William Costellia – Letter to the People of many Nations – 31 July 2019


31st July 2019

Dear Leaders of the people of many Nations,

I ask you please to listen to your people and listen to me, God’s servant, who has been asked to write this letter.

The world is heading towards great trial, because men have become very lax in faith with the uprising of a Muslim invasion of the Christian world – especially through the countries of France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Dear Leaders of God’s children: I ask you please to listen to what I am saying before the troubles start in your beautiful countries.

I wish here to place a passage of the Quran – Islamic teaching and law – which has not been placed into effect, except by a small majority of those who practice the Islamic faith:

“Not to make friendship with Jews or Christians;

2.51 Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them;

2.191 Murder them and treat them harshly;

9.123 Fight and slay the pagans; seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem;

9.5 The Quran demands that we fight the unbeliever.

The Quran speaks for itself; see how people go every year to worship a black stone in Mecca. Most people of Islamic tradition are good, but it is the factions who betray the good intentions of their people.

Dear people of God – especially those who profess the Christian Faith – I ask you to please be vigilant against the uprising of Muslim invasion of the Christian heritage.

In December 2018 there were twelve-hundred (1,200) sexual assaults, mostly in Koln, Germany; they were due to the thousands upon tens of thousands of Immigrants flowing into Germany and France – also into Italy and Spain. The countries involved were those from Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Oman, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen – asylum seekers; refugees.

Since the 911 attack in the U.S.A. there have been Thirty-four-thousand (34,000) Terrorist attacks in the name of Islam – an average of five (5) a day, with thousands killed. This is disgraceful and it is time the West do something about it now, before the Islamic world take over the Christian Europe.

It is to be understood that these terrorism attacks have nothing to do with the Islamic faith, even though the Muslim people believe in the fact that a Muslim has a right to attack the West, due to Allah. This is not true as most Muslims are good people, but the extreme are the Islamic groups that claim that Islamic following is the true faith. If the Islamic faith is the true faith, then they would not be Islamic terrorists, killing people relentlessly.

I call on all Islamic teachers of their faith to preach the truth; remove the teaching of Islam about death to the non-believers in Islam, as this teaching is wrong and the Islamic world would be accepted more fruitfully, if it did so.

I ask that all Nations belonging to the European Union reduce the acceptance of Islamic people due to their affiliation to the Islamic beliefs and make Europe free and protective, because Europe is Christian in belief – and should remain so. If people from other countries, namely those of whom profess Islamic teachings, Europe should reject them and only accept the asylum seekers under strict conditions. Every man, woman and child should be able to practice their beliefs freely. If Europe does not follow the guidance that I offer them, then within a few years Europe is going to be at war with the Islamic Nations.

All European Nations that have open borders in the sea, make strict declarations, but keep the countries’ borders open to each other – but the sea connection, keep under strict control. By all means have trade with the Islamic world, but keep freedom in Europe. These are the countries Europe should place a strict control over with people coming into Europe. Jihadism is the main Islamic terrorism.

To the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and to the Presidents: Mr. Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin, Pedro Sanchez, Sergio Mattarella; Most Honourable Members of the Parliamentary Houses: I ask, as God’s servant, that you listen to me carefully. God has placed you in a high office for the people of your countries and Europe and, as the past years, the enemies of God’s people have attacked your gracious countries, I ask therefore, that you take measures in your lands to safeguard your people, to restrict asylum seekers and Immigration to a safe level to control the constant integration of terrorism in your great land. Please protect your people, because if you do not a great unfavourable war will break out and millions of souls will be lost.

Please strengthen border patrols all around the countries which have open sea-ways; have stronger border checks and protect your people.

I asked Jesus the Saviour to protect you and Bless you.

I remain God’s servant,

William John Costellia