Message 214 – 21 September 1988



Feast of St Matthew the Apostle

The Shroud of Turin is the True Image of Christ. God will not be mocked by an ungrateful generation which have been given many signs and proofs – It is through and in Mary that all can be accomplished for the Glory of God – The Order of St Charbel will be the advocate of the True Devotion to the Immaculate Heart – Soon some of the Prophets and Saints will come to herald the Last Words, then the trumpets will sound and the Earth will shake.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The four Evangelists – Saint John, Saint Luke, Saint Mark and Saint Matthew – are here; and also to my left is Saint Paul, the Apostle; to my right is Saint Peter. Coming through the sky very fast, is Moses, the Prophet of old, holding the two large stone plaques – about a metre high – which contain the Ten Commandments. The etched-in lettering on them is golden.

For the first time Saint Louis de Montfort is here next to Saint Peter, over to my right, holding a book, upon the cover of which is shown the title: “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Saint Matthew steps forward, also holding a book which seems to be a large golden edition of the Bible. He opens it and I can see that it mentions “the Word of God”. Saint Matthew comes a little closer, where the Crucifix is on the wall just above it. He’s a quite stocky man and wears a beautiful creamy-white robe under a green cape. There is a sash around his waist and on the left side there hangs what looks to be a purse of some kind. Saint Matthew has a short beard, unlike the somewhat longer one in some depictions of him. In his right hand there is a Staff; in the other a truly giant book!

SAINT MATTHEW: ‘I Bless you, my dear son – Our `Little Pebble’ of Light and Love and our sweet children of the Earth. In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen. My beloved son, our child of Light; we, Saints of Heaven, have been sent by the Queen of the Apostles to deliver today’s Message to you. It will be a very short Message, my sweet son, but one of great importance.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Matthew points into the sky at the beautiful White Cross, which seems to be at least a mile high and I can see the `Shroud of Turin’, which doesn’t seem to be old, as one would expect, but quite fresh; the Image of Our Lord’s Head seems as though It is Alive and the Image is also in full colour! Saint Matthew points again.

SAINT MATTHEW: “My beloved child and dear children of the Earth: see the Image of the Living Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! It had to be known throughout the whole world – through the mouth of the `Little Pebble’ of Love – that this Image is the true Image of God and Man, Jesus Christ – the `Word Made Flesh’.”

“Mankind must understand now that the `Shroud of Turin’ is true; It is the True Image of Christ! Many of the great minds of the world are studying this Image today; many of them are atheists, agnostics and those who wish to do harm to this great Relic, which God has given to mankind as a true witness of Christ’s Crucifixion! It is now time for the Church – in its full capacity as the teacher of Truth – to speak-out in defence of this Holy Relic and you, my dear child, are to speak with the Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II, and tell him that he must speak-out now to defend this Holy Relic of Jesus Christ, for God will not be mocked by an ungrateful generation which has been given many `signs’ and many proofs surrounding the `Holy Shroud’ of Jesus Christ.”

“Tell the Holy Vicar – [who is] an Apostle of Jesus Christ – our beloved son, Pope John Paul II, that he is to make a public declaration about this Relic and in so doing he is to give permission to display this Relic to the Church and the world for some time and not long after the declaration a great `sign’ will come from the `Shroud of Holiness’, for the Image of Jesus Christ will come alive, just as you see It now, my child! This will be given to mankind as proof of God and of His Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Who was sent to save mankind from himself! My dear child: you are to write to the Holy Vicar first and you are to give it [this Message] to him when you see him. Praise be to Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High.”

“My sweet child and dear children: I thank you for giving me honour on this day – my Feast Day. When you pray to me I will come to your aid, as has been promised. Pray often, sweet children, to the Saints in Heaven, for they too, have been given a redemptive role for the salvation of Holy Mother Church. Through your prayers we, in turn, are given the power to assist you. Prayer, my sweet children, is a vital key to everything which exists upon this Earth and know that all things flow according to Divine Grace.”

“This book, my child, is the `Book of Holy Writ’; the Good News; the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Know well, dear son, that in time – as `the Age’ comes to an end – more writings shall be given to man, dealing with the Mysteries yet to unfold. And through the Evangelists whom you now see, through the Power of the Most High, we shall inspire to you, my child – and to other souls – the `writings’ for Holy Mother Church in the coming days of trial and tribulation, for not all has yet been revealed to the Church! There are many more Mysteries to be unlocked – many Mysteries, dear children. Some will be revealed now, while others will remain hidden until the `Reign of Peace’ which will soon come to this world. I bless you, my sweet son and our dear children here present and throughout the whole world. Praised be Jesus Christ – True God and True Man. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Matthew steps back and Saint Louis de Montfort, whom I believe I have never seen before, comes forward. I recognize him only because of the book which he holds and the blue cape which he wears. He reminds me very much of Our Lady. He steps forward, close to the Crucifix – a very handsome man with curly blonde hair, of medium build, standing about a metre-and-a-half tall; holding the book I described before. The book is now glowing!!

SAINT LOUIS de MONTFORT: “I bless you, my son, the little child of Love, and our sweet children of the Earth. Today is a great privilege for me to be able to speak to mankind. Many years ago I spoke to the world too – from the Mother of God – about a great devotion: `the True Devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mary’. Today, through the Grace of God, I wish to tell our children throughout the whole world the importance of this Devotion, given to me by the Mother of God for mankind. It is through Mary, sweet children and in Mary, that all can be accomplished for the Glory of God in these times – for you live in the `Age of Mary’, when the Mother of God soon shall be Victorious over Satan, his cohorts and all evil and sin!! The Victory is with the Mother of God!”

“The reason I have come today, sweet child, is to tell you that the Prophesies which I have given from the Mouth of the Mother of God will be fulfilled through your Mission, for the Mission of spreading great devotion to the Mother of God – `Queen of the Latter Days’ – will come through you and this work dear to my heart, is entrusted in your care.”

“The Order of Saint Charbel will be the advocate of the `True Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary’. I give my blessings to the Order and, also, to the works which have been proposed for the youth and for the Confraternity of the lay people. Be assured that the Mother of God is most pleased and we of Heaven will come to your aid to foster this work for the children of the world. Be strong, my sweet children and be firm in your faith; know that Heaven stands by you at each moment. Take courage in this battle with the evil one and with the world – and with the flesh – and know that victory is always with Heaven, even in the hardest moments of your lives. I bless my sons, especially Brother Gabriel de Montfort. This will be your name, dear child.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Marie Louis de Montfort is referring to Father Michael because he is to be Professed soon [into the Order of Saint Charbel].

SAINT LOUIS de MONTFORT: “I bless you, my son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Marie Louis de Montfort now goes back next to Saint Peter and Holy Moses steps forward. He is a tremendously powerful-looking man, a little under two metres tall, but broad. If you could see him it would be immediately apparent that he is indeed a Prophet of God! He has an extremely long white beard – but it doesn’t conceal the fact that he is very handsome. He is clad in many robes and still holds the heavy-looking `Ten Commandments’ plaques.

HOLY MOSES: “My beloved son, the future `rock’ – the `Pebble of Love’: The Peace of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, always remain with you and all our children. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I will speak but shortly, My child, the words with you. The `Ten Commandments’ – the Written Word – Which I have in my arms speak for themselves. Let these Words and these Command-ments be imprinted upon the hearts of each soul here and throughout the world, for the world must be Governed by these Laws Which come from the Heart of the Eternal God. As the leader of a great nation, the Eternal Father has guided my hand and my heart to govern with a firm hand, because the times are serious in the Church Founded by Jesus Christ – the Son of the Living God. The Church will soon be split, as has been foretold by the Queen of the Prophets and the Saints. The reason why we of Heaven repeat these Words often is so it sinks deep into one’s heart, because people do not care much for what we say. But I say it again, too, as one of the Prophets of old – that mankind must repent now, before it is too late!!”

“The time given for mankind is already short and, soon, some of the Prophets and the Saints will come to herald the `Last Words’ and then the Trumpets will sound and the Earth will shake – as at the time when the Israelites went against the Heart of God and sinned! Remember these words, dear children and act upon them. I bless you, from the Heart of the Triune God, to make your hearts, hearts of deep love – rather than of stone which exist today. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Peter comes before me and tells everyone to continue with the Rosary now. He has been speaking to me privately. He steps back and, with all the other Saints, moves towards the Shroud which they retrieve from the Cross. They take It with them as they disappear – and the Cross also disappears.