Message 842 – 17 May 2022



Europe will be invaded by Russia to bring the whole world into the Great War; taking countries of Switzerland, Austria, Northern Nations, Italy, moving into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea – Europe will divide, because France will go into civil disorder – Spain’s borders violated; areas unprepared – Indonesia & Papua New Guinea: earthquakes and mountains to explode – Australia: Rain will continue, causing the shifting of land into the sea.

WILLIAM: I see Our Lord Jesus, Our Holy Mother, Mary, St. Michael, St. Menoloutis, St. Amor Dei, St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, St. William, St. Andramadetrus and St. Stephen.

The White Cross appears and I make the Sign of the Cross +. Many Rays of White Light shoot forth from the Cross and Jesus and Mary appear suddenly, with the Angels and Saints.

Jesus and Mary greet me with the Sign of the Cross, as do all those who came with Them: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost Amen.” Jesus speaks and says:

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved future Vicar of My House upon Earth! We greet you with Our Love and Blessings. We thank you for your suffering and offering of your scourged heart dedicated to Me, your Holy Saviour and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

WILLIAM: All are dressed in beautiful coloured clothes. Jesus speaks and says:

OUR LORD: “Today, My beloved son, most precious to Our Hearts – today We have come to greet you – through the trials you are going through. It is a Blessed day, not only because of your Birthday, but because today We of Heaven have rescued many souls, to prepare Our children for the coming years of great trials, before I come again into the world at My Second Coming.”

“You, My sweet Angel of Divine Love and Sacrifice, are offered for mankind at the beginning of the seven years of great suffering and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Most Holy Mother.”

“My beloved children of the world, mankind is moving swiftly towards the Great World War, which will see full power of the enemies of God – Russia and China. All countries that are neutral in Europe must join the United Countries of Europe, because they are threatened by the power of Russia. Europe will be invaded by Russia to bring the whole world into the Great War, which will bring great suffering in the whole world.”

“Pray, My children. I ask all children to go to all Apparition Places in the world begging the Mother of God, seeking Her prayers and intercession, to overcome all these Nations that will be invaded. Europe will divide, My children, because France will go into civil disorder, causing much confusion and Russia will invade the countries of Europe, surprisingly taking countries which are very surprised by air power – Switzerland, Austria and all Northern Nations – also attacking Italy and will move into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea.”

“My beloved children in Europe, open up your hearts and pray unceasingly for your countries, because it will be very bloody and Spain will feel its borders violated – areas unprepared.”

“I Love you, My children, but you are walking into the den of iniquity, because you have lost your faith. Turn back to My Mother and to I [Me] and pray unceasingly. My children, I Love you, but I ask that you pray the Holy Rosary. This prayer is connected to Peace and it is because of this that I will send My Most Holy Mother with the Angel of Divine Love – which is only My Little Pebble – to you to enlighten and encourage you at this time.”

“My Holy son, your time is now to lead and save My children, because your hour of trial is  now here. Take courage, My Holy son and I Bless you: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My Most Holy Mother wishes to speak to you.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady comes forward. She is dressed in a beautiful reddish-coloured dress with the twelve stars on Her Head.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My precious White Rock of Eternal Salvation, William Costellia – I greet you, My little son and Bless you for your birth. The year of 72 is very important, because it is the beginning of a future of your Calling, My sweet son, My Angel of Divine Love.”

“I beg all children of the world to turn to God now, because time remains short, because time is running out, as the world will be going into great suffering, because of the Great War, which will not only be in Europe, but China is expanding and will bring Great Suffering in [to] the Pacific Nations.”

“The suffering will increase with diseases. Look at the countries of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, because earthquakes and mountains will explode, causing much death and suffering.”

“Pray children for Australia, because rain will continue, causing the shifting of land into the sea. My children, I beg of you to pray My Most Holy Rosary, as it is important now.”

“What more can I tell you, My children. Don’t forget the Divine Mercy Chaplet, My children, because it is prayers that will change the hearts of My children.”

“I Love you, My children and I send to you a Holy Angel – a special Angel of Divine Protection – to help you [in] this year of great trial. Remain at peace, My Holy son, because you are going to change, greatly. I Love you and Bless you +. I Bless all children who are trying to do the Will of God. +

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother moves back to Our Lord, Jesus and says:

OUR LADY: “And I see all those who God has given Me, particularly.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary Bless me and the whole world, as do all the Saints who have come with Them.

OUR LADY: “We Love you, son and We Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Countries which are on the Border with Russia

These Countries are in danger of invasion by Russia