets of Sacred Music and Energy

Secrets of Sacred Music and Energy

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Date: 4 January 2017 at 1:50:06 pm AEDT

To: William Costellia

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Dear William,

Mankind needs to rediscover the secrets to Sacred Music which God has provided as a gift to Creation. This gift is so great, so beautiful, that it will fill hearts with joy and peace, even mending spiritual illness, and promoting health in the physical body. A deeper secret to this Gift is that it creates abundant, Clean Energy. Energy that would free Mankind from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, this Gift of Energy from God, has been aggressively suppressed by those in power for many years.

Revealing the inner secrets of this Gift of Energy would touch upon mysteries of physics; such as the true nature of Gravity/Inertia/Propulsion, spontaneous endothermic/exothermic events, Planetary resonance(s) & their Energy coupling, “cold conduction”, room temperature superconductivity, and a myriad of other answers of Nature. However, those in power have kept major discoveries classified, as revealing these secrets would greatly upset the economic interdependencies involving the world’s balance(s) of power.

Beware of Deception stating Gift from “off planet” sources – ignoring God

Some Governments have already fully developed this highly classified Energy technology to such a degree that it would astonish the world if it were to be made public. It is likely this technology may be revealed soon for evil purposes – such as claiming this technology was from “other worlds”. This deception would seek to deny the truth that it’s part of God’s Creation. Mankind would gush over this “saving technology”. Indeed, a few talented Scientists and Musicians discovered these astounding Musical and Physics Energy secrets over a hundred years ago. Thousands of years ago, mathematicians, architects, and musicians had learned and developed the original keys to the pure beauty of Sacred Music. Over time, they found the mathematical, architectural, and harmonic note scales where the music reached its highest purity and beauty. Later, starting in Medieval times, scientists and musicians changed the musical scale for the sake of uniformity and to accommodate complex musical instruments – such as the birth of the modern piano. This scale change was an unfortunate mistake.

How Science may re-discover God’s Gift of Sacred Music & Energy

Understanding the complete physics-to-music relationship is the first step for restoring God’s gift of pure music beauty. Likewise, understanding the complete physics-to-atomic resonance relationship is the first step in pure abundant Energy. They are both the same, with the exception that the “pure abundant Energy” induction requires a much higher resonance precision.

Unfortunately, the modern version of our “equal tempered” musical scale prevents music from reaching its intended created beauty. Changing our musical scales & instruments, to realize the purest form of God’s gift, would require a near revolution in the music industry. But, this must addressed if mankind desires to return to the true design of God’s Sacred Gift of Music. The first step to this correction is in understanding resonance physics that has been kept secret.

God Created Man to be resonant with the natural vibration (Schumann resonance) of the Earth

God Created Mankind to have a direct resonant relationship with the Earth’s natural vibration -or- referred to as the Schumann resonance. Although not widely known, NASA discovered that an astronauts’ physical condition significantly deteriorated in space when away from Earth. NASA quietly resolved this problem by installing magnetic resonators that generated the Earth’s Schumann resonances inside the spacecraft. To maintain proper health**, the Earth and Man must exist in harmony in this resonant relationship. The true fundamental resonant frequency of the Earth is 7.62-7.83 hz (close to 8hz). The earth has 8 perfect fundamental harmonics to the 7.62-7.83hz, namely 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and 8 times (with 8x being just above 60 hz).

NASA is aware that Man could not exist in a healthy state – long term- on other planets other than Earth, unless they are continually bathed with “Schumann Simulator” magnetic resonant fields. Colonizing Mars, the Moon, or other planets would need to recreate God’s Creation of Man’s healthy co-dependence with the Earth resonances (such as bringing along a “Schumann Simulator”).

Pure Sacred Music “creates” pure natural Schumann Resonances & subharmonics

Just like God’s created musical scale of the Earth, so too must Music re-create the pure natural Schumann resonances and subharmonics in a proper way. In doing so, there is a beautiful Energy that builds that is unexpected (from a medium that is overlooked – and is one of the hidden secrets). This Energy build up occurs from a sustained mixing of a maintained series of flowing music, such as in Gregorian Chant. Slow rising, crescendo, and fading of flowing music allows a surge in the power of the sound. To assure the precision mixing of these Schumann frequencies, a strong reverberation is desired. Thus, the architectural component of a building, should have sound reflecting surfaces. The optimal architecture of a Pure Sacred Music building would follow the designs where perfect ratios of notes would remain strong. Years ago this was achieved in Gothic building architecture using dome structures with arches, curves, and proportions that had a Pythagoras relationship of perfect ratios (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, etc).

Just as the earth has perfect harmonics, the building, if designed with perfect relationships would work in harmony with the Schumann frequencies using a tuning scale referred to as “Just Intonation”*. Just Intonation tuning references a base musical frequency that is harmonic to each octave ratio. With a building design that works with “Just Intonation” ratios and is also tuned in relationship with the Earth’s Fundamental frequencies, the building thus acts as a perfect amplifier as it coheres true Energy from perfect mixing. Applying the secrets of growing a sustained series of flowing music will real Energy cohere with such purity and beauty that it induces a passion from the heart to the listener. This increase in sound power was observed by an astute musician – John Keely. It was from Keely’s discoveries that Tesla built upon discovering the secrets of God’s Gift of Energy at the atomic level – in a form of electrical stimulation in a fully harmonic resonant operation.

Pure Sacred Music Formula (Listen to this Beautiful music)

The most superior form: A Sacred geometry structure + Just Intonation + polyphony and/or chant to “build” in the sustained chanted notes. A secret to this Sacred Music is that you don’t want to “reset” the “crescending resonance” with overpowering abruptness, strong tonal pulses, or destructive dissonance as this destroys the sustained desired harmonics and the reverberations of these harmonics. Another key secret to pure Sacred Music is precision tuning. The learned musicians singing Gregorian Chant learned to pitch starting notes while listening for the feedback on these “effects”.

Here is a modern example of music that has key qualities to true Sacred Music. This beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah” uses a microphone and amplifier system in a Church. However, the church design has excellent reverberation (sound reflection & mixing qualities) from the surface marble and its interior architecture. First notice the reverberation of the harmony from the wedding singers at the beginning of the recording. The instruments are lower in volume than the voices while the singing voices work “with” the reverberation. The Priest, Father Ray Kelly, in his singing brings a passion to the song with the accompanying beauty using a rise, crescendo, and fade of sequences. Youtube: Heart warming “Hallelujah” surprise to the Bride and Groom:

Gregorian Chant** and harmonic Polyphony capture true Sacred Music. The qualities of harmony, Just Intonation, “sliding” notes up or down, coupled with reverberation allow for the true purity & energy of this type of song intended for the soul.

True Sacred Music Example – Gregorian Chant Benedictinos:

Benedictine Monks & Caloric Energy – Gregorian Chant

A famous investigation & discovery of Gregorian Chant & its relationship to health and energy was discovered in France when Benedictine Monks altered their Chant regimen. They then experienced a “tiredness” they had never felt before. Even with adding a more rich food caloric intake, relaxing their rigorous work schedule, and including extending their sleep time that they found that nothing fixed their lost stamina. Only when they went back to their original Chant regimens per day were the Monks able to recover all of their original energy. It was baffling to the experts**.

Unlimited Abundant Energy – the Music of Harmonizing Mass (atomic)

Applying the same Pure Sacred Music Formula to Atomic Mass and using the Just Intonation resonance approach of atomic material (such as a metallic bar or rod), will atoms will start to cohere energy.

Just as each atomic element has its own Nuclear Magnetic Resonant frequency (NMR), these elements will fall into a natural response resonant state in the 1x to 8x perfect fundamental harmonics of the Earth (Schumann Frequency + harmonics).

Higher frequencies, that are a perfect ratio to the 1-8x fundamentals may be used to drive the atomic mass into this Energy generating state. A superior design by Nikola Tesla was to drive a ferromagnetic bar into a high Energy state at resonant standing wave locations of the bar. Although many researchers have been seeking the secrets to Tesla’s Pierce Arrow Electric Car, the ferromagnetic rod design was the critical component driving the 80hp custom electric motor. What has been kept from modern scientists is the knowledge on the phenomenon of this coherence of energy. It requires very special equipment to tune to fractions of a millihertz in the 1x-8x spectrum. Each Element has its own ratio of three frequencies out of the 1x to 8x series that it responds to. Any slight earth magnetic field fluctuations near the metal requires an adjusted tuning as this shifts the precise atomic energy response over time. Other factors such as temperature also must be balanced for in a drift in a sustained sub-millihz centering resonance.

Why hasn’t this been observed by scientists

It is not easy. It is hidden in the earth schumann resonance harmonics & atomic resonance of matter at precise frequencies. This knowledge has been kept secret (classified). Very careful testing is required to characterize the NMR equivalent frequencies of each atomic element in the natural magnetic field strength of the Earth (avg 50 microtesla). When the frequencies are identified, the mass is then purified by driving it in these sustained precise frequencies. Until a mass is exposed for many hours to its known atomic resonant frequency will it start to respond. Otherwise, a simple sweep of a frequency generator will not yield any results. You have to know what you are looking for and have very unique equipment to characterize atomic mass, with days at a time in slow sweep runs.

Where does this Abundant Energy Come From?

The Energy comes from the nucleus of Atomic Mass entering into an excited state which couples via the outer electrons – causing a growth in charge equivalency- similar to generating more electrons. This excited state draws off of the source of what sustains all of Matter moment-to-moment (noted as ZPE)***. Matter is bathed with God’s Energy throughout each centimeter of the Universe. Scientists have discovered the existence of this nearly infinite energy (ZPE)***, but dismiss it as something that cannot be drawn upon or interacted with. They are mistaken. All particles of Mass are essentially a standing wave of “song” or Music in the sea of this Energy that is sustaining God’s Creation from moment to moment.

Understanding this physics of God’s Creation will yield the answers to Gravity (including anti-gravity & propulsion), Planetary Energy coupling, and many other mysteries scientists today are studying. However, there are Governments that understand this advanced true physics and have created technology that is not of moral soundness. This technology, flying craft, and other applications have not been for the good of God’s Creation. Many researchers have discovered some of the true physics, only to be threatened, pressured, or worse, into maintaining these secrets by the powers that be. In time, this technology will become public.

God Bless

* MUSIC IN PURE INTONATION by Michael Harrison

** Gregorian Chant Archaic Relic or Relevant Revelation?

*** Extensive references: Zero Point Energy (ZPE)