The Pandemic and Coronavirus – 19 October 2020


19 October 2020

Dear People of God,

Since March this year the Governments of the world have been forcing mankind to lock themselves up to protect us from a Virus. This is unchristian and the truth of the matter has been falsified.

As of 30th August 2020, there have been:

24,854,140.00 cases

838,924 deaths.

216 Countries

5,371 deaths per day this year

World population has been 7.8 billion (7,802,983)

Deaths this year 39,621,377.


Cardiovascular Disease: 17.79 million

Cancer: 9.56 million

Respiratory Diseases: 3.91 million

Lower Respiratory Infection: 2.56 million

Dementia: 2.51 million

The problem with using a cover [mask] for your breathing is false, as it can be harmful. It should only be used for people who are coughing. Using a cover [mask] can cause difficulty in breathing and bad breath, which causes damage to your airways.

It is clear from world records that the number of people dying from the Virus is very low between the ages of 1 – 50. In the age bracket of 50 – 70, only a few have died. From the age of 70 – 80 and over, most have died of old age, not from the Virus. The Government have shifted the records so that it would show that people have died due to the Virus. One thing is very clear, the Authorities are blowing up the Pandemic as a way to control the populace.

57 million people died of influenza in 2018. There were 4 countries that did not comply with the restrictions: Sweden, Thailand, Japan and Belarus, and they did not have a serious problem.

It is a fallacy to believe the Authorities, as everything is done to gain full control over the human race – a way to control the world – to prepare the world for a complete shut-down, to bring forth the One World Currency and One World Government. China and Russia will join forces to control the world – watch and see.

I ask all human beings to follow the Messages of Our Lady throughout the world and pray, so that you will be protected. The Media is the tool that is being used to make you believe everything that is prepared for your control.

Please look at these videos from Dr. Rashid Buttar from the U.S.A., who speaks the truth. Rashid Buttar: HR 6666 is coming. Why everyone could test positive of the flu. We are losing integrity – we have to change our mindset about masks, as they will increase the amount of germs. Reducing the flow of air will cause you problems.

What they don’t want you to know about Covid 19:

Dr. Michael Levitt, Prize Winner in Chemistry World Health, has exaggerated. Every step is a way to control you, if you do not wish to use masks and it is not Law – then don’t. Look at the Law: as far as stepping two metres apart is a fallacy – it is so that they can control you and keep a record of your identity, because when you sit and walk together, they cannot record your information. It is time for you to think of purchasing a farm, as they wish to control you, as the money will be controlled. You have but a short time to consider everything that I am advising you.

Remember that the Governments of the world are set for world control of the human race, to prepare for the Antichrist. If you have money invested – like a Super Fund – take it out. Withdraw money from the Banks and put it in a secure place in a property, as money will not be accessible because the Banks will close.

If your country allows you to have weapons, make sure of the land, what type and where you can hide them, because they will become vital protection very soon, but do everything according to the Law.

Dear people of God: Remember that you are a child of God and remember to pray and help your brothers and sisters when the times comes for the world.

I wish God’s Blessing upon you: +


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