Message 841 – 1 May 2022



Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker

Ukraine undergoing terrible atrocities – Russia intends to encounter Europe and other lands. Russia will be invaded by China – Middle East to attack Israel and Spain – Norway, Copenhagen and Sweden must prepare for war, because Russia will attack you, very shortly. Switzerland will be attacked, very soon – Armies will take over Rome – The Flag of Communism will be placed over the Vatican; the Pope will suffer very much – Australia punished very severely.

WILLIAM: Saint Menoloutis speaks to me at 4.10 am, advising me that Saint Michael will appear very shortly.

The White Cross has appeared in the sky, vibrating, coming closer then moving away.

The White Cross is very large. It seems very close to the Holy Grounds, as I am placed in prison very close to my property.

Saint Michael comes. He is standing in front of the White Cross. He says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “These are my soldiers, the head of the Celestial Army.”

WILLIAM: With Saint Michael behind him Saint Joseph comes forward. Saint Michael moves to the left near the Holy Grounds and allows Saint Joseph to move forward.

SAINT JOSEPH: “I greet you, My beloved son, soon – very soon – to become, publicly, the Last Vicar of holy Mother Church.”

WILLIAM: Saint Michael makes the Sign of the Cross:

SAINT MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

SAINT JOSEPH: “Today in your den, I come as your strength to give you a Message for Holy Mother Church. My beloved Son of the Most High God, the Saviour of the Human Race, I have been sent to you and to Our children of great need, to give you My Fatherly love and consolation, while you continue to carry the Cross of salvation to assist all men to reach salvation, in a time of great need, because the road is very bumpy, with many potholes and stones, to make the way most difficult to reach Eternal Salvation.”

“Today is My Feast Day and on this day I, Saint Joseph, will open up Heaven for many souls who, with great faith, especially now for the children of Ukraine, who are undergoing terrible atrocities. So do not lose hope, My sweet children, because Heaven is fully aware of what is occurring in the Ukraine. The people must not lose faith or hope, because Christ the Redeemer is very near now and watching everything that is occurring in your country. Be not afraid, dear child, because Europe will intervene.”

“Be not afraid because Russia’s intention is not only your Nation, but it is about to attack European countries, very soon and blood will enter the field of many Nations, because Russia’s intention is to encounter Europe and other lands. People of Europe, be prepared, because War is entering your land, very soon. But know this, Russia will be invaded by China, being a threat to the world.”

“Know this, My beloved children, I, Saint Joseph, have been sent to the world to prepare it for the slaughter of mankind, as mankind places Jesus and Mary aside. Europe will be brought into a War, which it is not prepared for. The Middle East will follow shortly, attacking Israel and Spain and bringing the war from the countries that are Muslim into the equation of the Great War.”

“My children, you must turn to God and the Mother of God and pray for the safety of your Nations. My people of Norway, Copenhagen and Sweden, you must prepare yourselves  for war, because Russia will attack you, very shortly. Switzerland, the land which has been protected for so long, you must prepare for war, because your Nation will be attacked, very soon.”

Italy will be invaded by the enemy of God and the cities will be attacked very, very soon. The armies will take over Rome – especially the Vatican – and the Flag of Communism will be placed over the City of the Vatican and the Pope will suffer very much, because it is time that Pope Benedict prepares himself to be removed by the Virgin Mary, the Queen of the Papacy.”

“Pray, dear children, for Pope Benedict and pray for Francis, because the Vatican will be very violated. My son, you will be free, very shortly, so that you [can] prepare the Church, for the Church will suffer once again, returning to the Catacombs.”

“Remember, My children, you have been warned to prepare your homes and your places where the Church will be found.”

“My children, you must pray the Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the many prayers Heaven has given you, to prepare the Human Race for the time of the Apocalypse, because the time of times has arrived – even though there are still many years before Jesus Christ returns in His Second Coming – you must be prepared  now.”

Many, many sufferings will come and much ruin, because many of your lands will be flooded. The ice breaks will melt in the Northern Hemisphere and the South Pole. It will bring many different sea creatures. It will be dangerous to mankind. The Sun will come nearer to the Earth bringing great heat, to unsettle mankind.”

Russia and China will send submarines to Australia and the Middle Eastern Nations, also to the U.S.A., which will cause very much fear. India will receive a heat chastisement, which will bring much death.”

“Pray, My children, especially for Australia, because it will be punished very severely along the Coastlines. Pray, My children, because it will only be through the Cross that you will be saved.”

“Pray for Taiwan, because China will move on it, very soon. U.S.A. will send its military there, but while doing this, China will attack the U.S.A. at its shores.”

“My children, the Blessed Virgin Mary has sent me to warn the world, because mankind is slowly being mastered to follow the Antichrist, quickly.”

“Pray to Me and ask Saint Michael to send his Heavenly Army to protect you. I love you, My children and you, My beloved son, William. God is listening to you, so do not be afraid, because He Loves you very much. I, too, love you and Bless you and all the children of the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Remain at peace always. I, Saint Joseph Bless all of you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”