Message 790 – 28 July 2019



I wish to call on the people of France to wake up, as the tyrants are marching in. Soon France will be engulfed into a divided nation – Heaven has little alternative but to bring forth the Seven (7) Seals to bring mankind much sorrow – America will be invaded, also Australia – Pope Francis will bring in great changes to Holy Mother Church – Read the Holy Bible every day, especially the Book of Revelation – Pray for the Holy Monarch to arrive and for the Last Vicar – Enemy to bring down the Eiffel Tower also seeking to destroy more places of worship; watch Cologne Cathedral (Germany).

WILLIAM: I see the sky open up and there is a white staircase going from my room right up to the White Cross; all along the stairs are Angelic Soldiers dressed like Saint Michael, with a red dress and black armour-plated Coat of Arms. They are holding a spear and carrying a sword. The Cross is opening up and Our Lady is coming down swiftly, with many Angels dressed the same, coming down. Our Lady has come under the Title of Our Lady of La Salette. She is very subdued.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My ‘Warrior of the Last Days’! Be not troubled as to what you see because it is the desire of the Triune God to allow what you see today.”

“Today I come as Our Lady of La Salette of France, because I wish to call on the people of France to wake up, as the tyrants are marching in on France, as My French people are asleep, while their country is being manipulated by evil forces trying to bring down the Christian Nation, due to the lax laws that govern it.”

“Soon My beloved people of France will be engulfed into a divided Nation, because they have let the enemy in and I mean the Terrorists of Nations that believe in the Muslim way; they believe in the Muslim faction that believe that all faiths that do not preach the Muslim factor as their way of life, are infidels.”

“You must understand, dear children, that the Holy Roman Catholic Faith and Teachings of Christ, is the only faith. My Divine Son Jesus, will soon correct the people of all faiths, as He is the only True God. It is time that My children started believing this and turn away from religions that are not of God.”

“What I said at La Salette over one-hundred (100) years ago, is about to happen in France and the rest of the world, because mankind have not taken heed of Our Counsel, nor do people consider anything that Heaven has revealed. So, as man will not turn back the clock and live the faith, you leave Us in Heaven little alternative but to bring forth the Seven (7) Seals of Revelation, which will bring mankind to much sorrow. Pray, My children, pray, as God’s Justice is about to fall on an unrepentant world.”

“You are seeing the Middle East speak openly about the division of the countries, but what you hear and what you see in the open Media is only part of the truth, as the enemy, Satan, does not want you to feel and see the truth. I have warned you over and over again.”

Russia should remove itself from the matters of the Middle East, because it will be drawn into a battle, which will ignite Europe into conflict, as there are many Nations involved in the conflict that is coming upon many Nations of the world.”

“Israel is embarking upon grounds it knows that will bring greater conflict. It believes America will come to its aid, but America will withdraw, as the U.S.A. will be too busy looking after itself, because America will be invaded, just as the smaller Nation, Australia, will be. China will assist America at first, but later will be a major force to deal with as time progresses.”

“My children, you must pray and pray and dedicate your lives to God, for in the end it is only God that matters in your lives.”

“In the coming months, Pope Francis will bring in great changes to Holy Mother Church, which will confound Our children, but sweet children, you must remain in the Church as long as possible to amend your lives and the lives of all children. When the Sacrifice of the Mass has gone, then you will go to places where the Mass is being offered, which will be in homes and catacombs.”

The warnings I gave so many years ago at La Salette, is [are] being fulfilled, dear children. Read them carefully and continue to offer your lives in the Mass. Fear not, My sons and daughters, because all must happen, so that God’s Victory is seen and felt.”

“My beloved children of the world, it is time that all of you not only pray, but read the Holy Bible every day, but for a few moments, especially the Book of Revelation, so that you will be truly informed of what is coming your way. Trust in God and Myself and ask your Guardian Angel to help you, in this way you will always be enlightened as to what is to come.

“Pray for the Nations of Europe, because the Evil One is dissecting it to bring disunity amongst My children, but every Nation must be alert, because the Evil One is using weak links to bring division amongst the Catholics and Christians.”

“It is time that My people pray for the Holy Monarch of France to arise and for the Last Vicar, to prepare God’s people, as the battle will be strong and My two Holy sons must be prepared, so that the enemies of Christianity will be removed from France and Europe, for soon a Great Battle will arise, as the Antichrist will be moving to take hold of Israel, so that he will be able to live out his plan. But be not troubled, dear children, because Christ will be victorious in the end.”

“The heat continues, My children, in Europe and will bring more problems, for the Sun is moving closer and sending out rays of energy, which will cause electronic over-heating and shut down.”?

“Pray, My children, because the enemy of God is planning another huge attack upon France. The Military must watch the migrants coming into France, because it is the wish of the enemy to bring down the Eiffel Tower. Also, the enemy is seeking to destroy more places of worship. The authorities must watch the Cologne Cathedral, (Germany) as there are plans to bring it undone.”

“Earthquakes are on the rise and people must understand to move away from those areas, as the time is approaching where much devastation is coming upon the world.”

“Pray, My children; pray for Australia – but sinister plans are unfolding, which will bring great sorrows to this nation.”

“Pray, My children, that My Dogma: Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix, will soon be declared, for this will bring the turnaround of many events and will bring countless Blessings to the Earth.”

“My children, My children – keep an eye on the Celestial Heavens, because the Asteroid that will hit the Earth, will come upon the world very suddenly.

WILLIAM: Our Lady holds Her beads and says:

OUR LADY: “Pray them, sweet children, because I have given many Graces to them for the world.”

WILLIAM: a Holy Angel is coming towards Our Lady and holds a very large handkerchief. Our Lady wipes Her Eyes which are filled with Tears.

OUR LADY: “Please, dear children, pray.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “There is much that I could tell you, My son, but would it do good? Be at peace, My son. I love you infinitely.”

“Your triumph is near; you will hear from very prominent people who will make the way open for you – trust My son. I love you. Work closely with the Holy Monarch for you will meet soon, so the path is open. Trust and have faith. I love you, My Angel of Divine Love.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady was speaking to me privately and then said:

OUR LADY: “They will have an electrical shut-down in Europe, because of the Sun.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady Blessed me and the Angels. Our Lady said bye and sent me a kiss.