Turn the other Cheek – 19 October 2013


When God says to turn the other cheek, and to be subject to all authority out of consideration for God, many people – especially Christians – believe that men in authority and people in general can walk over Christians as they are meek and humble of heart, because Christ said to love your neighbour and your enemies. In other words, in the eyes of the world – be a weakling and a scape-goat to men, who will use them, abuse them and take advantage of them.

But this is not what Christ means. Jesus was meek – not weak. He was humble of heart, not a walk-over, and He turned His Cheek when He was abused, but when God was insulted in all that was Holy, Jesus stood His ground with defensive Words, and a firmness, with authority. Take the fact that Jesus took up a whip and drove the marketeers out of the Temple of His Father.

Here are the words given to Maria Valtorta of Italy in the 1940’s by her Guardian Angel, Saint Azariah on 12th May, 1946 – “Saint Peter says: ‘Be subject to all authority out of consideration for God.’ And what of it? Does God perhaps protect certain inauspicious authorities? Oh don’t harbour that thought! But what accumulates merits upon you – your obedience to all human authority.

Be subject therefore – and to what point? As far as human law goes. But if a human authority should wish to penetrate into the domain of God and impose upon you laws contrary to the Divine Law, then be free and capable of dying, but without betraying God and His Law out of fear of a man or various men.

Respect everyone! God leaves man’s will free. Man has not the right to violate his brother’s will. And eternally accursed are those who, by violence, impose slavery on human thought. Be loyal adversaries of your ideological enemies. Never stoop to their systems of secret accusation and violence of contempt and calumny.

Do not give the King or Heads of State greater honour than you give God. It is the works of men which speak of their belonging to God or Satan. No idolatry is left without punishment. Be respectful of leaders, children of their parents, and servants of masters without rancour – envy; without dishonesty or betrayal.”

I point out to you, dear souls: when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, He said: “You would have no authority over Me if it had not been given to you by My Father in Heaven!” These Words from Jesus say much! Those in power are only so because God allows it. Did not Pontius Pilate try to release Jesus? In other words He used his power to do right, but then those who also had authority, namely the Sanhedrin, used their power to do evil. It was against the Law of God and the laws in general, and Pilate became weak, going against the Truth, and in his fear used his authority to wash away his responsibility.

So, let us consider the current laws that are not from God: abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage, death penalty, unlawful actions of war; unlawful obedience under those in authority, if it goes against your conscience – your faith. In other words, if a person who is in authority misuses their authority under God, you can oppose this or use the means necessary which in most cases is the Legal System.

Turning the other cheek means you tolerate human tongue abuse – not physical abuse or any other type of abuse. In the case of tongue abuse, it refers to your faith, not verbal abuse about your sex, age, looks or decisions. Any type of abuse other than that mentioned regarding your faith, needs to be challenged and deflected, or defended.

Never add abuse to abuse; never use violence, other than self-defence, if there is possible danger to yourself or family. Always use the law to defend or protect you. Tolerance does not mean being walked over. Christ is your example.

It is said in Scripture: “Be as gentle as a dove and as cunning as a fox.”

God Bless

William Costellia