Message 809 – 3 June 2020


NO. 809

The Coronavirus will continue a little longer; prepare for greater chastisements. A second Virus will come – This pandemic was formed by the Illuminati and the Freemasons – There is a plan to assassinate Donald Trump – Soon an asteroid will hit the earth causing much destruction – The enemy is still watching and planning to invade Israel – There is a Mystery regarding the Keys of Peter.

WILLIAM: I see the White Cross in the sky – it comes and flutters towards me. I see St Michael next to the Cross. The sky is very white and the Cross opens up in the middle, like a wave and this wave comes towards me. It opens up like a path. Saint Michael comes to the fore, standing at the edge of the building; he places his finger to his mouth and I see thousands of Angels coming through the White Cross and forming a line towards me. I hear bells ringing. Jesus is coming forward. St Michael kneels down. Jesus stands in my room and Blesses me:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I love you, My son; be at peace.”

“I greet you, My beloved son and I Bless all My children around the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost Amen”

WILLIAM: At the left of Our Lord’s Shoulder I see a Red Cross and Jesus tells me to look at the White Cross – next to it. I see another Cross and I am on it and to the left I see another Cross with Pope Benedict on it and beneath it I see the Church is suffering.

OUR LORD: “My beloved children, I know you are carrying My Cross within you and are feeling the weight of it, but be not afraid because you need to hold on, as the scourging is continuing within My House upon earth. Trust in My Divine Hand which watches over everyone of you.

“This Coronavirus will continue a little while longer so that the souls will come to realize that it is their sins that have brought it about. But it is only the beginning, My children. My children, it is when you have recognized this, then you will prepare yourselves for the greater chastisement that will be sent to the world.

“What the authorities have done is wrong because they have curtailed every movement from humanity, thus making the door open to self rather than open their hearts to God.”

“Thus pandemic was formed by the Illuminati and the Freemasons. They wanted to see how many people they could destroy, but it did not work – that is why a second Virus will come. But, My children, I have given you the remedies for all the Viruses.”

“The second one is to destroy as many people as possible because, by destroying the people, that will give way for the new Regime to enter the world – and after this, the Third World War will begin.”

“My beloved children, all you need to do is to is to pick up the Beads of Love – the Holy Rosary of My most Holy Mother – and pray. Also remember to lift up your hearts in prayer – praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, because. it is within these two prayers, that I have placed the Divine Gift of Protection for the world.”

“The current crisis in the U.S.A. is not the death of a person, but it was a key to getting the people agitated, who were already in the way, so they used the excuse to bring anarchy and disorder and unruly actions upon the people, thus making it seem that the President is the cause of the problem. But to make it clear to all souls, this lawlessness is the work of the people who used these means, to cause so much unrest and using lies and theft and all types of debauchery, claiming it is the right of the people.”

“To steal and fight and cause anarchy in a land that should be dedicated to God is a disgrace. Be assured this type of action will bring great catastrophe to the U.S.A.. The Communist forces are watching it very carefully, hoping that it will divide the U.S.A. so that one day soon, the countries of the Communistic rule will attack and invade a country that is divided against themselves (itself). The anarchy will spread into other lands in a short time, because the Secret Societies wish to control all of mankind.”

“Pray, dear children of America, because there is a plan to assassinate Donald Trump, and should this happen, WOE to the Nation, because you will be handed a Nation that is completely divided and your country will be invaded.”

“My children! My children! What are you doing? How many more times must My Mother come to the world to warn it, because time is running out. Very soon an asteroid will hit the earth causing much destruction, but mankind believe it is okay – but when this occurs, then mankind will, come to believe that the world will be punished and many will believe it has come to an end. But, My children, I have told you many times in the past, the world will be chastised, but I have not told you the world will end. I have told you the world will be cleansed and the people will be called to live a life that is dedicated to My Father.”

“Many people believe that because of the Virus that things have changed in the Middle East, but it is not so, because the enemy of God is still watching and planning to invade Israel and bring forth the reign of the Antichrist. Be assured, dear children, nothing has changed, it has only been halted a short while.”

“Pray for Europe, because the enemy is working to bring forth the 10 Kingdoms. Pray for Holy Mother Church, because great changes are coming that will bring the Great Schism in the Church, which will divide My House upon earth – where Bishops, Cardinals and Religious will divide. But, My children of the light, you have nothing to fear because I will guide and rule My elect.”

“Pray for Britain because Great Division is coming upon this land. Many parts of the world will be inundated with huge floods, with much rain, which will make the seas rise, even in Australia, which has been a land needing water – but when it comes, many of the cities will go under the sea. When this happens, the people will finally say [that] what you, My son, received, was true and many of them will be clambering to you to help them. Pray, My dear children, because all the events spoken about over many, many years will now come to engulf the world.”

“Pray for the Royal Family of England because many sorrows will come to this land.”

“And to you, My precious son of My Sacred Heart: Be not afraid, for shortly you will be free, so that you may take your role as Peter II. [This] will be fulfilled, so that people will understand that My Word is true. The Keys of St Peter were given to you when you started your Mission. Therefore, they are enacted, as the Keys were given back to Heaven through Benedict, but they still exist in power, as you received them before they were handed over to Heaven. Maybe the people who support MDM will realize that now. There is a Mystery regarding the Keys of St Peter. You are Peter and upon this Rock the Church will remain.”

“Soon, My son, Benedict will come to Heaven and then you will reign as the Last Pope for Holy Mother Church. I Bless you, My son, as I Bless all My children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“The Red Cross I have on My left side is a Symbol for Holy Mother Church. Pray, My sweet children, so that peace will be restored to the U.S.A. Pray for South America, because it is uneasy now and many souls are very confused.”

“I love you, My sweet children. Remember to seek Our help and know I am always there. I Bless you: In the Name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus Blessed me and three White Crosses entered me. Jesus and St Michael came over and Jesus hugs and kisses me. Jesus speaks to me privately.